Martial Arts

Martial Arts 

I do not teach you to limit yourself to any style. I teach you to be free to express your artistic creativity in the Martial Arts. I do not teach for competitive fighting, I teach for a healthy balanced development in body, mind, & spirit.  The techniques of combat I teach are geared towards street survival and artistic development.  The foundational roots of my teachings come from the Chinese Martial Arts.  I have my own personal expression of Kung Fu that is very similar to the Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

Group classes focus on overall fitness development including dumbbell weights, calisthenics, cardio endurance, jump roping, heavy weights, split machines, flexibility training, canvas bag work, heavy bag work, focus mitts, wooden dummy, proper form and technique, partner drills, partner combat form development, safe sparring, weapons training, meditation and spiritual work, medicine balls, squat rack, bench press, rack machine, Tiger form, Panther form, Phoenix form.

Benefits of Training

    • Integrates physical, mental, & spiritual elements
    • Practitioners are the healthiest and longest living individuals
    • Increase strength, speed, balance, control, precision, coordination, flexibility, endurance, agility, reflexes, combative muscle memory, awareness, focus, discipline, memory, relaxation, combative dance movement, emotional control
    • Strengthen bones, muscles, & immune system
    • Gain confidence & develop mental discipline
    • Learn effective and practical self-defense for street survival
    • Relief stress by practicing meditation
    • Develop creativity and self-expression
Small group classes and private lessons

Private classes are specialized towards your needs. I teach armed and unarmed self-defense tactics in all ranges of combat aimed towards survival.  I aim to provide you with the skills and tools to survive dangerous encounters on the streets.  Private lessons are 1 hour in length.  Focus on proper form and techniques for survival self-defense, canvas bag work, heavy bag work, wooden dummy, focus mitts, partner drills, & various weapons training.

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