Dance & Yoga


Instructor – Triniti


Dance Infusion – Dance Fitness including a mix of Hip-hop, Tribal, Latin, Samba and African dance styles. The classes are dynamic, energetic and restorative, addressing cardio health, tonality, rhythmic movement and increased strength.

Benefits include:

·      improved cardio health & circulation,

·      increased muscle tone,

·      body-fat reduction,

·      improve grace & ease in movement,

·      restful sleep,

·      decrease stress & anxiety,

·      improve mental acuity & clarity

Yoga – All levels welcomes especially Beginners. Vinyasa/Power Yoga.  

Benefits include:

·       Increased flexibility

·       Increased muscle strength and tone

·       Improved respiration, energy and vitality

·       Maintaining a balanced metabolism

·       Weight reduction

·       Cardio and circulatory health

·       Improved athletic performance

·       Protection from injury

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