Martial Arts


Martial Arts 

I teach you to be free to express your artistic creativity in the Martial Arts. I teach Martial Arts as a healthy lifestyle.  I do not teach for competitive fighting, I teach for a healthy balanced development in body, mind, & spirit.  The techniques of combat I teach are geared towards street survival and artistic development.  The foundational roots of my teachings come from the Chinese Martial Arts.  I have my own personal expression of Kung Fu that is very similar to the Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

What is Modern Kung Fu?

Modern because the Art is living, breathing, and evolving.  I am the living creator of this school and this new label of expression of Martial Arts.  It is a Chinese American Art form that has the ability to change and adapt to modern times while retaining the spiritual qualities of traditional Kung Fu.  It is the merging of the cultures and teachings of East and West.

Benefits of Training

    • Integrates physical, mental, & spiritual elements
    • Practitioners are the healthiest and longest living individuals
    • Increase strength, speed, balance, control, precision, coordination, flexibility, endurance, agility, reflexes, combative muscle memory, awareness, focus, discipline, memory, relaxation, combative dance movement, emotional control
    • Strengthen bones, muscles, & immune system
    • Gain confidence & develop mental discipline
    • Learn effective and practical self-defense for street survival
    • Relief stress by practicing meditation
    • Develop creativity and self-expression

Group Classes

Group classes are either 1 hour or 2 hours in length.  The first hour focuses on strength, flexibility and cardio training.  The 2nd hour focuses on Martial Art forms and techniques for practical self defense on the streets.  Senior students are paired with beginner students to assist in their progress and development.

Private lessons

Private lessons are based on appointment and are specialized towards your needs. I teach armed and unarmed self-defense tactics in all ranges of combat aimed towards survival.  I aim to provide you with the skills and tools to survive dangerous encounters on the streets.  Private lessons are 1 hour in length.


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