1) MAX BENCH PRESS POUND FOR POUND – November 1st 2014

A lot of people who practice Martial Arts wonder what does benching a lot of weight have to do with fighting? They are overly focused on speed and technique. Well to me, bench pressing a lot of weight for your size shows your ability to handle yourself properly when the opponent gets too close or if the opponent takes you to the ground, it shows that you are not a push over and that you can dominate them in the inside game and in the ground game if that’s where they want to take the fight to. It is a quick demonstration to show:

“Even if you get your hands on me, I’ll still fuck you up.” I can beat you from a distance with my weapons, I can beat you from a distance with my speed and technique in unarmed combat, and I can beat you in the inside game, and I can also beat you in the ground game. No matter how you try to attack me, I’m going to beat you. I am well rounded with my development, not only do I have speed and technique, but I also have strength and power. “

When I see someone that is weak in bench, I know for a fact that if I take that person down to the ground to fight, I will destroy them, all I got to do is find the right moment to attack. Being weak in the bench is like being a Cheetah, fast as fuck but once he gets tired and the Lion gets a hold of him, he will get fucked up, he will die. The Lion is representing the person who can bench press a lot of weight for his size.

And just because you can bench press a lot of weight does not mean much if you are not strong pound for pound. If you can bench press 300 lbs but you weigh 300 lbs, that doesn’t mean shit, that is nothing, that means you are still slow, because you cannot be fast pushing around 300 lbs. But if you can bench press 300 lbs and you only weigh 150 lbs, not that person is dangerous. That means he is fast and powerful, anybody who is fast and powerful is very dangerous. If you get in a ground fight with this person, he will fuck you up. I don’t even need to ground fight a person to know that they can ground fight. All I have to know is, what can this person bench press according to his weight. If he can bench press a lot of weight for his size, I know he will be a good ground fighter, so you need to plan your attack accordingly.


“I don’t really agree maybe some people cant get flexible that doesn’t mean they aren’t Martial Artist’s. Maybe they have physical problems that doesn’t allow them to be as flexible as others.” Shinobi Gabriel

Who has the right to set the standard to determine who is a great Artist and who is not? Sure somebody may not be flexible because of some physical limitation but all professional athletes in any sport can use that excuse as to why they are unable to achieve a certain standard of proficiency. Fact is, you cannot be considered one of the greatest in basketball if you have a broken leg. You cannot win the Tour de France with a torn ACL. You cannot win the 100 meter dash in the Olympics with a broken ankle. You cannot be one of the greatest ballet dancers if you are not flexible. You cannot be great in the bench press with an injured elbow.

Greatness in sport requires optimum performance in your physicality with the muscles of which are required in the respective sport. Anybody can practice Martial Arts, you can even practice Martial Arts in a wheel chair, but to achieve greatness as a Martial Artist, you need to be in optimum total body athletic performance. That is why very few people can be considered one of the greatest in Martial Arts, not only is it the most physically demanding, but also mentally, and spiritually as well.

Sure we can say that everybody in this world is a Martial Artist, no matter what level they are physically, mentally, or spiritually, but in doing so we diminish the meaning behind it. I would rather go the opposite way and set a standard so high that nobody in this world is a Martial Artist because nobody in this world is perfect, with that perspective, we as human beings will have an endless journey towards self-development.

And interestingly enough, this way of thinking goes against the spirit of the Martial Arts, this is anti-meditative. The desire to better yourself and having goals is against the spirit of the Martial Arts, and it is. But if you can still train and excel without knowing that you excelling, that is exactly what makes a real Martial Artist, that is what creates genuinely humble Martial Artists. So basically a real Martial Artist can only be a real Martial Artist if he does not know he is a Martial Artist, as soon as a person starts thinking he is a Martial Artist, he is not really a Martial Artist.


Prisoners who rape each other in jail are not Martial Artists.  They may be strong, they may have discipline in exercising everyday, they may know how to fight, they may be able to withstand a lot of pain, they may be very intimidating, but they are not Martial Artists.  The act of raping another human being, male or female, has nothing to do with Martial Arts. They may be excellent rapists, but they are not Martial Artists.

A rapist who rapes a woman or man on the streets is not a Martial Artist.  A rapist who rapes a man or a woman in bed is not a Martial Artist.  A rapist who rapes a man or woman in a cage, ring, or octagon is not a Martial Artist.  Just because you put a rapist inside a cage does not make the act of raping acceptable behavior.  Martial Artists would never attempt to rape another human being male or female.

A Martial Artist will know how to defend himself against a rapist, but he will never be the rapist himself.  The rapist is the “Ground Fighter.”  The ground fighter wants to fight on the ground; the ground fighter needs to fight on the ground.  He needs to take the victim to the ground into the raping positions.  He needs to put the victim on his or her stomach or back.  He needs to put his victim in the missionary position or in the doggy style position.  He cannot follow through with the rape unless his victim is in the proper position.

A Martial Artist is not a Ground Fighter, he is not a Rapist, he is quick, he is smooth, he is on his two feet moving with grace.  If he gets taken to the ground he gets back up.  He is fast and hard to catch.  The Martial Artist is like the running back, quarterback, or wide receiver.  He is quick and avoids the tackle.  The rapist and ground fighter is like the tackler, the tackler needs to get his victim down onto the ground, if he cannot get his victim down onto the ground he is furious.  His whole objective is to get his victim down onto the ground in which to drain out all his energy so that the rape can occur.  This act of raping is not Martial Arts and has no place in the Martial Arts.

A Martial Artist is more like a dancer, he is not a rapist, a dancer knows how to move his body, he is on his two feet moving in grace.  He may even be a break-dancer, who is using his whole body to express his bodily movements.  A Martial Artist knows how to move.  The rapist can tackle the Martial Artist, but just because he can tackle the Martial Artist, it does not make him a Martial Artist himself.  Making someone who is standing fall to the ground is not a difficult thing to do.  It is much more difficult to try to force someone who is laying on his back who insists on laying on his back to stand up.  It takes an immense amount of work to force somebody to stand when they do not wish to stand.  That is like trying to force a ground fighter to stand up and fight, that is much more difficult than simply tackling a Martial Artist to the ground.

Every great running back in NFL history has been tackled before, no matter how fast or athletic, it will happen.  Just because you are capable of tackling a Martial Artist to the ground does not make you a Martial Artist yourself.  A Martial Artist is like a great Basketball player who is great at what he does, score baskets.  But imagine an incompetent basketball player who becomes so frustrated with his opponent that he just tackles him to the ground out of anger.  That is like the Ground Fighter, the Ground Fighter is so angry at the Martial Artist that he does not know what else to do but to tackle his victim.  The incompetent basketball player who is capable of tackling the great basketball player does not make the incompetent basketball player the better player; it just shows how inadequate he is in the game of basketball.

The ground fighter does not belong in the Martial Arts, he has no place in the Martial Arts, he belongs in football or wrestling, but not in the Martial Arts, dancing, basketball, boxing, or gymnastics, which all have nothing to do with tackling anybody down onto the ground.  It will take a lifetime for a ground fighter to turn into a Martial Artist.  But you can turn any average human being into a ground fighter in a matter of seconds just by teaching them how to tackle someone down to the ground.  The ground fighter is not a Martial Artist; he is a complete disgrace to the Martial Arts.  He is like the washed up boxer who cannot box so he knows of nothing else to do but to tackle his opponent to the ground out of frustration.


Your only enemy is the pull up bar, it will test you in many ways that another human being cannot.  To me, Martial Artists are supposed to be the most elite athletes in the world, capable of anything that is humanly possible, something like a superhero.  Somebody that is elite in strength, power, speed, coordination, balance, control, endurance, flexibility, and anything physical in nature.  Physically he is one of the strongest human beings pound for pound.

To me, someone can never be a Master of the Martial Arts if he has not mastered the basic pull up exercise.  It is a simple test that does not require the “Master” to hurt anybody; he can perform this test at any time of day.  If he cannot execute proficiency in this test, he is not a Master of the Martial Arts, this is just one of the many tests that need to be passed, not just for the present moment but for his entire life.

A person who is great in pull ups does not have to show me he can fight, I can already know that he is very fit for his size and that no matter if he is trained in combat or not, his level of fitness is already something that gives him an added advantage during an altercation.  Many can pretend like they are capable in fighting but you cannot really pretend that you are great in executing pull-ups, you can either do it or you can’t.  Those who can’t, I already know where their weakness is and that gives me much added confidence in knowing how to overcome that person with success if a physical altercation should occur.

In addition it is simply embarrassing to claim yourself to be a “Master” of the Martial Arts and you can’t even perform a simple pull up exercise.  That’s like claiming yourself to be a Master of Basketball but you don’t even have the coordination to dribble a basketball.  We know how to assess a personal trainer, if the trainer is not fit himself, there is something wrong.  But a “Master” of the Martial Arts is supposed to be way beyond just a personal trainer.  A “Master” of the Martial Arts should have an Olympic gymnastic level of fitness pound for pound.  Now, those who claim themselves to be “Masters” but yet cannot perform pull-ups with ease are clearly fraudulent, and they destroy the reputations of the true Masters of the Martial Arts.


The whole objective of FMK Safe Sparring is to learn as much as you can in defending yourself while sustaining the minimum amount of physical injury to yourself as well as inflicting the minimum amount of physical injury to your sparring partner.  It is a science that requires much body control and emotional control.  The highest level in Safe Sparring is to spar in meditation, which is not an easy thing to do.  Most people will fight out of emotion; most will not be in a state of no thinking.

If you are at a higher level of development, you must have control of your techniques so that you do not hurt your partner.  The Art of FMK Safe Sparring relies on the person that has the most skill and talent to be challenged with recreating a very realistic fight scenario while protecting the safety of his partner and himself.

Beginners will lack control, without control, the beginner becomes dangerous.  It is like a person who does not have emotional control that is in possession of a firearm.  All the school shootings that we know of are because of a lack of emotional and mental control, when a human being lacks mental and emotional control, they become a great danger onto society when they are in positions of power.

The beginner must learn to control his body and mind.  When the beginner has better control of his body and mind, he will be able to benefit greatly from Safe Sparring.  When you Safe Spar properly, you can essentially gain the benefits of engaging in hundreds of realistic fight scenarios in a matter of a few years and gain great proficiency in defending oneself from danger.

Notice that Police Officers are here to protect the community from great danger and a Police Officer’s main way of survival is the use of firearms.  Notice that they must train with firearms intelligently in order to prepare themselves for the dangers they may encounter on the streets.  They must utilize realistic training methods that are safe but effective in giving them added experience to survive on the streets.  Never will Police Officers shoot at one another with live firearms to gain experience, it is simply unintelligent.  Police Officers will use live firearms in the shooting range but when simulating firearm combat scenarios they will utilize airsoft or paintball guns to simulate the real dangers involved in a firefight.

In Martial Arts you will never spar with real swords, it is simply not intelligent.  But you will spar with wooden swords to help prepare you for the real encounter.  Safe Sparring cannot be too dangerous but yet it should not be unrealistic.  There must be a balance and this balance is created by your self-mastery of control.  There is no need to punch a human being as hard as you possibly can in the face during sparring when you can simply punch a heavy bag as hard as you can.  A human being is not meant to sustain an immense amount of damage.  The human being is very fragile and sensitive.  Easily a tooth can be broken, easily an ACL can be torn, easily a nose or bone in the body can be broken, easily a person can be chocked to death, easily a person can become unconscious from a blow to the head, easily a person can be stabbed or shot to death.

A Martial Artist does not train to torture his body by self-inflicted pain that will eventually result in his early death.  A Martial Artist trains to protect his health and wellness so that he can live a long, healthy, and peaceful life.  A Martial Artist also has compassion and does not wish to inflict great damage onto his sparring partner.

Many years of training is required in order to spar in the correct way.  But simply put, many people do not have the proper training required in order to spar safely and intelligently.  They spar with no control and they spar with anger and that is why they need a referee, because otherwise they can very easily end up killing whomever they are sparring at the moment, this is not the Way of a Martial Artist.

A Martial Artist has total control over his body, mind, and spirit.  Imagine a pilot who does not have control over the plane, imagine how dangerous the plane ride will be.  Control in sparring is an absolute necessity in order to become a Master of the Martial Arts.  People do not know how to properly spar in Martial Arts because simply put, there are not enough true Masters of the Martial Arts who are teaching people how to spar properly.  Combat Sport is just a big mess, like just gathering up a bunch of people into one room, telling the men to strap on condoms and encouraging them to have sex with anyone in sight.

A true Martial Artist is not someone who can knock someone out as quick as possible like a boxer, a True Martial Artist is someone who has such great control over his techniques and the combative situation that he removes himself out of the way of harm while protecting the safety of the person who may actually be attempting to kill him.  He is like a Police Officer who does not kill even though he is justified by law to kill.  You need to protect yourself from harm but if you can do the same while protecting the opponent from harm as well, that is the ultimate way, that is the way of compassion.


Some people run marathons to get a faster time, I’m not into that, why run for over 4 hours long!  I’d rather just test myself with pull ups, quick and easy to see where you are at.  Plus long distance running does not create a very aesthetically pleasing physique, getting good at pull-ups makes a mans body look a lot more like how a man should look.

6) LIVE MUSIC IN MARTIAL ARTS – November 5 2014

At FMK I want to bring in the beauty of live music into the Martial Arts, this with the lion dance and all the weapons training clearly identifies that what I teach and promote is NOT Combat Sport, but something much more beautiful.

7) WE ARE ALWAYS BEGINNERS – November 7 2014

How many pull ups would I be able to do if I weighed 205 lbs?  Strap on an extra 65 lbs and I am able to find out.  No matter what level your at, you can always challenge yourself to get to the next level above, this way you are always a beginner.


As a rule of thumb, you should always be able to barbell squat more weight than you can bench, if you can’t then you are risking the possibility of having chicken legs!  Right now I am even, I can bench and squat the same weight, but that shows that my legs are behind, if my legs were probably built, I should be able to squat more than I can bench.  I do not have as much training in barbell squats because I never had consistent access to a barbell squat machine that was safe to use while training alone.  Now that I have this squat machine, in the upcoming years, I should one day be able to squat more weight than I can bench.

9) BRUCE IS BUDDHA – November 10 2014

If you study Bruce properly, you will not have to learn from anyone else.  Bruce is a modern day Buddha, Buddha teaches you that the truth is within you, there is no need to seek truth outside yourself.


Firearms are the quickest and most effective way to kill somebody when your life is in danger.  It is the true way to self-defense.  No Martial Arts school can be a true Martial Arts school if they do not train in firearms.  A Martial Arts school needs to train in all methods of survival, and in todays modern world, firearms is an important aspect of survival training that cannot be forgotten.  A part of the Martial Arts is a way of self-defense; firearms’ training is the ultimate way of self-defense in modern society.

Some people hate firearms and want nothing to do with them, but this hatred will blind them from the reality of modern day survival training.  You can hate money, but money is still a very integral part of our economy and how we choose to exchange services in business. Firearms are here and they are here to stay.  When you train in firearms properly, you are facing the reality, you can then never be deceived again by the fantasy world that a lot of these so-called Martial Art schools, films, and combat sport entertainment industries have tricked you to believe.

They have falsely made you believe that you are somehow special because you have turned your body into a “lethal weapon.”  There is absolutely no training that you can do to your body that will make you more lethal than a firearm.  You will quickly realize how easy it is to die and how easy it is to kill.  The Marathon runner should never mistaken himself to be able to run faster than a motor vehicle no matter how well trained he is in running.

When you step into the reality of firearms training, you will quickly notice that all that Martial training you have done for so many years is just a big ego trip, all those Martial techniques that you have been training in for so many years is just a bunch of bullshit, none of the shit works when it comes down to it with firearms.  Anybody, no matter his or her size, gender, or age can take your life away in a blink of an eye.

The firearm has become the biggest equalizer.  When you finally come to this realization, then you will start to look at Martial Arts from a different perspective.  Now you put less emphasis on the martial and more emphasis on the ART.  Now it is no longer about which technique is more effective than whatever other bullshit technique, because when it boils down to it, all of the techniques are bullshit.  Now it is more about expressing yourself honestly as an Artist through physical movement. Now Martial Arts is not about fighting, now Martial Art has turned into a creative physical expression, something like dancing.  It is a meditative experience that brings joy and bliss within in addition to being a great way of exercise to enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Then you will start to understand why the people in China practice the Martial Arts the way that they do.   It is closer to dance than it is to fighting.  It is away to promote health and to help you live longer.

A Police Department cannot exist without firearms; a Martial Arts school cannot exist without firearms training.  Firearms training within a Martial Arts school forces the students to face the reality of modern day survival on the streets.  If you have wrestled for 30 years of your life and that is all you do, you may start to believe that in the real world, everywhere you go you will be stepping on wrestling mats with a referee standing by, which is hardly the case, that is not the real world.  The real world is very different than the fantasy world that Hollywood, the Combat Sport industries, and these so-called Martial Art schools have made you believe.

If you hate firearms, then you must also hate the Real Martial Arts.  Training in firearms is an integral part in training you to become a Real Martial Artist.  When you run away from firearms, you are running away from the real world.  You don’t want your fantasy world to come to an end.  You want to desperately believe that firearms do not exist and that these MMA “McDonald’s Martial Arts”, BJJ “Blow Job Jujitsu, Brain Dead Boxing, and Muay Thai Blow Job Happy Ending techniques actually will save your life.

All these techniques are bullshit; anybody can take your life away in a blink of an eye.  These Muay Thai Blow Job Happy Ending Fighters can kick down trees and think they are so badass, but fact is, one pull of a trigger will end their life in an instant.  So what the fuck is the point of kicking down a helpless tree!  If you want to bring down a tree, use a fucking ax! Firearms training will put anybody’s ego in check in an instant, including all these brain dead McDonald’s Martial Arts Fighters.

Now if you want to become a black belt, forget all about the Tae Kwon Do Take My Dough colored belt system, just simply buy a gun and carry it with you everywhere, now everybody that is armed, is a real black belt, somebody capable of taking your life away in a blink of an eye.  And now that we are all finally equal, lets start training in the Real Martial Arts, which emphasizes the Meditation over the bullshit techniques of combat.


FMK Advanced Safe Sparring with medium to hard contact can be quite dangerous.  It is like lifting heavy weights.  You can injure yourself if you do not do it correctly or in the case of sparring in particular, you can injure your sparring partner.  It requires control of the body, control of the techniques, and control of your emotions.  It also requires the Artist to be in a state of meditation free from thoughts.

You are to spar with intensity but without anger, fear, or emotions.  It is a difficult state to achieve.  One punch, one kick, one elbow, one knee strike can cause a broken tooth, a broken nose, broken ribs, broken bones, and in the worst case even death.  An advanced Artist must be very careful how to execute the combative techniques with proper control to protect his safety as well as the safety of his sparring partner.

If he is too soft, he risks being injured himself, if he is too hard, he risks injuring his sparring partner.  It is an act of balance, like walking on tightrope.  The advanced Artist must aim to teach the student how to get better at defending himself but yet he must not cause too much damage onto the student.  The Artist must also be very careful as to not allow the student to strike him as the beginning student may lack body control, technique control, and emotional control.  The student may unconsciously execute a dangerous technique at the Artist putting the safety of the Artist in jeopardy if he does not get out of the way.  It is like having an unarmed Artist sparring against a student who is wielding a real knife, regardless of how trained the Artist may be, the student is a great danger to the Artist when he is wielding a knife.

In unarmed Safe Sparring, the student becomes dangerous when he does not have adequate control over his technique execution.  What is supposed to be a controlled open hand attack to the face can easily turn into an uncontrolled violent fist to the face that can cause immediate serious damage.  One wrongly executed technique can result in serious physical injury as well as medical costs that will neither be in the benefit of the student or Artist.  Caution must be taken by the Artist in engaging in advanced safe sparring, it is similar to performing a stunt, if the stuntman executes the stunt properly, he does not get hurt, if he does not, he sustains serious injury.

If the student advances and develops greater control over his body, his execution of technique, and emotional control, the engagement becomes safer for both parties, but regardless of the case, accidents can still occur.  This is a part of the Martial Arts training that can be quite dangerous, but if trained in properly, it can be safe and serve to be aid in gaining valuable learning lessons in combat survival that simply is irreplaceable.

Yes lifting heavy weights is dangerous, but if you practice proper safety measures it does not have to be dangerous, it can be safe and serve to greatly enhance your athletic development.   Advanced sparring is not for everybody, but when expressed properly, it serves to be a very beautiful expression of the Martial Arts, serious, but not too serious, deadly, but not too deadly. Bruce Lee would choreograph realistic fight scenes and display them on film.  Myself, I am attempting to display the spontaneous way of artistic combat that is realistic but yet safe.  If the body is trained properly, if the techniques are properly developed, if the emotions are properly controlled, and one is in meditation, safe sparring can become the true way of testing and demonstrating techniques of combat that are truly practical for survival on the streets.


Every time I speak to you and I get messages from you, it’s always positive in spirit, I never really see that sad side of you, I feed off your positive energy.  Osho said in one of his books to keep the negativity to yourself and not to use it as a way to gain attention towards yourself, to not make a public display of your suffering, there is great beauty in that teaching.  I see that is what you do and I see that is something I need to implement into my expression as well, I wish to share more positive energy like you, just making your music and sharing positive energy, for me, just sharing my Martial Way and sharing positive energy.


“Did you know? If you eat healthy, sleep well, workout, and drink lots of water, you are still going to die” – Anonymous FaceBook Post

If you eat unhealthy, do not sleep well, do not exercise, and drink lots of alcohol, you are accelerating your path towards death, it is a way of committing a slow suicide, rather than committing a slow suicide, have the balls to just kill yourself right now with a gunshot to the head, because you don’t care for your life anyway, this world is already over populated, it would benefit the world for you not to be here, you are taking up space!


The process of developing yourself to become a Martial Artist that truly has the ability to defend oneself from great harm is not very much an easy process, at least not the unarmed combative portion of it. It requires a lot of physical fitness training, combative technique training, and spiritual work. What you have stated is a spiritual understanding, but the combative technique training which incorporates “sparring” which is like a fight simulation process of development takes time and is a delicate process. During the sparring, you will be facing up directly to your own ego and this challenges your spiritual level of development.

Through sparring, you can come to the ulimate realization that there is nobody you are really fighting but yourself, and you can come to the realization that there is no need to fight, you can just relax onto yourself. But then, you can see that even though there is no need to fight, you still fight anyway because it is fun to fight, it has turned into a game. Not to be taken too seriously. When sparring has turned into a game for fun, then your abilities in true self-defense will increase because you have engaged into this game so many times that it has become so natural to you, the fear is no longer there, you know what you are capable of because you have demonstrated your abilities to yourself day after day in sparring.

Then it becomes like swimming, biking, running, walking, eating, drinking, making love; there is no question of whether or not you can do it, you know you can do it because you have been doing it every single day in joy. Now you can defend yourself but you don’t even know you can defend yourself, it has become such an integral part of your life that it is nothing special, nothing to brag about, nothing to feel prideful about, it is like breathing, you are not special over the next person because you can breathe, everyone can breathe!

You are not special because you can fight, everyone can fight, but those who put more time in development in their craft or art develop a certain level of proficientcy and skill and when you notice somebody who has been working very hard at something for a very long time, some times you cannot help but stop, watch, and admire, but for the person engaged within the practice of his Art, he does not notice that he is doing anything out of the ordinary. Like a lion who is just relaxing at the Zoo wondering why the hell everybody is standing around watching him!? Well, he is not aware that he is a lion!

15) Why the friend zone is fucked up (Explicit)

Be aware, this post will be very explicit and offensive.  Viewer discretion is advised.

“Any guy upset about being in the “friend zone” was never a true friend. He was just another guy working an angle to get what he wants. True friends are happy to be just that…” Anonymous quote 

That statement to me a bunch of bullshit, when I was young I used to think that way as well, my aim was to be a nice guy, to be a true friend to a fine lady, but as I have aged and have learned more about women and about this world, I think very differently now.  I think the friend zone is a bunch of bullshit.  It gives a so-called “beautiful” woman a sense of power and control over you.

She knows that you want her sexually but even though she is not interested in you at all, she still wants to keep you around for an ego trip.  To make her feel good about herself, to make her feel like she is hot shit when she is not.  She is using this stupid lonely man to boost her ego in thinking, “hey I might not be able to get the man that I really want, but at least I have this man on the side that loves me no matter what.”  She keeps going around collecting more and more of these stupid ass lonely men to become her little fan base, to feed her compliments and make her feel so good about herself while she searches for the real man that she wants of fuck the shit out of and give her pussy to.

She uses the sissy men for free dinners, free gifts, free psychological advice, and unlimited compliments, which she fucks the bad boy.  And then she uses the lonely men for relationship advice about the bad boy that she is fucking.  The lonely man who is really a boy just becomes her puppet to use and control for her own selfish reasons.  She’ll let you buy her gifts, buy her meals, she’ll let you drive her around, she might dance with you a little at the club, but she will never give her pussy to you, she will only give it to the real man that she is attracted to, she is using you like a fucking fool and you have fell for the trap, you are a fucking idiot for allowing yourself to be trapped in the friend zone.

If she was truly your friend, she would share her body with you; she would be affectionate to you as you want to be affectionate to her.  Like 2pac said, it’s an equal exchange. If she doesn’t want to share her body with you, she is basically telling you that you are ugly, so you either need to work on yourself to become handsome or just move the fuck onto the next woman who will actually find you attractive.  Staying around this conceited bitch will fuck up your life.

And I will tell you this, if you find some other woman that actually cares and loves you and is very attractive, this conceited bitch will be jealous as fuck and then all of a sudden she will start acting like she is attracted to you when she is not, she just wants you to remain under her control even though she isn’t evenly exchanging her pussy for your dick.  She wants you to treat her like she’s your girlfriend, even when she is not.  She wants you to be in love with her as if she is giving you the pussy even when she is not, it’s a bunch of bullshit, get the fuck away from this bitch and find a real woman that loves you fully for you that is attracted to you, don’t waste your time on these conceited bitches.

Think about it like this, you really want this job at a certain company, you apply and they deny you, are you going to stick around and try to apply again?  Well even if you do, the deny you again, then you try again, and they deny you again, then they say, we don’t want you here.  Well you need to leave and go work somewhere else where they will not deny you, don’t waste your life away applying to a company over and over again that has already decided that they don’t want you.  Get the fuck out of the friend zone.

Find a woman that loves you for you, don’t hang around a woman that will be using you as a puppet while she gathers up all these men all over her to bow down to her pussy even though she isn’t even giving it up to them, while she chooses some random dude at the club to have a one night stand with, fuck that.  I’d rather be the bad boy that gets the pussy than the nice idiot who gets one hug on his fucking birthday that provides free service and spends a fortune on a bitch who he isn’t even fucking.  That’s just my opinion.

16) The Temper – Dec 2 2014

When you bring up the aspect of having a temper, it got me to think about my own temper. Before training in the Martial Arts I had a very violent temper but as I trained the temper went away and I came to peace, but recently I notice that the temper never really disappeared, it is hidden, it is hidden fire, it is a hidden dragon, it is explosive energy, this explosive energy has to be properly handled, like a very sharp blade or a loaded firearm, it can be dangerous or it can be used for something positive and beneficial to yourself and society. As we train in Martial Arts, we will learn to better transform this energy in creative and positive ways.

17) Pornography

Interesting topic that has been brought up on my blog, modern day internet technology has changed this world in many ways.  Now pornography is assessable by anyone in an instant.  Our desire towards pornography is due to cultural sexual repression.  If this culture were not sexually repressed, there would be no need for pornography.  Making love to those we are attracted to would just be a part of our everyday existence.

Imagine going to the gym and then people are making love while you workout, imagine going to the office and people are making love while you are working on your computer.  Imagine being on the bus and people are making love while you are sitting in the bus.  Imagine eating at a restaurant and people are making love while you are eating your food.  If making love was not unlawful and people had the freedom to make love wherever and whenever they chose, the world would be different.

The world would be different if it was normal for men and women to walk around completely naked.  Animals do not use the Internet, animals do not watch pornography, animals have sex when they want to have sex and then they go on about their business.  Our sexually repressed society has created pornography and now it is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Something that we should be doing for free has been turned into a way of mass profit.

If we were not sexually repressed, we would just meet people we are attracted to and just make love right there on the spot, not holding anything back, but we don’t live in such a world, so we have turned something that is supposed to be natural and free into a fantasy of which we pay to watch being acted out.

Pornography is essentially a fantasy.  It is watching others live out a fantasy, to live out something that does not exist.  The appeal is the fantasy.  The appeal is something that is unattainable.  The appeal is believing that women will never get old, never run out of energy, always be in the mood, always looking perfect, never smelling disgusting, always willing to do whatever we want them to do.  The appeal towards watching pornography is not too different than our appeal to watch Hollywood movies, anytime we watch pornography or a Hollywood movie, we are attempting to take ourselves away from where we are right now and to step into a fantasy world that does not exist.

The problem is if we actually believe that this fantasy world exists, we are deceiving ourselves from the true reality.  Pornography is choosing the fake flowers over the real flowers.  The real flowers is real life, the real flowers is the real woman right before your eyes.  The fake flowers is the pornography, the image, the video, the pictures, that do not exist, but appear to be “perfect.”

Many actually prefer the fake over the real, just like many will have fake Christmas trees in their home, very few people will have a real Christmas tree in their home.  Some men will actually prefer to watch pornography rather than to be with a real woman.  The girls in the videos will never nag the way a real woman will nag.  The girls in the videos will never get jealous and possessive the way a real woman will get jealous and possessive.

Through time and cultural training, the masses of men may actually prefer to masturbate to porn for the rest of their lives instead of being with a real woman.  Masses of men who consciously choose to masturbate to porn instead of being with a real woman is not too different than masses of monks who choose to be celibate for the rest of their lives because of religious reasons.  It makes no difference to the government whether the men are in jail with no women, whether the men become monks and have no women, or whether the men decide to masturbate the porn instead of being with real women, either way the objective is fulfilled, the objective is population control.

The government cannot promote the men in this world to have lots of sex with real women, it will create too many children in an already over populated world.  So what is the solution?  Well it is not that easy to convince men to give up sex for religious reasons, it is easier to get the men to become addicted to pornography to the point where they themselves will consciously choose to watch porn instead of being with a real woman.  By getting the entire population of men to be addicted to porn, the government fulfills multiple objectives.  One is population control and another is being able to profit from something that essentially is supposed to be free.

Sex and making love is supposed to be free, but the government has found a way to make money from sex.  Just like love has nothing to do with marriage, but the government has made us believe that you cannot be in love without marriage, with this, they have been able to profit much from marriage.

You have lonely men working minimum wage jobs for 50 hours of their life, only to pay a stripper $500 for a 1 hour lap dance, which was supposed to be free between two people who are attracted to one another.  The lonely man spends 50 hours of his time in exchange for only 1 hour of the stripper’s time, what a business arrangement!  And the government even gets to step in between to tax the stripper on her money earned.  The government makes no money from two human beings who are in true love.

Two human beings in true love have no need for a wedding, no need for marriage, no need for a wedding ring, no need for tuxedos, no need for wedding dresses, no need for limos, no need for wedding photos, no need for anything associated with profiting from love.  Real love cannot be exploited, real love cannot be taxed, real love comes natural.  The government does not want real love, real love does not stimulate the economy.

Imagine paying $500 for hug, that is essentially what is going on, hugs are supposed to be for free between loving individuals, but the culture has trained us to pay for hugs.  Rather than paying a stripper $500 an hour for hugging you, simply find a woman that is attracted to you and hug her all day long, now you don’t have to go to work anymore!

I understand paying for food and shelter but paying for hugs!  Paying for sex!  Paying for love!  No!  Hugs, sex, and love should never be paid for.  If you pay for these things, there is seriously something wrong with your way of living and the way you view this world.

We will never live in a world where sex will be expressed freely and because of that pornography will always be an appeal.  Pornography is basically a woman letting you into her private life, she exposes her private life for profit, rather than exposing it for love, she exposes it for profit.

Pornography can be used as a way to exercise your sexual energies.  Pornography can be used as a way to enhance your intimate relations.  Pornography in a way can be seen as a sharing of energies.  Pornography can prevent unwanted pregnancies.  Pornography can prevent the spread of HIV and other STD’s.  Pornography can be used as a way to decreasing violence in this world, as built up sexual frustration is the cause of violent behavior.  Pornography can be used as a way to bring peace and happiness from disabled men and the lonely men of this world who may have no chances of getting intimate with real women.  Pornography can be used as a way of saving money rather than paying out thousands for a stripper or prostitute.

I see sex as two individuals engaging in intimacy which is very beautiful and positive and this energy should be shared with the world, it is the opposite energy of violent behavior, it is like a very active energetic hug.  Being inside of a woman is showing how you deeply desire to be one with a woman; a man being one with a woman of whom he loves is a very beautiful thing.

18) Pornography #2

Nature has designed humans to not become sexually attracted to your own blood family.  Incest is unnatural.  A son is not supposed to be sexually attracted to his mother.  A daughter is not supposed to be sexually attracted to her father.  A brother is not supposed to be sexually attracted to his sister.  These types of desires are unnatural and are seen as disgusting and rightfully so.  Even if incest was to occur, there is a high likelihood of deformity and disability in the baby, it is nature’s way of saying this activity is not right.

It is in our nature to be attracted to humans that are outside of our family by blood, that is why there is an appeal of pornography when we view attractive strangers that are engaging in intimacy.

Pornography and sex has a great appeal for the young, for those in the early stages of puberty and into young adulthood.  Sex is an appeal for at least a couple of decades in your life.  Sex energy is a very powerful energy, it is life energy, it cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed.  It can be transformed into something ugly, it can be transformed into something beautiful, or it can be expressed for what it is.

Some people may view pornography as sin but those same people who say pornography is sin will have sexual fantasies in their sleep and this is no different than viewing pornography.  These same people may see a beautiful woman at the store and fanaticize about this woman while they masturbate alone, and this is no different than viewing pornography.  These same people may watch a movie with a beautiful woman that is fully clothed and be sexually aroused by this woman, and this is no different than viewing pornography.

What constitutes pornography?  A man can refrain from viewing videos of naked woman but he can imagine a woman being naked, this cannot be stopped, and this is no different than viewing videos of pornography.  The sexual energy will always be there, you cannot destroy it, this must be understood.  You must understand how this sex energy works and you must learn to express it in responsible ways.

I see that porn can be used in many positive ways that can help you grow spiritually.  In my opinion I would say that it is better for a man to masturbate to porn than to have sex with a woman of whom he is not in love with.  When a man masturbates to porn, he is not hurting anybody in the process but if a man has sex with a woman of whom he does not love, many complications can occur.  Many unwanted and abandoned babies can be born, emotional pain from the woman, HIV, and STD’s, are just a few of the problems.

A man who does not properly express himself sexually according to the natural cycle will end up turning ugly.  It is expected for a man to be highly sexual during his teenage years and young adult years, it is natural and beautiful, this man should express his urges and desires.  But a man who is highly sexual in his later years when he is getting closer to death, now this becomes something ugly.  A man who is 20 years old who is sexually attracted to an 18 year old, this is something natural and beautiful.  But an old man who is 80 who is sexually attracted to an 18-year-old woman, this is something ugly.  The “dirty old man” is the result of sexual repression.

If there is no sexual repression, if the young man is allowed to free express his sexual urges, eventually these sexual urges should naturally subside and by the time the man becomes “old”, he will no longer have these unnatural sexual urges at an old age.  As he becomes older, he will naturally become less sexual.  He does not have any repressions; he has lived his sex life to the fullest during his youth.

It is very important to not sexually repress yourself, do not view sex as a sin, it is something beautiful as long as it is expressed responsibly.  Is pornography bad?  Well we should not prefer the fake over the real, we should meet real woman and love real woman, become intimate with real woman, while using pornography as a supplemental way of directing our sexual energies into the proper path.

During the time you are single and on the search for the right woman, pornography can be used as a tool to express your sexual urges responsibly without allowing yourself to just get with a woman to be laid even though you do not love this woman, yes using a video as an object just for sexual release may seem “wrong” but it is even more wrong to use another live human being just for a sexual release.

I see that every woman that a man becomes intimate with he should truly have feelings, attraction, and love towards, if he does not, then engaging in intimacy is wrong, this man is better off using pornography to fulfill his sexual fantasies until he meets the right woman.

19) Sex & Orgasm

Sex and orgasm is a form of affection, maybe the highest form of affection.  Due to sexual repression from societies upbringing and religion, sexual expression has been affiliated with sin.  But humans are naturally affectionate beings.  A newborn baby will die without affection; affection is needed for his survival.  Humans need loving touch and contact.

Religion and society has made people believe that sex is sin but it is quite obvious that hugging a person is not sin, touching a person is not sin, kissing a person is not sin, caressing a person is not sin, massaging a person is not sin, helping a person relax is not sin, helping a person distress is not sin.

Sex and orgasm is the highest form of affection and the showing of love and intimacy.  Orgasm is the release of bottled up tension.  Orgasm leads to relaxation.  Orgasm leads to happiness and peace.  Orgasm brings bliss.  Orgasm is refueling the body’s energies.  Orgasm with a partner gives you added energy.  Orgasm alone can drain your energy.  Two bodies coming together in intimacy can share much positive energy together.

Orgasm is like relaxation from tension.  Exercise, strength, and fitness training builds up energy and tension, exercise gives you much added energy that needs to be released.  Orgasm is a natural way for the entire body to release this tension energy and come to relaxation and peace.  Orgasm is the body’s ultimate way of total body relaxation that a deep tissue full body massage cannot fulfill.  A deep tissue full body massage is a way to relax the body and bring relaxation, but it is not the ultimate way to relax the body and bring relaxation, it can never replace the orgasmic release.

Religion and society can never accuse a man of being sinful for needing a full body deep tissue massage to ease his tension but they can make him feel sinful for wanting to achieve orgasm to ease his tension and achieve relaxation.  Orgasm heals the body and helps bring total health.

Orgasm is an extension of flexibility training that brings total relaxation.  Ideally one should exercise the entire body with strength and cardio training.  One should relax the body with flexibility training.  And finally end the training with orgasmic release.  This is the total body, mind, and spiritual holistic approach to total health and wellness.

Due to sexual repression in culture and society, the orgasmic release can only occur in privacy, but it is an essential aspect of overall health and wellness that should not be ignored

20) The Superior Man

“A Martial Artist is a healthy man who wants to love, he does not wish to possess and he does not wish to dominate.  A Martial Artist lives his life in joy, he is not concerned about pleasing the masses, he does not strive after fame.  It is the Fighters who are suffering from deep inferiority who want to have power, who strive after belt rankings, medals, and trophies to prove to themselves and others that they are superior.  A real Martial Artist does not care a thing about power, he does not care a thing about belt rankings, medals, trophies, and fame.  He knows his superiority, he lives his superiority.  In his training, in his kung fu dances, in his poetry, in his safe sparring, in his forms, in his music he lives his superiority.  Only the inferior ones are left for combat sport.” – Sifu Freddie Lee

21) Sexercise

Physical intimacy is a form of soft exercise that happens in privacy with your partner.  Hard exercise such as calisthenics, weight training, and cardio endurance training typically occurs at the gym, outdoors, or in your home by yourself or with others around engaging within the same activity.  Soft exercise, sexercise is something that happens in private, usually in your bedroom.  Both methods of exercise create a good balance.  The hard exercise creates energy that needs to be released within the soft exercise.

Without the soft exercise, there can be too much energy accumulated with hard exercise that can lead towards health complications, unhealthy competitiveness, and even violence.  The soft exercise brings a man back to balance and peace.  No desire to compete and win but just a feeling of relaxation and ease, a let go experience.  Soft exercise is also more naturally meditative.

22) Will Porn Ever Stop?

Man should not feel guilty for being sexually attracted to a woman.  Being sexually attracted to a woman is showing a man’s appreciation towards beauty.  It is the man’s life force, he was born to be this way, it is natural, it is beautiful.  It should not be repressed; it should be expressed in a responsible way.

Women should never be forced into pornography, it should be something that they truly wish to do within, it should be something that they love to do.  If a woman is forced into pornography, I see that it is wrong.  But if she is not forced and she does it because she truly has that desire to express herself in that way, then I do not oppose it.

There is nothing wrong with nudity, being nude is beautiful, we are born nude, we are not born with clothes.  Animals do not wear clothes they live in nudity.  We have been conditioned to believe that nudity is wrong, but it is not wrong, nudity is beautiful.  Clothes should be here for a functional purpose but not as a way to cover up the beauty of our bodies.  If we are more comfortable with nudity, then we will naturally become more comfortable with sex, then we will not be repressed.

Clothes can serve the purpose of protecting our bodies from the elements of the weather but certain times clothes can hinder our freedom of physical movement, like when we are swimming, taking a bath, or wish to enjoy a full body massage.  The clothes get in the way of our ability to enjoy certain activities.  When it is very hot, sometimes we just want to be naked, when it is cold, clothes become our protective shield.

The more comfortable we are with our bodies, the more comfortable we will be with sex, we will not view sex as something ugly but rather something beautiful.  If you look in the mirror and you yourself see your body as something ugly, then yes, you will want to cover up your body with clothes so that you are not constantly reminded of how ugly you are.  But if you have a beautiful body, then you will be confident and comfortable with expressing this beauty.  And this is what pornography is, an expression of the body, an appreciation towards physical beauty and even the beauty of expressing the unique sounds of intimacy. As humans we are naturally drawn towards anything that is beautiful.  This is not a sin.

But we have turned nakedness into sin and that is why pornography is seen as sin.  Pornography is societies method of giving millions of people a feeling of false intimacy, real intimacy is nourishing for the soul, and false intimacy is a quick replacement method for the masses.  It is like the difference between real food from the garden and food that is scientifically engineered to be taken as a pill.

With no real intimacy, pornography serves as a replacement.  It is a quick fix for love and affection.  Real love and affection occurs between two human beings in privacy.  Those who do not have love and affection can turn towards pornography for a temporary feeling of intimacy.  The desire towards pornography shows a desire towards love and affection.

A man can be addicted to pornography and actually prefer pornography over the real live woman.  Like a man who enjoys playing a football video game but not actually wishing to play real football himself.  Being single for ones entire life with the private viewing of pornography and practicing masturbation is not too different than the conscious decision to become celibate for ones entire life.  In a way, this is an expression of celibacy.  If the majority of the population becomes celibate and actually prefers to masturbate to pornography rather than engage in real intimate relations, this can actually serve to benefit the world that is overpopulated.

Being involved in an intimate relationship while viewing pornography can become a detriment to the relationship if your lover does not accept the practice.  In many cases jealousy from a man’s partner becomes a strong barrier in allowing a man to enjoy both the benefits of pornography and the benefits of real intimacy.  The woman may view pornography as a threat.

The man can become fixated on pornographic videos and images that are not real and start holding an unrealistic standard of beauty towards the real women of this world.  Videos and images do not age, deteriorate, and change in the same way that real humans do.  It is like comparing a human to a machine.  A human is not a machine, and if you expect a human to operate as a machine, you will be disappointed.

Men can start to develop an expectation for woman to become like a machine.  To be perfect like the image or what they see on video.  This can become a huge detriment to the relationship, as it will be impossible for the woman to become a machine.  It is like the man who prefers to drive rather than walk, run, or ride a bicycle.  It is like the man who prefers to use the elevator rather than walk up the stairs.

We are a society that is becoming dependent on machines.  We are going further and further away from nature.  A man who prefers pornography over a real woman, is a man who is choosing a machine over a real woman, like the woman who chooses the plastic flowers over the real flowers, like the woman who chooses the breast implants over her real breasts, like the person who would rather play videos games than to engage in live games.

Things are becoming more and more automated.  People are taking vitamin pills rather than eating real nutritious foods.  People are watching cartoon types of movies instead of attending real plays with actors on stage.  Men are essentially falling in love with an image, not the real thing.  The real thing is hard to reproduce.  An image is easy to reproduce.  Getting millions of men to masturbate and ejaculate from an image is much easier than finding millions of men a real woman to make love to.  Helping a man find real love is very difficult; supplying a man with a quick fix from pornography is quite simple.  Like any other drugs, soon the addiction begins, and that is why the pornography industry is a multi-billion dollar industry even though it is operating underground beneath the commercial industry.

23)  THE SOLDIER vs. THE FIGHTER – Dec 11 2014

The solider goes to war; he is prepared to enter death.  The solider is not there to entertain; he is engaged in real warfare.  The fighter is not engaging in real war, he is there to entertain; there is no risk of death.  The solider has a high risk of death.  The solider has real courage.  The fighter has false courage.  The solider is not playing a game; it is life or death on the battlefield.  The fighter is a toy solider, he is playing a game, and the game is inside a boxing ring or cage.  The fighter is a fake solider.

The real solider may never come back from war.  The war is real.  The fighter will always be alive after the match; it is a fake war between him and just one other person.  The solider is not just fighting one person, the solider is fighting hundreds of not thousands of enemies in an uncontrolled spontaneous environment.  The fighter is just fighting one person in a controlled environment.  You cannot watch a solider engage in real war and be entertained like it is a Hollywood movie, all wars can only be told by stories.  You can watch a fighter in front row seats and be entertained while this fighter is engaging in a fake war.


The Martial Artist is more likened to a solider than a Fighter.  A Martial Artist prepares to engage in real war on the streets, he is prepared to enter death.  The Martial Artist is not there to entertain when fighting on the streets, he is engaged in the real war for survival, there is great risk of death.  The Martial Artist has real courage, he is not playing a game, it is life or death on the streets.  The Martial Artist may die a real death; like Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, 2pac, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr., the war is real.  The Martial Artist is not fighting just one person, the Martial Artist is fighting for the greater good, they are fighting against corruption in the Martial Arts, against corruption in the government, against racism, against the Nazi’s.  The Martial Artist is fighting hundred if not thousands of enemies in an uncontrolled spontaneous environment.


True Martial Arts is never meant to be taught on a mass scale.  It is an intimacy between Master and Disciple, just like the intimacy between Father and Son or Father and Daughter.  You never choose your father, your father is your father, perfect or imperfect, in actuality he will never be perfect, he will always be imperfect.  How can one man manage to have thousands of wives and become truly intimate with each wife?  How can one man manage to have thousands of children and become truly intimate with each child?  It cannot happen.  Real intimacy is true love that cannot be mass-produced.  Lust can be mass-produced, but true love can never be mass-produced.  True intimacy cannot be mass-produced.

A Real Master of the Martial Arts can only be a Master to a selected few disciples.  Within those selected few disciples, there is a natural loving connection that is bound by trust.  The Master can never be completely open and trustful of the entire mass of society, only a select few.  Just as two parents can only raise a few children the right way, no man can be a real father to thousands of children.  A man can only be a real father to a few children.

True Martial Arts is never meant to become a corporation.  Within your individual psychological growth, you will see a psychologist by yourself, you will not bring thousands of people with you to see the psychologist, nor will you go see thousands of psychologists all at the same time.  You will see one psychologist by yourself, when you are by yourself, you can be open and honest to the psychologist in order for him to help you on your psychological growth.  The psychologist can only help a few people at a time, he cannot help thousands all at once, he needs to truly listen to each individual in order to determine the proper treatment for that specific individual.

A woman is not meant to be in bed with thousands of men, any woman doing so, you will quickly see, she has lost her soul, something within her is severely damaged.  A Master is not meant to be a Master to thousands of disciples; there will never be a true communication because true communication only occurs on a private level, not in a public arena. Every disciple’s spiritual growth in the Martial Arts is a very delicate process, like a hair stylist giving each individual a truly beautiful haircut that fits that specific individual perfectly, not to just shave every persons head bald to transform the person into a machine.

A Master does not turn a disciple into a machine.  A Master teaches the disciple to be authentically real, this takes very much time and patience, it is a very delicate process.  Privacy is essential.  Martial Artists are not meant to be trained the same way soldiers are trained, to just follow orders blindly through the chain of command.  Martial Artists are nurtured and developed very delicately the same way a child is born and raised to become a fully expressive and creative adult.

A doctor does not become a doctor over night.  A lawyer does not become a lawyer over night.  A musician does not become a musician over night.  An artist does not become an artist over night.  A Martial Artist takes over 2 decades of training in order to become somebody that is truly capable of moving forward to express his own unique way in the Martial Arts.  Your Master is your Master for life; your father is your father for life.  Your Master will be there to help you grow and learn from life.  Your Master does not have all the answers, but he is there by your side through your entire journey in life to help you reach your fullest potential.

You are like a plant, and your master is helping you grow putting you in the right position towards the sun.  Giving you just the right amount of water, soil, fertilizer, love, and attention.  He is helping you grow and bloom to become a beautiful flower.  He is helping you to grow confidence within yourself to have the courage to be authentically yourself.  This entire process does not happen over night, this entire process does not happen on a mass scale, this is a delicate process that requires individual attention, love, and trust between Master and Disciple.  A true connection between Master and Disciple is just as rare to find than true love between a man and woman.  A coach and an athlete is everywhere, boyfriends and girlfriends are everywhere.  But a real Master and Disciple is rare, true love is rare.


It’s a beautiful thing to see people coming together of all races and genders to protest Police Corruption and Racism.  Even though the Officers did not get convicted, these protests are having a dramatic effect on Police Departments across the nation.  These victims of Police corruption were black.  The protests were a result of these injustices caused on blacks for not just these few incidents but for all these decades that blacks have been mistreated here in America by the justice system, it is karma coming back at the justice system.  I support these protests wholeheartedly.  But one thing I know for certain is that if these victims were not Black, if they were Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and even Caucasian, the public wouldn’t give a damn, but that is wrong, because regardless of the race of the victims, Police corruption is still wrong and it needs to be stopped.


The society trains us to be split, the society does not allow for us to be complete and one.  The society forces us to put on a mask.  This mask is what we call the ego.  Having no ego is the true being, the authentic self.  The authentic self is forced to be hidden from society.  We are not allowed to say what we really feel; we will be punished for doing so.  We are forced to put on faces. When you go to work, you put on a face.  When you speak to your parents, you put on a face.  When you speak to your friends, you put on a face.  When you speak to strangers, you put on a face.  When you encounter enemies, you put on a face.  When you see your co-workers, you put on a face.  Everywhere you go, you put on different faces.

The original face is hidden.  The original face may be hidden for so long that you have even forgotten that it exists.  When you drop all your masks and you learn to express yourself as is, in your originality, this is an enlightened being, completely original.

People have accused me of being split because of certain expressions I have made public online.  But this I see to be different than the average person that is split, I do not see myself to be split, I see myself as like an actor in Hollywood.  When you are an actor, you play a certain role, within that role; you need to express certain emotions that are relevant to the role that you are playing.  You may have to play an aggressive role that does not mean that your original being is aggressive.  You may have to play a loving role, that does not mean that your original being is loving.

You may play a violent role that does not mean that your original being is violent.  You may play a peaceful role that does not mean that your original being is peaceful.  As an actor, you change and adapt according to the circumstances and requirements of whichever role you are playing, basically you are knowingly and consciously putting on different masks for different purposes knowing that your original self does not change, it is one.

I can be aggressive if I want to be aggressive, I can be peaceful if I want to be peaceful.  I can be lustful and I can be loving.  As an Artist, I can express myself in many different ways.  Because I express myself in so many different ways, the public has a difficult time understanding my expression because they see duality.  They see a split; they see the “good” and the “bad.”  But the good and the bad is only subjective to each individual.  Some people hate rap music, some people love rap music.   Some people hate profanity; some people are entertained by profanity.  Some people hate porn, some people love porn.  Everything is relative to the individual.  So I have many “friends” but I also have many “enemies.”  People are picking and choosing what they like and do not like about my public expression.

To me, my public expression is a work of art.  Sometimes I like to paint calm, other times I like to paint with aggression.  Sometimes I like to stretch, other times I like to train with heavy weights and go hard.  The heavy weights is representing the aggression, the stretching is representing the peacefulness.  I have both within myself and I appreciate both expressions, I am not just one, I am both combined.  Everything to me is beautiful.

People are afraid of my aggressive expression, they are intimidated, they are scared.  Well you must understand, I train in MARTIAL Arts.  I can be deadly, I can be violent, I can be very aggressive.  I use weapons, I carry weapons, I train my body to be a weapon, and I am ready to kill if necessary.  Somebody has a gun, you better be afraid, he can shoot and kill you if he wants to, as long as you are respectful and you don’t start any arguments, then you don’t have to worry too much.

To handle somebody that is deadly, all it requires is respect, as long as you have respect, then there is nothing to be fearful of.  A MARTIAL Artist stands for respect, he’s not a pushover, not somebody to be picked on.  And with that said, yes, you should be afraid, afraid to disrespect someone who is clearly more powerful than yourself.

But the other side of my artful expression is loving and playful. How intimidating can I be standing 5’5”?  How intimidating can I be weighing only 140 lbs?  How much of a “bad” person can I be if I value education?  How much of a bad person can I be for speaking against corruption?  How much of a bad person can I be being in love with a woman and creating 5 children together?

There is a soft side to me, those who get to know me, know that there is nothing to be afraid of.  This is the martial ART part of my expression, the creative and meditative side of my expression.  Not only do I train in combat but I also love stretching, meditating, reading, and writing, I am not just one sided.

Obama is the president of the US.  Very proper, very professional, and politically correct at all times.  But do not accuse him of having a split personality if you somehow caught him having hardcore sex with his wife in the bedroom.  You are sexually repressed, that is why you view that activity as negative.  To you, profanity is a taboo, that is why you view rap music as negative.  I am not sexually repressed and profanity is not a taboo to me, that is why I seem so different than the majority.  It does not mean I am split, it means that I feel comfortable with myself to express myself creatively in ways that most people are not comfortable with because of the fear they have of what others may think about them.

I have no fear of what others may think about me, I could care less, but yes I can only go so far with it, if my livelihood is taken away then it will create problems.  But I see that a truly spiritual person, a truly meditative person, is true to his heart, he is real.  So many of us are too concerned about what others think and that is what brings misery to our lives, that is what turns us into machines, that is what makes us split, that is what makes us false human beings.  All we care about is being popular, all we care about is pleasing others so that we make more money, when if ever, do we ever allow ourselves to just be open and honest about whom we truly are?

You know, if you are a fake human being, automatically you will have friends and you will have enemies.  And if you are a real human being, automatically you will have friends and you will have enemies.  Either way you go, you will always have enemies, people that hate you for being fake and people that hate you for being real.  With this being said, you might as well just be real and accept the love and hate that you receive for being real and move forward.

27)  Boxing vs. MMA (EXPLICIT Reflection on Bob Arum Blast on MMA)


I like this old man Bob Arum, he is real and honest, he is not afraid to share his true views against the MMA.  He says that Mayweather is a Defensive Boxer and nobody wants to pay to watch a Defensive Boxer.  People want to be entertained and they do not find entertainment in watching a Defensive Boxer.

The true lovers of Boxing would appreciate watching the Defensive Boxer.  Mayweather is undefeated because he is a true Boxer.  A Defensive Boxer is likened to a Real Martial Artist.  A Real Martial Artist is always a defender, he is not an aggressor, he is not a brawler. A Defensive Boxer is not entertaining but he is effective in what he does, he has true skill and talent in his craft of self-defense.

Bob says that the audience for Boxing and the audience for MMA are two separate audiences.  I would agree to this.  Basically he said that the audience for Boxing has more minorities such as Hispanics, blacks, and Philippinos, and the audience for MMA are basically white trash skin heads with tattoos everywhere.  I would agree to this as well.

I am not a promoter of Boxing but I would much rather promote Boxing over MMA as a true combat sport that requires real talent and skill to master, not just a bullshit violent event in the disguise of Martial Arts.

Bob said that these MMA fighters can’t throw a punch to save their lives and that when they do get hit in the face they don’t even have a chin to withstand the hit.  I would agree to that.  When it comes to stand up fighting, these MMA fighters are amateurs, put any of these MMA Fighters into professional boxing and they would all get destroyed.  Look at the professional boxers, how many of the top boxers are white?  None of them, all the great boxers of history are of color.

The whites simply cannot box, that is why they had to find something else to do, like wrestle.  Look at all the professional wrestlers, they are all white.  Basketball was created by a white man, now the sport is dominated by blacks.  Football is dominated by many blacks.  Golf, hockey, professional swimming, and professional cycling are dominated by whites.  Track and field is dominated by blacks.  Notice that in Golf, Hockey, Professional Swimming, and Cycling all require the need of money in order to practice.  It is a class separation; poor minorities don’t have the money to spend on golf clubs, hockey equipment, a swimming pool, and expensive bikes.

If a person cannot box, he will want to wrestle, if a person refuses to wrestle, he will want to box.  They are two entirely different sports, with different audiences.

Bob also said that MMA is homosexual.  I would agree to that as well.  Two men ground fighting with one another in missionary and doggy style positions is very sexual.  Performing rare naked chokes, with their penises smashed up against another mans anus, looking like they are violently butt fucking one another.  The triangle choke is having another mans face smashed up against your nut sack, like you are violently forcing him to suck your dick.  The arm bar is like forcing the man to rub his elbow against your dick to get you to ejaculate on his arm.  The guard position is when the man is on the bottom getting fucked.  The mounted position is the missionary position.

MMA is like GSP “Gay Sex Pornography” it has nothing to do with real Boxing and it has nothing to do with Real Martial Arts.  It’s a bunch of bullshit.  Pointing out these facts does not make me homophobic; it simply means I am telling it like it is.  Don’t say that Gay Sex Porn is Martial Arts and don’t say that Wrestling is Boxing.  Don’t say that Football is Basketball. Don’t say that Ballet Dancing is Break Dancing.  Please use your labels correctly.  If anything, MMA can be just labeled as Professional Wrestling.  Wrestling around in tights while being violent trying to entertain the audience.  It is neither real boxing nor is it real Martial Arts.  The entire shit is fake.

Boxers and wrestlers will never get along.  They practice two entirely different sports.  Boxers stand when they fight, the fight is stopped once a person hits the floor.  Wrestlers are trying to pin each other on the ground, there are no striking techniques allowed, they are completely different sports.  Wrestlers wear leotards and rub each others bodies all over each other in very sexual ways.  Boxers are only supposed to make contact with their boxing gloves, grabbing each other is strongly discouraged.  A tired boxer who cannot box any longer will grab his opponent when he is tired, the referee then separates the boxers to have them get back to boxing.

People don’t want to pay to watch two men hugging each other, no matter if they are hugging each other standing or hugging each other on the ground like they are having consensual sex.  People will pay to watch violence.  They are not very entertained by a Defensive Boxer like Mayweather who is a real Boxer, they are entertained by the fake shit like they see in Professional Wrestling.  People strung up on steroids performing circus acts to get your attention.

Bob said that MMA is garbage, it is trash.  I would agree, MMA is a piece of shit, for trashy ass people.  I don’t have a problem with people being gay, but I do have a problem with people engaging in violent homosexual behavior under the name of the Martial Arts.  I have a problem with criminals violently raping other criminals under the name of the Martial Arts.

Men holding hands together, men hugging and kissing each other, men dancing with each other, I have no problem with this, they are expressing love.  But men violently raping each other, grounding and pounding each other, choking each other, breaking each others arms and legs, I have a problem with this.  If men are truly talented and skilled in fighting, they would not ground fight, they would fight like the way boxers fight, they would not practice MMA, they would not ground fight.  MMA is trash that is for trashy people, like McDonald’s.  That’s why I call it McDonald’s Martial Arts.  It’s a piece of shit.

Remember the Legend Bruce Lee who was representing real Martial Arts.  In none of his movies do you see him butt fucking another man for 2 hours straight, he was gracefully outshining his opponents on the streets like a Mayweather or Mohammed Ali in the boxing ring.

28) A True Artist

I see that a true Artist is honest to his heart; he expresses himself honestly from within.  He is not aiming for the approval of others, he is self-expressive.  When you aim to satisfy the masses, you may gain popularity, but that does not make you an Artist.  If you produce what others want you to produce, you are not an Artist, you are more of a machine, it is like working at a factory.  You create according to what the masses wish for you to create.

Working at a McDonald’s and producing hamburgers according to the corporate recipe, does not make you an Artist, you are a factory worker, you are like a machine, what you want to change, what you want to create and add or take away is disallowed.  This is not creativity.

If you cook at home, if you create your own recipe, if you experiment with different ingredients and create something that is unique to yourself and an expression of your creativity from within, this is Art.  Your cooking will never be mass-produced like McDonald’s but that does not mean it is low quality.  Nobody may know of your creativity, nobody may have tasted your food except for you and your family, but it does not mean it is low quality.  It is true creativity.

The masses may not approve.  The masses are addicted to false food, the masses are addicted to trash food, the masses will not approve of your creativity, but it does not mean it is low quality.  You may never be able to profit from you creativity the way McDonald’s has profited, but it does not mean it is of low quality.

If the masses are unintelligent then what will be considered popular will be unintelligent content.  If the masses are obese then the McDonald’s Martial Art school owners will become rich by devising a curriculum that will certify obese students to be considered so-called advanced Martial Artists.

As an Artist, if you judge your success as an Artist based upon your rate of approval from the masses, you are not a true Artist, you are a conformer, you are a puppet, you are a machine, you are something else, you are not an Artist.  An Artist is someone that is completely original, who has no fear to be himself.  An Artist is someone who has the courage to stand against the masses.  An Artist is like a Jesus, a Socrates, a Buddha, a Osho, a Lao-tzu.  An Artist is someone who will likely be laughed at by the masses.  If the masses did not laugh at the Artist, the Artist is not truly an Artist.  This is a saying in the Tao.  The Tao would not be the Tao if it was not laughed at by the masses.

The masses do not know the Way.  It is impossible for the masses to know the Way.  The Way is an individual journey, an individual discovery, an individual awakening.  A true Artist can never be mass produced.  You cannot become an Artist simply by just joining a group or becoming a member of some organization.

True love is hidden, true Art is hidden.  Lust is everywhere, the exploitation of sex is everywhere, love is not so easily found.  Propaganda is everywhere, media used as a way of mind control is everywhere, true Art is not easily found, true Art is hidden.

Criminals are everywhere, corrupted police are everywhere, but where are the armed citizens who are neither criminals nor the corrupted Police?  The Real Martial Artists in this world are hidden, they are not found in combat sport, they are rarely found in mass media, they are hidden within society.

29) MMA Is Not Gay


 This is a hilarious video that tells it like it is.  Real Martial Arts has nothing to do with this type of homosexual play fighting.  I don’t have a problem with people who are Gay; I just feel that type of behavior should stay private.  Even heterosexuals who are too affectionate to each other in public are frowned upon, I’m sure we have all heard others wisper “keep it in the bedroom.”  I see that MMA should not be mass commercialized; it should be something that happens in private, like masturbation.  Ok you like to masturbate, that’s cool, but don’t do it in public for everybody to see and don’t brag about it either like you’re someone special because you do it, and please don’t misinform people into believing that your masturbation is Martial Arts!

These Brazilian DisGracies have really destroyed the reputation of the entire Martial Arts; they have turned it into mass-producing a Gay Sex Fest.  Bruce Lee was representing the real Martial Arts, Jackie Chan comes along and turns it into a comedy show, then you have the Power Rangers, Karate Kid, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; all of that is bullshit but this BJJ Blow Job Jujitsu and MMA McDonald’s Martial Arts is the worst of the worst.  This corruption I must stand up against and protest.  Nobody seems to care about the Real Martial Arts, but I care, and that’s why I’m protesting.

If nobody cared about racism and Police Corruption, then there would be no protesters to stand against what happened to Eric Garner and Mike Brown.  But luckily there are people in this world who actually see racism and police corruption to be something wrong and they wish to protest against it.  Well this is what I see with the MMA, this homosexual violent behavior that is being mass-produced to the society in the name of the Martial Arts is wrong and it needs to stop.  If nobody protests with me, I will protest on my own and social media is my way to do it.

If you want to study the Real Martial Arts, stay far away from MMA and Blow Job Jujitsu.  Study the real Martial Artists like Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Tony Jaa.  If you want to be a competition Fighter, then I suggest to study Mohammed Ali and Mayweather, be a Boxer, fight like a man, stand up and fight, don’t get involved with this ground and pound bullshit.  I will even promote Tae Kwon Do over MMA any day.  TKD focuses primarily on perfecting kicking techniques and they never encourage people to fight on the ground like you are homosexual.  Just because you have some people in mass media who are fit and strong because they are strung up on steroids, don’t ever have them make you believe that raping another man is somehow “cool.”  You need to stay away from jail and you need to stay away from MMA.

MMA is for prisoners, in there, there is a good chance you will either become the rapist or the one that is being raped.  Out here in the real world, we deal with real violence such as the violence that had occurred against Eric Garner and Mike Brown.  There are no rules and fight is the fight for your life, there are no second chances.

30) The Problems With Casual Sex

I promote healthy sexual expression.  But inevitably I see that there are potential problems with casual sex.  We have been conditioned to be attached.  We have been conditioned to believe in private property.  We have been conditioned to be selfish.  Contraceptives lower the risk of STD’s and unwanted pregnancies, but there is no scientific technology that prevents the natural psychological and physiological attachment that comes with the expression of the sexual act.  When we share our bodies with others in intimate ways, it is natural for us to be attached.

Sex is a natural drug.  It is like a drug addiction that can occur when you become intimate with another.  Once the addiction starts and if the supply is taken away, in this case your partner refuses to continue having sex with you, you will end up going through a withdraw, similar to the symptoms of a drug withdraw.

It is best never to get involved with taking drugs, once addicted it will be very difficult to stop and it can bring great depression.  The same can be the problem with the addiction to sex.  A person may think that they will not be attached, but then they end up being attached.  A person may think that they will not suffer emotional pain but then they end up suffering emotional pain.  This is something that we cannot consciously control because of our conditionings.

Meditation can train you to be free from these conditionings but most of the people in this world lack meditativeness.  Mostly everyone will suffer from psychological and emotional damage.  This pain will be so great that it will inevitably damage the friendship established.  Because of the conditioning of society, in most cases, casual sex can never be casual, nature has intended for certain chemical responses to be released when engaged in intimacy with another, these chemicals cannot be consciously controlled, they happen without your control.

For this reason, I see that it is best to not have causal sex but to rather develop real loving relations based on mutual attraction.  The act of sex should always be meaningful, I feel that nature intended for the act of sex to be the absolute most meaningful.  We do not just allow anybody into our homes, nor should we be too comfortable in becoming intimate with just anyone.  Those we choose to become intimate with should be carefully selected.  If carefully selected, it will greatly decrease the chances of unnecessary pain and suffering.

31) 2 NYPD Officers Executed


This is an example of the real violence of this world.  This is not MMA McDonald’s Martial Arts “As Real As It Gets”, this is not BJJ “Blow Job Jujitsu” homosexual ground fighting.  This is not a one on one fair fight with rules, with a referee standing by, with gloves, mouth guards, groin protection, and a bunch of screaming fans that is nationally televised with play by play commentary.

This is real life, there is no Full HD quality videos showing every angle in high definition of what exactly occurred.  All there is, is a story of what happened.  There are pictures of the dead bodies, there is terror, there is pain, there is suffering.  This is the real violence of the streets, this is not a movie, this is not for entertainment, this is real life.  Real violence is never good.

Al Sharpton made some comment saying that it should never be an eye for an eye, but isn’t that what America stands for?  What did we do to the Japanese during World War 2?  What I have read is that Japan messed America up by killing about 2,400 soldiers in Pearl Harbor.  America responded back by dropping 2 atom bombs killing women, children, and everybody, no matter if they were soldiers or not, they killed at least over 129,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  America stands for revenge, not just any revenge but a barbarous revenge.  I am not surprised about what happened.

Look at all the movies that are produced in Hollywood.  Every single action movie is about revenge.  An eye for an eye.  You kill my family, now I’m going to kill yours.  There are no movies that you will see where they will teach, you kill my family, ok, I forgive you, I will move on and forget it ever even happened.

I feel bad for the Officers, I used to be an Officer myself, they had nothing to do with the death of Eric Garner or Mike Brown, they were just executed because of the poor decisions that were made by individuals who were representing their brotherhood.  It would have made more sense if the killer actually killed the Officer that actually placed the choke hold on Eric Garner or the Officer who actually shot and killed Mike Brown, but no, the killer just killed 2 random NYPD officers just because they were wearing the uniform.

That’s like an Officer that goes and kills 2 random black men because a black man killed his family member days ago.  Violence against violence, one group versus another group, this is what we call war.  This is what competition is.  This is what sport teams are.  Team A (Cops) vs. Team B (Civilians).  Will there ever be a day where we will stop competition?  Will there ever be a day where there will never be sports?  Will there ever be a day where there will be no government?  Will there ever be a day where there will be no Police?  Will there ever be a day where there will be no nations?  Will there ever be a day where there will be no such thing as race and nationality?

I don’t think that day will ever come; it can never come on a mass scale.  That understanding can only come on an individual level.  It is an individual understanding.  If every single civilian is armed and dangerous, then the police will have no choice but to respect the civilians and be careful with their execution of authority.  If that Officer would have handled the situation better without resulting in excessive force on Eric Garner, these two Officers would probably still be alive.  If that Officer did not just shoot down Mike Brown and instead just tased him or sprayed him with mace, then these two Officers would probably still be alive.

Excessive force in the cage and excessive force on the streets which was demonstrated by these Officers is something that I do not promote.  Excessive force by this murderer is not something that I promote.  But I understand why this happened.  This person is acting out what he has been taught by mass media all his life.  Mass media, has always taught us to seek revenge anytime there is wrong doing.  Pay close attention to all these action movies that are produced.  Nearly all the movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California, is teaching the people to seek revenge.  When someone kills your loved one, you better kill that someone and then some more.

This is all wrong, I don’t blame the killer of the Officer, I blame the entire society and what it stands for, I blame America and what it represents.  Look at history and look at what America has done to these other countries.  Look at how minorities are treated here in America.  Look at these films like “Horrible Bosses 2” and pay attention to the strong racism displayed in the movie against the Koreans, Hispanics, and Blacks.  America promotes war, America promotes racism, and you expect for things like this not to happen?  America needs to change, we as people that live in America, need to change.

32) Sacrificing Business for FaceBook

Why do we sacrifice business and livelihood for our simple expressions on FaceBook?  Our expression on FaceBook can likely hurt our business.  People read something that they should not have read and now you lose business.  Your boss sees your page and now you get fired.  Our personal lives have intertwined with our professional lives and now it is very difficult to create a separation like it was in the past before the invention of social media.  Employees know more about their bosses then they should, bosses know more about their employees than they should.

Even though our personal expression on FaceBook can hurt our potential to accumulate more money, why are we still drawn to FaceBook, or other sorts of creative outlet in social media?  I feel it’s because life is not just about accumulating money.  Once your financial needs are satisfied, there is a feeling deep within that saids, “what more is there to life other than accumulating money?”

I feel that FaceBook and other forms of social media such as Vimeo are ways of creativity and self-expression, something that we rarely ever get to express in our places of employment.  In our places of employment, our opportunities to be self-expressive and creative are very limited.  We cannot dress the way we want to dress, we cannot speak the way we want to speak, we cannot sing, we cannot dance, we cannot rap, we cannot write, we cannot make love, we cannot exercise, we cannot be honest, we are essentially paid to be false.

For 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, possibly even more, we are paid to be somebody that we are not, we are paid to be controlled and restricted.  Social media allows us to be free to a certain extent.  We are still bound by the law on what we can and cannot express online but we are much more free online than we ever will be in our place of employment.  It is natural that when your creativity and self-expressiveness is bottled up for so long at work, you just want to be free and let your creativity loose, social media creates this outlet of expression.

Here we can speak about what we want to speak about, we can share videos, we can share music, we can share poetry, we can share writings, we can share pictures, we can share our passions, we can drop our guards stop worrying about accumulating money and just be real and honest.

The employer pays us to become machines when we are in the factory or office but to allow the employer to start controlling our outside lives outside of the factory or office just seems to be unbearable.  Then the question is, “where has my personal life gone?”  “Is my entire life professional now?”  “Is everything that I say and do dictated and controlled by whether or not my expression is acceptable by society enough in order to accumulate more income?”

Police Officers are paid to shut their mouth, the Police Department will not allow the Officer to state his true feelings about what is occurring with all these protests, a wrong slip and they will lose their jobs.  The more money you make, the more mechanical you will be, the more robotic, the more fake, the more of a slave.  What the boss says, inside or outside of the office is what goes.  The boss tells you to shut your FaceBook off, you shut it off, you are controlled by money.  The Officers lose connection to their inner spirit, they are no longer humans, they are slaves of authority.  The more money the department pays them, the more they will be dedicated slaves.  Now if the Officers were being paid minimum wage, if the Officers were getting paid only $9 per hour, I can guarantee a lot of these Officers will say “Fuck this shit, I’m gonna say what I want to say, I have nothing to lose.”

The beauty of being paid less money is that it allows you to be freer, it allows you to drop your guard, you really have nothing to lose.  If you drive a fancy BMW that costs $50,000, you might be worried about it getting damaged, scratched, vandalized, the car then starts to control your life and decisions that you make, you are too much attached to the car.  The beauty of having a run down junk car is that you don’t care if it gets damaged, you don’t care if it gets scratched, if something happens to it, you’ll just get another one, probably a even better one.

This is the same that goes with our reputations and social status.  The more you are “respected” by society, the more you have to protect your reputation, the more you are worried about what you say and do so that the people on the outside will continue to give you respect.  But when you are a nobody, when nobody even knows who you are, there is nothing to protect, you can be honest and real, you don’t have to worry much.

The society is paying you to be a slave.  You are ultimately the one who decides how much you will sell your freedom for.  The less you are attached to material things the simpler you live your life, the freer you will be.  The more attached you are to material things, the more luxurious your lifestyle, the more of a slave you will be, unless you have the courage to drop all of it if it really came down to it.  Somebody can be driving a BMW, but it does not necessarily mean he is attached to his BMW.  The attachment is what creates slavery.

There is much more to life than just accumulating money, it’s not all about the money.  We might meet the love of our lives in social media, this makes it all worth it.  The little creative things we say or do can change the life of someone far away that we don’t even know, and this makes it all worth it.  Something that you say or do can actually inspire somebody to not commit suicide like the way Robin Williams did and this makes it all worth it.  Something that you say or do can actually prevent somebody from randomly going out and killing two cops, and this makes it all worth it.  Something that you say or do can help people better understand racism and start putting forth efforts in their own lives to stop contributing to the problem and that makes it all worth it.  Social media gives us, the people, the power to make a positive contribution to this world and that is why we are drawn to it so frequently even though at times it can hurt our pockets.

33)  Real Martial Arts is Rebellious

Real Martial Arts is rebellious, it is inevitable, because a Real Martial Artist will start saying things that the tradition or masses will oppose.  Only one of these two can exist: either the mass, unintelligent crowd mind, which creates the tradition, or a man like Bruce Lee or Jet Li or Tony Jaa.  They are alone.  And what they are saying can be understood only by the chosen few.  What they bring to the world is ahead of their time, unless you have a heart to heart connection with them, there is no way of understanding them, you will misunderstand.

“Religion is rebellious, is bound to be so, because a true religion starts saying things that the tradition will oppose.  Only one of these two can exist: either the mass, unintelligent crowd mind, which creates the tradition, or a man like Jesus or Buddha or Mahavira.  They are alone.  And what they are saying can be understood only by the chosen few.  What they bring to the world is something so otherworldly, that unless you can have a heart to heart contact with them, there is no way of understanding them – you will misunderstand.” – Osho pg. 43 “The Magic of Self-Respect”

34)  Jealous “Friends”

Doesn’t sound like a friend to me, sounds like an enemy in disguise.  Beware.  I’ve dealt with this many times in the past, you have these people what act like friends but they are very jealous inside.  Anytime you have a chance with a woman, they’ll seek to destroy your opportunity because they are jealous.  Even if they have a woman themselves, they will still do the same, they either want more for themselves or they always want to have something that you don’t have, they want to stay one up ahead of you.

They want to make it seem they are for you but they are really against you.  They will use you as a pawn.  They will go up to women and talk to them by using you as an excuse, they will say “I will hook you up.”  They are only saying this because they are afraid to approach a woman and speak to them without using someone as an excuse, it’s always easier talking to women when you are talking to them about someone else, but really they are trying to get with the woman themselves while using you as a pawn.  Getting with women is like getting money, you can never have enough.

Just because your friend has a girlfriend it does not mean you are safe from this sort of destructive jealousy.  Also they have fear that once you find a lady that loves you, you will leave them behind, they will have nobody to hangout with anymore, they will be alone, this brings fear to them, so they want you to remain single and lonely so that you stay dependent on their company.  They want to have a lady for themselves and a guy friend to hangout with on the side, they don’t want you to have your own woman and your own life, they want to keep you on the side so they always have someone to hang out with when their woman is busy, they want you to be like a pet.  Inside they are happy when you don’t have a lady.

Never depend on another man to “hook you up” you need to gather up the courage to speak to a lady yourself and hook yourself up.  If you have a female friend, then maybe she can help hook you up, but you can never trust a man.  This is the type of “friend” that will sleep with your lady if you happen to be out of town and probably get her pregnant too.  The most dangerous enemy that you can ever have is the enemy that you believe is your friend.  Once you identify an enemy in disguise, you can keep this information to yourself and then start using this enemy as a pawn yourself, now you are in control.  You can use him for his company to seek for women, but once you find one, drop him

35) Is Split Training Gay?  What is Gay?

I am going to say that it is not gay but there will be people out there that will have a different opinion.  I see that a truly healthy man is a man who is not only strong but also very flexible.  I see that flexibility is the key to long life.  Women are supposed to be naturally more flexible than men, but that is not always the case.

There are many men out there who are very defensive about protecting their ego’s.  You can play them like a puppet, attack their insecurities and right away you can change their behavior.  Tell that them stretching is gay, now they will never stretch ever again.  Tell them that wearing a tight shirt is gay, now you will never catch them with a tight shirt ever again.  Laugh at them for having their shirts off, now you will never catch them with their shirt off again.  Tell them they are pussy whooped; now they will start acting like they have no emotions or affections towards their ladies when you are around.

Many men out there have big egos that they work so hard to protect.  Attack them in anyway and tell them that what they are doing is gay and they will be very defensive.  As for myself, I am very comfortable with myself, I am proud of who I am and what I represent.  People can attack me and say that I am gay but I will not take offense because I live up to my own personal standards on what I feel a man should be.

I do not feel that being flexible means that you are gay, I see that it is a demonstration of ultimate athleticism.  Being strong is not that difficult but being strong and flexible like a lot of these gymnasts, dancers, and a few Martial Artists, now that is extremely difficult.  Ultimate athleticism to me integrates strength and flexibility.   But there are certain things that I would not do myself that I would label as “crossing the line.”  Now others may view otherwise, but I have my own opinion, some examples of what I would deem as gay behavior are:

1)   Willingly wrestle or practice BJJ “Blow Job Jujitsu” on the ground, in bed, on the mats, outside, in the ring, or in the cage with another man in spandex, fully clothed, or naked.

2)   A man who wears skirts no matter if he claims himself to be a hardcore gangster rapper or not.

3)   Bodybuilders posing on stage in g-strings.

4)   Kissing or holding the hands of another man.

5)   Any sexual activity with another man.

6)   Caressing another man in very affectionate ways with the intension of becoming sexually aroused.

7)   Fanaticizing or dreaming about being sexual with another man.

8)   Always being only happy around men but always unhappy around women.

9)   Having the desire to watch men “Ground Fighting” over pornography between man and woman.  Men Ground Fighting is essentially violent homosexual pornography in my opinion.

10)                 Having the desire to engage in “ground fighting” with another man rather than having sex or exercising with your woman.

11)                 Wearing feminine colors like pink and purple.  Or having those colors be your favorite colors of choice.

12)                 Wearing women’s accessories such as earrings, high heels, women’s clothing, bras, women’s underwear, painting your nails.

13)                 Purposefully speaking in a very high tone of voice to make yourself sound like a woman.

14)                 Purposefully walking very feminine like how a woman would walk.

15)                 Dancing with another man in very affectionate ways.

16)                 Dancing like a woman that is mimicking sexual acts taking place with another man.

17)                 Practicing on edible or nonedible objects on how to get better at giving oral sex to another man.

18)                 Finding joy in seeing other men fully naked.

19)                 Preferring to take showers in a room full of naked men instead of taking a shower alone.

20)                 Feeling flattered that a gay man has tried to court you.

21)                 Showing interest back towards a gay man who is trying to court you.

22)                 Having the desire to watch gay pornography

23)                 Intentionally seeking to attend bars, clubs, and other places of business that are well known to be occupied by individuals that are gay.

24)                 Having the desire to sleep in the same bed with another man even when you have the option of sleeping in a bed by yourself.

25)                 Having a stronger preference towards anal sex with a woman instead of through the vagina.

26)                 Having the desire for your woman to strap on a fake penis and give you anal sex.

27)                 Wearing makeup, lipstick, eyeliner, having long hair, etc.

28)                 Hugging a man very affectionately, chest to chest for very long periods of time like how a man would normally hug a woman of whom he is intimate with.

29)                 Mounting a man in the missionary position or any sexual position.

30)                 Receiving an erection when engaging in physical activities with men that are very intimate, such as “ground fighting”

31)                 Partner figure skating with another man.

32)                 Partner ballet dancing with another man.

33)                 Partner salsa dancing with another man.

34)                 Slapping another man on the butt.

35)                 Having the desire to show your genitals to another man.

36)                 Being a strip dancer for another man.

37)                 Willingly sharing your videos and pictures with another man for purposes of sexual arousal and release.

38)                 Flirting with another man.

39)                 Frequently spending private personal time with another man of whom you know is gay.

40)                 Engaging in phone sex with another man.

41)                 Engaging in webcam sex with another man.

42)                 Opening and closing the car door for another man as if he is a woman.

43)                 Carrying and cradling another man as if he is a woman of whom you just married.

44)                 Giving another man a piggy back ride.

And there goes my quick list of what I deem as examples of “crossing the line.”  Now of course not every man will agree, every man will have his own list of what he will consider as “crossing the line.”  My list is not determined by the “society.”  My list is my list, I set my boundaries.  Now the whole world can say that I am gay for being flexible, but I will stand up against the entire world and say that being flexible has nothing to do with being gay or not gay.  The whole world can say that “ground fighting” is superb, I stand against the whole world and say that it is wrong and detrimental for society.

I personally do not have a problem with people that are gay, it is their business.  But as humans, we have identified ourselves to be either a man or a woman, now the deep question is, what really makes a man and what really makes a woman?  Through our life experiences, we are put to the test of expressing what it really means to be a man and what it really means to be a woman.  Or is it that we are neither man or woman, is it true that we are both?

Being too hard is not good, being too soft is not good either, there must be a balance of hard and soft.  A man must be in tune with his soft side in order to create that balance, a woman helps bring this balance into man.  I see that nature intended for man and woman to unite.  It is man and woman who unite that create children, not man and man, and not woman and woman.

But we have been trained to be unnatural.  Elevators are not natural, it is something we created.  Vehicles and airplanes are not natural, it is something we created.  Skyscrapers are not natural, it is something we created.  Animals being confined into Zoos are not natural, it is something we created.  Toilets are unnatural, it is something we created.  Contraceptives are not natural, it is something we created.

Mass media promoting for men to be homosexual can be a carefully designed plan to lower the population of this world.  Mass media can be teaching the people that being homosexual is “cool” and being heterosexual is not cool.  Mass media is teaching people that homosexual ground fighting aka McDonald’s Martial Arts is “cool.”  And being a flexible Martial Artist that loves having sex with women is not cool.  But regardless of what mass media is promoting to be cool or uncool, I’m still going to be myself either way, mass media does not have control of my mind, I am free from the system of control.  I am free from the Matrix

36)  Tae Kwon Do Dying in America

So Tae Kwon Do is a Korean based Martial Art System, meaning “The Way of the Fist and Foot.”  There used to be 2 Tae Kwon Do schools near my home that had been established for over 20 years and another one that operated within the commercial gym that used to be Bally’s, now turned LA Fitness.  In 2014, both Tae Kwon Do schools near my home closed down as well as all the Tae Kwon Do schools that were in all of the Bally’s gyms.  Bally’s gym itself went out of business and along with them went down the Tae Kwon Do schools that were operating out of that gym.

Many have criticized Tae Kwon Do including myself upon the inevitable flaws of the system that has become so commercialized, but seeing these schools shut down is not a positive impact in the overall Martial Arts community.  The community is getting smaller and smaller.  Although Tae Kwon Do has it’s flaws, in my opinion it is much less flawed than what combat sport has to offer to this society.  The biggest detriment to the people is the lack of teachings on eastern spirituality.  These teachings go against what sport stands for and promotes, which is competition.

The East promotes meditation, the West promotes competition, the teachings of Meditation began in India, then it spread to China, Japan, Korea and throughout the countries in the East.  The teachings of Meditation is the key, and Tae Kwon Do is supposed to teach that.  But when Tae Kwon Do goes out of business and there is nothing to replace it or if it is replaced with just another sport, such as soccer, wrestling, basketball, or football; the biggest detriment is that lack of Eastern spirituality that is needed to create the proper balance.

Although Tae Kwon Do is not a Jeet Kune Do, it is still representing something much more beneficial to this society than just sport or fitness.  The way of life of which the training is supposed to lead towards is the greatest benefit to this society.  Korea has promoted Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido to America to try to show this way.  India has promoted Yoga to try to show this way.  China has promoted Tai Chi, Gung Fu, Wushu to try to show this way.  Japan has promoted Aikido and Judo to try to show this Way.  When the Way is lost, when the Way goes out of business, the people lose out.  These styles and systems will never be perfect, but what they have to offer is a benefit to the people, when these places go out of business it is damaging for society.

But the Way needs to be taught properly.  If the business is still up and running but they are not teaching the proper way, if they are not upholding the values of the True Way, then going out of business may be a benefit for the people.  If a Tae Kwon Do school is teaching combat sport under the name of Tae Kwon Do, then it may be best for the school to go out of business.  If you are a restaurant owner who is to represent health and wellness but you end up serving poison to the public, your business is better off going out of business.

Not every Tae Kwon Do school deserves to be in business, but I do stand up for what the label is supposed to represent, which is “The Way” of the Martial Arts.  Basically I promote for people to follow “The Way”, to follow Tao, to follow “Do”, to practice Zen.  If people do this, it will be a great benefit to this society.  It is like the difference between true Religion and corrupted Religion.  If people practice true Religion, it will be a great benefit to the society.  If corrupted religion is being operated under the name of true Religion, then it is better for it to not exist at all.

37)  Go Beyond Bruce Lee

I agree with what you have stated.  But what I see is that we need to let Bruce go and see how there are MANY who have gone beyond him.  I mean as far as spirit is concerned, Bruce’s Master was J.Krishnamurti, if you really want to better yourself in that area, study J.Krishnamurti, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, Osho.  As far as combat is concerned, I mean Albert Einstein created the atom bomb!  The “secrets” that Bruce knew were small potatoes.  You can see it before your own eyes, many people have surpassed Bruce in kicking ability, flexibility, strength, etc.

Bruce pretty much only had a trump in speed, which is hard to gauge and that’s why I think he focused so much energy in it.  He wanted to own something that nobody else could compare to on a fixed scale.  But what cannot really be beaten, was his creativity and authenticity, that cannot be competed with, that is just something special that does not come by often.  Like a Jesus, a Buddha, a MLK, a Malcomm X, a 2pac.  Physically speaking, his level of athleticism can be passed with not much difficulty.  Scientifically, the art of unarmed combat, shoot even someone like Mayweather who can barely read has that perfected.  Realize, not to get stuck at Bruce, go beyond Bruce Lee, realize the potential within yourself.  We are all naturally born Buddha’s, Bruce was a Buddha.  We are all equal to Bruce, we just have to realize it

38) What is Worse Than Death?

What is worse than death?  I would say what is worse than death is getting raped by another man.  You see a lot of these mass killers commit suicide right after they go on a killing spree.  They would rather be dead than to be raped in jail.  One of the main motivations of why people do not want to commit crime and end up being in jail is because they don’t want to be raped.  If there was a gurantee that you would not be raped in jail, I believe a lot more men would feel comfortable going to jail, they would have less fear.  There is more fear of being raped than there is in death.  Being raped by another man will destroy your psychology, will destroy your manhood.

And that is what these cage fighters are enacting out, they are playing out the rape scene for your entertainment.  When a man is grounding and pounding another man, he is brutally enacting out what he would have to do in order to rape this man.  What this cage fighting is failing to educate the public on is retaliation on the streets.  On the streets, if you try to rape another man on the streets, expect to be killed.  And even if you do succeed on the rape on the man, you better kill him right after the rape, otherwise, expect for him to retaliate and kill you later.  For man to be raped by another man there is no forgiveness, you will be killed.  Just imagine the psychological damage that would be experienced after being raped, it would be worse than death.

The main issue I have with this cage fighting, is it is encouraging the masses of people to rape.  It is promoting for men to rape each other.  This is not just a regular boxing match, this is crossing the line.  You are talking this man, mounting this man, beating this man, right before you rape this man.  This is the worse violence that can be expressed against man, not only is it extremely violent, but it is also the most humiliating and disgusting act that can be done against man.  A man would rather die by the gun and get shot and killed, to die like an honorable soldier then to be beaten and raped.

Even mass murders on death row get killed in a more honorable way.  They are killed by lethal injection, they are killed by the electric chair, they are killed by being hanged, even Jesus was killed by being hanged by the cross.   But to rape a man is the worst act that can be done to a man.  Forcing a man to live after being raped is even worse than killing a man after raping him.  Then you force the man to go through the psychological damage and public humiliation of being a man that has been raped.

The society should never promote men to rape each other, that is the worst thing society can promote.  Worse than promoting men to rape women, worse than promoting men to kill each other by the gun.    MMA McDonald’s Martial Arts and BJJ Blow Job Jujitsu are the worst of the worst, right up there with being just as bad as promoting child pornography.  These cage fighters should be shunned by society like how these pedophiles should be shunned.

39) Love Has The Power to Change

Love has the power to change.  A woman cannot expect for a man to be perfect from the get go.  He may have many flaws, but love has the power to change.  Love can change this man to become “perfect.”  Intimacy brings love.  When you become intimate with a man, now the world of this man can completely change if you two have a special connection.

40) Mass Media Promoting Death & Revenge Under the Name of Love.

I am quite aggravated with mass media promoting death, revenge, lust, jealously, possessiveness, control, manipulation, anger, etc. in the name of love.    Love has nothing to do with any of these.  Mass media is teaching you, if your husband has an affair, you must seek revenge.  Infidelity is seen as such a criminal act!  Infidelity is judged to be as worse as murder.  Mass media is teaching you that infidelity deserves the death penalty!  Mass media is teaching you that if your husband or wife “cheats” on you, there is no forgiveness, ever!

Because you wish to be affectionate and loving towards another human being of whom you are attracted to, this is seen as a horrible crime, every movie teaches this mentality.  It is no wonder we live in a society that is mentally sick.  You wonder why that cop killer, shot his girlfriend, chances are its because she was “cheating.”  There was also a famous black couple where the husband killed his wife and then killed himself because she was suspected of “cheating” on him with other celebrities.

There’s another news article of a man who killed 5 people and himself when his wife left him for a younger man.  This is what is being taught to us in mass media.  If someone “cheats” on you, seek revenge; the person who “cheats” deserves death.  This person of whom you are intimate with, simply is on the pursuit of happiness, this person has found happiness with someone else other than you, to me that is not a crime, that is something natural, it is an extension of positive energy, it is a spreading of love.

Real love knows no past; real love is moment to moment.  Real love the person shares positive energy to all whom are willing to accept.  Real love is like a Jesus or a Buddha, love is open to all, this then develops into what we call compassion.  Mass media has been destroying the meaning of love for so many centuries that we now think that hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, and murder are love.  These things have nothing to do with love.

If your partner has found happiness with someone else, either you need to rejoice and share this happiness with your partner or you can be happy for your partner that he or she has found happiness and that it may be the time for you two to separate.  Separate not with anger and hostility, but separate because it was just the right time to separate, separate out of love.  Like a child going off to college.  Like an adult graduating from college.  Like an adult receiving a promotion from another company that has presented greater opportunities of growth.  Like the death of a loved one.  It is a natural separation, a separation with love.

A partner who finds happiness and love with another is either choosing to share his or her positivity and loving energy with another or the partner simply feels it is the right time for you two to separate based on a love separation.  Neither of the two is a negative thing.  It is all positive, it is all filled with love and should be accepted with happiness.

If I directed a movie, it would go as follows.  Man and woman are in love, having great sex every single day and night.  5 years goes by of blissfulness.  Man or woman ends up meeting someone at work of whom he or she is attracted to, man or woman ends up becoming intimate with this new person, other man or woman finds out, man or woman ends up joining in on the fun!  Or man or woman accepts the separation with love and then ends up finding another great man or woman to enjoy intimacy with until the cycle repeats itself all over again.

41) Tae Kwon Do is Jeet Kune Do

Tae Kwon Do is Jeet Kune Do.  They even sound similar.  They both end in “Do”, Kwon and Kune both start with the letter K, and both are four letter words.  The pronunciation of Kwon and Kune sound very similar.  Tae Kwon Do means “The Way of the Fist and Foot.”  Jeet Kune Do means “The Way of the Intercepting Fist.”  The meaning is very similar, now if there was another label named “The Way of the Intercepting Fist and Foot”, that would even have greater significance than both labels.

Bruce’s original idea was to open up a chain of Jeet Kune Do schools across the nation, like how McDonald’s is found all over the world.  Essentially what Bruce planned to achieve, Tae Kwon Do has achieved.  Tae Kwon Do has schools throughout the nation, everybody in America knows of Tae Kwon Do.  Tae Kwon Do was able to achieve in America what Bruce was unable to achieve during his lifetime.  Bruce opened up 3 schools but then his plans changed and he shut down all 3 of his schools and went into acting.

Now why did Bruce shut down all of his 3 schools and trash the idea of creating chains of Jeet Kune Do schools across the nation?  Well if you look into Tae Kwon Do and it’s reputation in the Martial Arts world in America, it will tell you why.  The problems associated with Tae Kwon Do in America is that it is extremely watered down and corrupted in regards to living up to its original integrity and standards of which you may find in some of the real Tae Kwon Do schools in Korea.  If you see the real Tae Kwon Do schools in Korea, you will see Black Belts that are really Black Belts.  They are the real deal, right before your eyes, they are performing demonstrations that will put you in awe, they are like armies of Bruce Lee’s.  Like the Shaolin Monks in the Shaolin Temple.  But that type of intense training in the Martial Arts, does not exist in America.

Come to America and one Bruce Lee is a big deal.  Go to China or Korea and some other countries where they practice the real Martial Arts, there are hundreds of Bruce Lee’s that are just as capable or even more capable but only difference is they don’t have the name, the reputation, the individuality, that America brings.  They are just seen as a nameless “Chinese” or “Korean” guys that are super talented.  The name “Bruce Lee” sells tickets, the random Chinese guy in China that is super talented does not sell tickets because people don’t know who he is.

Mike Tyson used to sell tickets, but now no longer.  Mayweather sells tickets.  America knows how to build on a name to sell tickets.  But America doesn’t know how to build real talent and skill.  Real talent and skill comes from real genuine hard work.  Not like the American Lance Armstrong who wants to cheat his way to fame.   No, real Kung Fu is somebody who works extremely hard everyday till death for little to no pay, like these Chinese factory workers who are making 50 cents per hour making the products of which we enjoy.

America has little to no talent, that is why Bruce gave up on teaching Jeet Kune Do to Americans and decided to go into acting.  Bruce knew that if he continued on with opening more and more Jeet Kune Do schools, the less and less quality of each school would be the result and ultimately it would lead into the fate of what Tae Kwon Do has become in America.  Which is pretty much a style of Martial Art that has become a joke compared to the real Tae Kwon Do schools in Korea.  Selling Black Belts for profit, not because the student has earned it but because he has paid his dues on time.  Giving somebody a Black Belt and over inflating his ego when he has only trained for 1 year!  I can understand if a person gets a Black Belt in 20 years, but in 1 year, no way!

Imagine if you had a Brain surgeon who only went to medical school for one year.  Imagine if you can become a lawyer in just one year of being in law school.  Imagine a couple who has only been together for one year.  Even if they spend every single day together, how well do they really know one another?  How strong is their relationship really?  There is a big difference between a couple who has been together for 1 year and a couple who has been together for 20 years.

Imagine if all it took to raise your own child is just a 1 year commitment!  No, in order to raise a child the proper way, it is a life time commitment!  True Martial Arts is a lifetime commitment.  To replicate another Bruce Lee, it will take at least 32 years of training because Bruce Lee died at 32 years.  If Bruce Lee died at 65, then it would take 65 years of training to replicate Bruce Lee.  As a Martial Artist, every day you are living, you are learning or unlearning.  There is no end to your training, only death is the end.

Bruce knew that if he continued to teach Jeet Kune Do in America, it would end up being poorly represented just as how these American Tae Kwon Do schools are poorly representing the real Tae Kwon Do in Korea.  You think Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James,   Mohammed Ali, and Floyd Mayweather can be duplicated in just one year of training!?  No way, it takes close to 30 years or more training to get to their level of perfection.

America doesn’t have the patience to train in real Kung Fu or real Martial Arts.  The American mindset is too corrupted.  As a whole America will never be ready to develop into real Martial Artists, it goes completely against all the values of which they stand for.

You tell American’s not to compete, but they are born and raised to compete.  You tell American’s to be patient, but they are born and raised to be impatient.  You tell American’s to not strive towards any goals but to just be in the present moment, but they are born and raised to strive towards endless goals.  You tell American’s not to fight even though you are training them how to fight, but they are born and raised to be violent.

When you train an American to become a Martial Artist, you are essentially teaching the American to not be American.  Now this is something that will never happen on a mass scale, this goes against patriotism.  You are teaching the American to value the Chinese or Korean cultures and ways of life above the corrupted ways of America.  If the American does not realize that his own ways are corrupt , then he will not be open to learning.  If he is not open to learning, there is no hope.  And that is why, real Martial Arts will never exist on a mass scale in America, it will always stay underground as long as America is America.

42) A Buddha is Self-Declared  

“A higher a thing rises, the fewer the people who will recognize it.  When something reaches to the highest point, it is very difficult to find even a few people to recognize it.  At the ultimate omega point, only the person himself recognizes what has happened to him; he cannot find even a second man.  That’s why a Buddha has to declare himself that he is enlightened.  Nobody else can recognize it, because to recognize it, you will have to have some taste of it.  Otherwise, how can you recognize it?  No recognition is possible because the point is so high.”  – Osho “The Magic of Self-Respect” Pg. 116

A Buddha is self-declared.  Only Buddha’s can recognize other Buddha’s.  Only the real recognize the real.  Those who are not Buddha’s themselves will label a Buddha as mad.  In a world full of greed, how can this man not be filled with greed?  In a world full of ambition, how can this man not be filled with ambition?  In a world filled with competition, how can this man not be competitive?  It is inevitable, an awakened man will be misunderstood.

43) Battle Rap Turns Into Fight

Physical violence does not belong in Battle Rap, that is crossing the line.  When a Battle Rapper becomes physically violent, that means he could not handle the pressure, he does not have the mental skill to beat his opponent in Battle rapping, out of anger, he becomes physically violent, he is not an Artist any longer, he becomes a criminal, he becomes an animal.

In the same way, I see that ground fighting does not belong in the Martial Arts.  Ground fighting is crossing the line.  You should never hit a person that is grounded unless it is for survival purposes on the streets.  Ground fighting should never be endorsed as a form of entertainment.  Ground Fighters are people who cannot handle the pressure of stand up fighting, so they get so angry that they want to tackle their opponent and destroy them with brute force.  Just like the battle rapper that cannot  rap so he results in physical violence to express his anger.

A great Martial Artist would never have to ground fight anybody, he has gracefulness in his execution of technique, he is like a Mohammed Ali and Mayweather in the boxing ring.  He is like a Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and a Tony Jaa on film.  There is grace and meditation in their expression of combat, it is not anger and rage to completely destroy.

If a persons intension is to fight with anger and rage to completely destroy, then it is no longer art, it becomes war, it becomes survival.  Then it is like the Police Officer who shoots to kill.  Ground fighters who wish to really ground fight in the streets should be prepared to die, because it is no longer play fighting on the streets, it is the fight for survival which is completely different than what you see in combat sport.  On the street anything goes, as you see in this rap battle, it will never be a fair fight, and notice how many people can be involved in such a fight, notice that anyone in the crowd can be carrying a gun and start shooting at any time, when violence erupts, it is no longer art.

Traditional Boxing is like Battle Rapping.  It is a game, a vicious game, but not too vicious.  Hitting a grounded opponent in the Boxing ring is crossing the line.  Being physically violent towards a Battle Rapper of whom you are competing with, is crossing the line.  I am encouraging the people to respect the rules of the game.  If you have no respect for rules, then anything goes, and that only happens on the streets, where there is a high risk of real death, then it is no longer art, it become war.

44) The Nature of Relationships

The nature of relationships is like employment.  The ways of society have dynamically changed when compared to the past.  Rarely do you find individuals employed within a company for many decades of loyalty until retirement.  Individuals are switching jobs constantly, along with that comes the nature of relationships in current society.  People are switching sex partners with high frequency.

People never vow to stay loyal to a company until death.  But yet marriage attempts to have people vow loyalty towards one another until death.  Which is always a fraudulent vow because of the option of divorce.  And with the high divorce rates, it indicates that there is no such thing as a vow till death, it is all-false.  It is not something that can be calculated and planned, a true vow till death comes naturally through time, it cannot be verbally expressed and promised.  Once verbally expressed and promised, it is already false.

A true vow of loyalty till death can only occur out of love.  You love something so much that you don’t want to ever leave it until death; it is your life source.  You love water, you need water till death.  You love breathing; you need to breath till death.  You love movement, you will move till death.  You love exercise, you will exercise till death.  You love dancing, you will practice dance until death.  You love riding the bicycle, you will ride your bicycle till death.  You love meditation, you will practice meditation until death.  You love self-employment; you will be self-employed till death.  You love spending time with positive people; you will spend time with positive people till death.

But love cannot be promised, once promised, it is no longer love.  Love comes naturally; you are naturally drawn towards love.  Attraction comes natural, you cannot be forced to be attracted towards a certain someone, that is why arranged marriages are wrong, attraction cannot be forced.  That is why prostitution is wrong, attraction cannot be forced, attraction has to come natural.  That is why marriage is wrong, you should never be forced to be attracted to your partner till death!

It is your partner’s responsibility to put in the effort to make you attracted till death.  Your partner needs to put in the effort to treat you right, maintain positivity, and to take care of him or herself to maintain that mutual attraction.  Just like it is your employer’s job to keep you happy with your place of employment in order to gain your loyalty.  But if you are self-employed, now it is your own responsibility to create your own happiness within your chosen profession.

People switch partners constantly because they don’t know what they want, they don’t know what they love.  If you know what you love, there is no need to switch, loyalty comes naturally, no contracts should ever have to be signed, loyalty comes naturally.  When you walk into a restaurant, there is never a guaranteed loyalty; you never sign a contact to state that you will return until death!  You naturally keep returning to the restaurant because you love the food!  But if the management of the restaurant changes and the food is no longer of quality, if now the food has become poisoned, then you will no longer return, that is natural, you have not vowed to keep returning until the restaurant causes your early death.

That is like relationship, if your partner is not keeping you happy, if your partner brings misery upon your life, then it will be natural for you to have the desire to separate from this misery.  If you wish for your partner to be with you till death, then it is up to you, you must treat your partner right and you must take care of yourself in order to have your partner stay attracted, it is not so simple as to sign a contract to guarantee love from your partner until death.

45)  “I’m studying Wing Chun, can you give me any advice?”

1)   Study the system but do not be bound by the system.

2)   Realize that every system is flawed, you need to learn from the system and create your own expression.

3)   When you have studied for about 2 years or more, start to read Bruce Lee’s books starting from the basics to the advanced, it will take many years to understand, but Bruce will teach you not to be bound by any system.

4)   Realize that the Founder of Wing Chun has passed away a very long time ago, what you are studying is not the real way of the creator, it is an interpretation, what you are studying is not really Wing Chun, it is something that cannot be adequately labeled, focus less on the system and more on the teacher, is the teacher a good teacher?  Don’t get overly focused on the label.  Bruce Lee was living truth, but he passed away.  Jeet Kune Do is a label that has been used to profit, learn from the living truth, not from the label.  Learn from your teacher, not from the label “Wing Chun.”

5)   Remember that the creator of the Wing Chun system was a woman, you are a man.  What she deemed to be relevant and practical for her may not be necessarily relevant and practical for you, especially in modern times.

6)   Understand that even Bruce Lee himself realized that the Wing Chun system had much to be improved upon, do not deny this fact, accept the truth, and when ready, discover the flaws and fix them.

7)   Understand that the techniques of Western Boxing are like the American version of “Wing Chun.”  Very simple, effective, powerful, and scientific.  There are many great Boxers that have lived, much can be learned from their style and technique that will enhance your understanding of the system of Wing Chun.  A lot of Wing Chun techniques look pretty during cooperative demonstrations, but when engaged in a spontaneous sparring situation, much of the techniques that are practiced become ineffective and useless.  The way of Western Boxing and their methods of free sparring highlights the flaws of Wing Chun.  Bare Knuckle Western Boxing Free Sparring is much more realistic in unarmed street combat than Wing Chun Sticky Hand drills.  Constantly engage in free sparring with fellow practitioners and you will see.

8)   When you study Wing Chun, you are not just studying ways of self-defense, but you should study the Chinese culture, the traditions, the philosophies, the ways of life, the language, it all comes together in one total package.

9)   Your teacher should be a living example of his teachings.  A truly great teacher does not need to speak when he teaches, you watch, you follow, you learn.

10)                  Make sure you put great emphasis on fitness development as you study Wing Chun, otherwise all the techniques you learn will become useless against somebody who is just as trained as you but has fitness and athleticism on his side.

11)                  The Wing Chun system places high emphasis on close quarter hand-to-hand techniques.  Do not forget about the effectiveness of long-range kicks and of the effectiveness of weapons.

12)                  If you are a practitioner of Wing Chun, you should never be engaged in combat sport, Wing Chun is an Art, it is a way of life to bring peace, love, and harmony to your life, if you ever get engaged in combat sport, that is not the way of Wing Chun.  Wing Chun is for self-defense on the streets, not for competition and ego.

“My ankle hurts during certain movements and I can’t move fast, any advice?”

Try to build strength and flexibility in your ankles.  Practice stretches for the ankles and calves.  Perform calf raises at different angles.  Develop strong stances such as horse, arrow, cat, and cross stances which are common in traditional Kung Fu systems.  Try using wood lock oil to massage into your ankles, feet, and calves.  Massage your feet, calves, and ankles with deep tissue massage.  Check what kind of shoes you are wearing to ensure that you are wearing the proper shoes that are fit for your feet.  You may have a special arc in your foot that requires special shoe fittings.  Going to a foot doctor can help.  Try visiting an acupuncturist and let the person know about your problem.  Walking on stones and developing feet strength can help.  Jump rope and jogging can help develop foot and ankle strength.   Visit a physical therapist.

If you cannot fix your ankle problems through the above mentioned then I suggest to not worry about making explosive movements.  This will be a time where you will have to learn to make the system adjust to you rather than you adjusting to the system.  Figure out ways of standing and movement that work for you.  You do not need to move that fast in order to defend yourself properly.  You can use less movement towards your advantage.  Basically, a Cheetah should not try to move like an Elephant and an Elephant should not try to move like a Cheetah.  Our bodies are all built a little differently and no system will be able to provide the Way for all, we need to discover what works for us and express it.

46) The Unknown Starving Artist

You can be a great Martial Artist, you can be a great Martial Arts teacher but that does not ensure that you will be successful in the Martial Arts industry.  It does not ensure that you will own a financially successful Martial Arts Business.  People who are good at Business, are good at making money.  Often times, in order to make the most amount of money, you will have to be comfortable exploiting others for cheap labor.  Often times, in order to make much money, you will have to take advantage of certain opportunities.  Business people know how to make money, that is their realm of expertise.  Artists on the other hand are the creators of Art but they are not necessarily competent in making money.  The ways of business contradict the ways of Art.

Vincent Van Goah painted thousands of paintings during his lifetime.  He lived poor and died poor, he did not even sell one painting during his lifetime.  But after his death, his paintings are now being sold for millions.  None of these people have created these works of Art, but they are all profiting from the Art of which they did not create.  They may buy one of his pieces of Art for $500,000 and then sell it to someone else for $1 million.  Vincent Van Goah lived and died poor but everybody after his death are profiting off of his paintings.

I see the same has occurred with Bruce Lee.  Bruce Lee creates the Art of Jeet Kune Do.  Bruce Lee lived poor and died poor.  But yet there are former students of his whom are profiting thousands if not millions from the Art of which he created.  Bruce Lee had personal writings that were unpublished.  But after his death, his writings are published and profited from by many.  Bruce Lee created films, and after his death, many have profited from the sales of the films.  His images have been turned into action figurines, t-shirts are made, posters, and all sorts of paraphernalia in order to profit.  Interviews are produced, books are written, and all profit is being made off of his name and image.  All this money is being generated after Bruce Lee’s death.  Even material items of which he owned is auctioned off and sold for profit.  So the creator lives and dies poor, but thousands after his death profit from his creativities.

Bruce Lee was a real Martial Artist that lived and died poor.  Dana White is not a Martial Artist but is a businessman who is a multi millionaire who is profiting off of setting up fights.  Mike Tyson was a great boxer and Don King was the promoter who was making money off of Mike Tyson by simply being the promoter.  The promoter is the businessman.  The promoter many times will end up even richer than the professional athlete.  Rarely do you see instances where you have the athlete who is also the promoter as well, such as Mayweather.  Mayweahter is an amazing boxer as well as a great businessman, rarely is that the case.

You can have a great Artist, but he is not great in business.  If he is not great in business, he can be unknown for all his life.  Those who are well known are not necessarily great Artists; they just have great marketing and business strategies.  Business and Art is not the same.  Many times it is very difficult for the Artist to become great in business, because in order to become great in business, you will have to sacrifice the integrity of your Art.  A beautiful woman Artist is unknown and makes very little being fully clothed on stage, but if convinced to strip on stage while singing, now she can generate millions, it becomes a dilemma within on whether or not to sacrifice your internal values for profit and fame.

As a Martial Art teacher you wish to hold up to the integrity of the Martial Arts by only certifying somebody as a “BlackBelt” whom has been trained properly for a couple of decades.  But holding up to this integrity makes the school less profitable, giving in and certifying people to be BlackBelts in less than 1 year will make the business very profitable.  As a Martial Art teacher you may wish to hold up to the integrity of the Martial Arts by not allowing or promoting for any of your students to enter any tournaments of any sort, but once again this will hurt the profit of your school, giving in and promoting tournaments and competition will make the business very profitable.

Bruce Lee was a strong individual.  Bruce Lee stood up against racism.  He would not allow directors to push him around; he refused to participate in any movies that disrespected the Chinese in anyway.  The directors tried to have him lose a fight to Robin in a scene and he refused.  When teaching Jeet Kune Do before getting into acting, he realized that what he had to offer, the Americans were simply not ready for, his students were not living up to the standards of which he expected, he closed down his schools before going into acting in order to retain the integrity of quality in the Martial Arts.  When he became famous, he purposefully did not publish any of his books instructing people in his ways because he knew that the material was going to be used and abused.  He knew that people would take what he created to profit off of themselves and claim that they were his students when they were not.

When you become famous, there will be many people that will try hard to take from what you have in order to make money for themselves.  When it comes to business, it is a vicious and dirty game of profit out there.  People will steal your ideas and profit from them.  People will use you as a slave to profit from you, just like Don King was doing to Mike Tyson and what Dana White is doing to all Cage Fighters.  When people see an opportunity to make money off of you, they will be all over you; they will seek to control your life.  When this happens, the integrity of real Art is lost.  Now you are not an Artist any longer, you have become a puppet in the hands of others.  You have become a money making machine.  The Artist is lost; you have become a slave to the Industry.

Many times, true Artists will live poor, die poor, and die unknown.  It is the sacrifice that true Artists make to live up to the integrity of the Art of which they wish to represent.

47)  Dangerous Association

“But who has forced you to be part of the commune?  It is your choice.  You were not born in the commune.  It is your choice, and a difficult choice, because by being part of my commune you are going against everybody else around you.  You are taking a risk.  It is dangerous to be part of my commune.  It is dangerous to be in association with me.  You have chosen it.  I don’t covert anybody; I try my best to dissuade you from becoming a sannyasin – what more can I do?  I give you no consolation.” – Osho “The Magic of Self-Respect” pg. 130

That is how I feel about the disciples of my school.  The ways of what I teach, goes against everybody around you.  I am teaching the ways of the East, but we live in the West.  It is dangerous to be in association with me because I speak against the majority.  Courage is needed in order to be a disciple of my school, without courage, there’s no way you can last. You must be prepared to not be accepted, you must be prepared to stand alone to represent the Way.  Jesus, Socrates, MLK, Malcolm X, all died for truth, you must have that type of courage.  You must be prepared to be disliked, the masses will not approve of you because your very being exposes their lies.

48) Fight Gym & Fight Store Out of Business

Within the area of my residence, there was a Fight Gym that went out of business and there was a Fight Store that was selling apparel that went out of business.  I see this as a win in my eyes.  I see that the fad is starting to reveal itself.  To me it is like a liquor store that closes down or a cigarette shop.  To me it is like a McDonald’s that closes down.  The less people that fight, the better.  I would rather have the Martial Arts stay underground.  It is better when the Martial Arts are not exploited for profit.  When it stays underground, it is more authentic and pure.  The less Fight gyms that there are out there, the better it is for the people who teach the real Martial Arts, the less corruption of the people’s mentality.

If a person is learning something new, it is easier to teach, their mind has yet to be corrupted.  But if a persons mind has already been corrupted by improper teachings, it makes it harder for the real teacher to reach out to the student.  They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  The more successful these Fight Gyms are, the more they will corrupt the minds of the public, the less the public will be able to learn the authentic ways of the Martial Arts.

Fighters and Martial Artists cannot work together.  They oppose one another.  What they stand for and value are in complete opposition.  It is like the difference between a Sage and a Politician.  You cannot be a Sage if you are a Politician and you cannot be a Politician if you are a Sage.  Fighters and Martial Artists will forever be in opposition.  Boxers and Wrestlers are in opposition.  The sport of Boxing can only take place standing up.  The sport of wrestling is designed to take place on the ground, the two sports are in opposition, they are not meant to be merged together.  The sport of Basketball and the sport of Football are in opposition.  In the sport of Basketball you are never allowed to tackle your opponent, in the sport of Football, your aim is to tackle your opponent, the sports are in opposition, different sports with different rules.

Uncorrupted Police Officers are in opposition with Criminals.  Police Officers are here to stop crime from being committed; criminals are here to commit crimes.  They are opposition.  The Police Officer is not allowed to be a criminal, the criminal is not supposed to be the Police Officer.  Once the criminal becomes the Police Officer, he becomes labeled as the corrupted Police Officer, no longer a true Police Officer.  The true Police Officers will always be in opposition to the corrupted Police Officers.

Fighters are not Martial Artists and Martial Artists are not Fighters.  Bully’s are Fighters, a Martial Artist is never a bully.  Fighters can be rapists; a Martial Artist is never a rapist.  Fighters can be criminals; a Martial Artist is never a criminal.  Unless it is considered a crime to stand for truth, then a Martial Artist will be considered the greatest criminal.  A Martial Artist stands for truth, the Fighter stands for corruption.

Shutting down a Fight Gym is like firing corrupted Police Officers.  That is always a good thing.  The less corrupted Police Officers there are, the better.  I am happy to see the Fight Store and the Fight Gym shut down; both instances are a benefit for society.  But as far as the 2 Tae Kwon Do schools shutting down in my neighborhood.  It could be good; it could be bad; depending on the values of the school and whether or not the school owner was representing the good within the Martial Arts.  The Tae Kwon Do label is supposed to represent the positive in the Martial Arts, but whether or not the school was living up to the label is another story.

49) Cop Accidently Shoots Himself With Gun in Elevator


2 Year Old Shoots and Kills Mom in Walmart


The more people that have guns, the more accidents will occur.  Police Officers are human as well, they make mistakes, and they receive a lot more training than the average citizen.  Imagine the amount of mistakes the average citizen will make when handling firearms.  Handing firearms is serious business.  Driving a car requires much responsibility.  But you see a lot of car deaths every year.  You see a lot of DUI’s.  There are a lot of deaths on the road, but will that mean that we should stop driving cars?  Believe me, I would like for this world to stop driving cars, it would change so many things, I would love it actually, but will it really ever happen no matter how many traffic deaths there are, no, it’s not going to happen.  The technology is here, and its here to stay.

As far as guns are concerned, guns are never going to disappear from America, if average citizens cannot get a hold of a gun legally, then neither should the criminals, but that is not the case.  You disarm the citizens, but then the criminals still get access to firearms.  You arm the citizens and then they end up accidently killing themselves or accidents happen such as the incidents above.  The problem is that people just don’t know what is good for them, they think they are ready for something that they are not ready for.   What people lack is awareness training, awareness training is meditation.  If these people were aware, these accidents would not occur.  They are treating a deadly weapon as if it is a cell phone, something that you can just handle without great awareness.

Those who handle firearms need to constantly train their awareness day to day in order to prevent accidents like this.  People want greater rights, but then they don’t demonstrate responsibility with these rights.  Alcohol has become legal for a very long time but people are still very irresponsible with alcohol, that does not mean they will ban alcohol.  The government has found a way to profit off of the people’s negligence.  The government will find a way to profit off of people’s irresponsibility with firearms.  We asked for these rights to bare arms, now we got it, and you see the other problems that become the result.  More guns equals more accidents.  Now we don’t’ even need a criminal to kill us, we either kill ourselves by suicide or by accident.  Responsibility with a firearm, requires great awareness, requires great meditation.

The more freedom we have, the more responsibility.  If you want the government to take away our freedoms, that means you do not trust your own responsibility or you don’t trust the responsibility of others.  But then comes the question, do you trust the government to be responsible?  You don’t trust yourself, you don’t trust your neighbor, you don’t’ trust the government?  Who do you trust?  The issue at hand is that we all need to become more responsible as people if we wish for more freedom.   If we truly want less government, we need to be responsible ourselves.

50) Osho on Boxing

“Why do so many millions of people go on watching boxing matches?  For what?  Two fools beating each other for no reason at all.  If there is any argument, sit down and settle it, negotiate.  But there is no argument, no problem; the problem is only who is more powerful.  That too can be decided in a more human way: just toss a coin and be finished.  But why beat each other and break each other’s bones?  And the noses are bleeding, and the eyes are red, and millions of people are clapping, enjoying somehow a certain identity.”

“There are fans of Muhammad Ali, and there are fans of other Ali’s.  So these two fools are doing their stupidity, and a million fools are there to support and give them the idea that they are doing something important.  I cannot see that in a little bit more enlightened humanity things like boxing can exist.”

“Boxing simply looks so primitive, so ugly, so inhuman; but millions of people…And these are not the only people: millions more will be sitting in front of their televisions, it seems the whole humanity is somehow after power.  So whoever shows some power of any kind: power of money, power of body, power of politics, positions, status, anything, people become impressed.”  – Osho “The Magic of Self-Respect” pg. 167

I have been reading Osho books for about 8 years now, and I have yet to come across any of his teachings where he speaks directly about combat sport until now.  What he stated about Boxing is exactly how I feel myself about the issue.  I do not support Boxing in anyway but the society has gotten even sicker.  Now they have something even more brutal, which is cage fighting.  It is sad to say that cage fighting is so sick that it makes Boxing look humane.  Boxing is ugly, but cage fighting is even uglier.  As a society, we are becoming worse.  Cage Fighting as a form of entertainment should have never even been allowed to exist.

Boxing in itself should have been banned.  I will even go as far as attacking the sport of Football as being a sport that should be banned as well.  All of these sports are detrimental to society.  All of these sports bring out the worse in us as humans.  I do not speak alone on the subject, Osho supports my views against combat sport.  The sages of the East support my views against combat sport.  I speak against cage fighting as number 1, I speak against Boxing as number 2, and I speak against Football as number 3.  All three should be banned.  All three destroys brain cells and deteriorates health.  All three encourage an early death.  All three promote violence within this society.

I don’t look up to any of these athletes, they are all unintelligent in my eyes, they are not worth admiring.  Animals are more beautiful than these ugly athletes.  Animals have a certain gracefulness in their presence.  Animals are much more physically superior to these ugly athletes.  A cheetah can outrun any of these ugly athletes.  Even a dog can out run any of these ugly athletes.  A lion can destroy these ugly athletes.  A gorilla can destroy these ugly athletes.  There is much more beauty in observing animals in the wild than there ever will be in watching these ugly athletes.  I have no respect for athletes, they mean nothing to me.  They are all ugly, full of ego and pride.  They have no spiritual development within them, if they did, they would not be engaged in any of these sports.  The people of whom I admire are sages, not these ugly athletes.

51)  Creation is Not Always Good

Creation is not always good.  Giving birth to Adolf Hitler is not good.  You may be a good person but if you teach others to be bad, you are no longer a good person.  They say there is no such thing as bad students; there are only bad teachers.  It is up to you whether or not to create a child; nobody can force you to create a child.  Now if you decide to create a child and you do not raise this child right, you are contributing negativity to this world.  If you are not going to raise the child right, you are better off not creating a child to begin with.

Now this doesn’t just go with creating children.  I see this truth can be applied to teaching in general.  In particular to teaching something that requires great responsibility.  Teaching somebody the alphabet is one thing.  Teaching somebody how to be responsible with a firearm is another.  Teaching someone how to become fit is one thing.  Teaching someone how to be proficient in self-defense or Martial Arts is another.  A bodybuilder with an over inflated ego is one thing.  A fighter with an over inflated ego is another.

There can be a group of people who are humble and shy.  And because of your teachings, you have trained these same people to be arrogant bullies.  By doing this, you have not contributed goodness to this world; you have made this society worse.  There can be a group of people who stay home to play video games all day.  And because of your teachings, you have taught these same people to go out to the streets and commit crimes.  By doing this, you have not contributed goodness to this world; you have made this society worse.

Sometimes it is best not to teach, your teachings can make this world worse than it already is.  When the society is mentally sick, when the society is obsessed with violence, sometimes it is better to have fewer guns out in the market.  When the society is mentally unstable and spiritually lost, the way of Martial Arts may be best to be kept private.  The Way of the Martial Arts will be misunderstood, abused, and exploited.  The Way of the Martial Arts may be best to be transformed to Yoga or Tai Chi for the masses.  Yoga and Tai Chi can be a benefit to the masses but the Way of the Martial Arts is never for the masses, it is for the selected few responsible and mature individuals who have the right spiritual readiness for the training.

52) Awakened Teachers

Buddha said, “People who have become enlightened before persuaded me, argued with me.  They said, ‘In thousands of years a man comes to the state of being where you are.  Even if out of a hundred people, one person understands your words rightly, that is enough.  Don’t be worried about the ninety-nine because they will go astray even without hearing you.  They are bound to go astray.”

“If they can go astray even hearing you, then what do you think – that without hearing you they will not go astray?  Take it for granted: those ninety-nine are determined to go astray whether you speak or not.  But what about that one percent?  We appeal to you for that one percent who may not be able to find the path without your speaking.”

And Buddha said, “I am speaking for that one percent.”  – Osho “The Magic of Self-Respect” pg. 200

Those who wish to promote the good and positive should keep that teaching in mind.  It is against nature for the masses to be awakened.  The awakened will always be in the minority.  But do not lose hope in the masses.  One by one, a change can be made towards the greater good.  Without your positive contribution, the people will suffer.

53) Thoughts on Paris Killings

There is no such thing as freedom of speech in this world.  Everything is regulated.  All media is regulated.  When we speak to the public we will never have freedom of speech, you can only have freedom of speech in private, to yourself but never freedom of speech to the public.  Just as we will never have the freedom to walk around naked in public, the law places its restrictions, and if it is not the law, public disapproval will place its restrictions.

I can understand the importance of freedom of speech when it comes to Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, fighting against racism.  But I cannot understand freedom of speech when it comes to a cartoonist promoting hatred and humiliation towards a certain religion or religious figure.  I see that this newspaper was threatened in the past for this sort of extreme disrespect towards the religion in the past.  They were fire bombed, they were sued, they were threatened but yet they still decided to continue on with their expression of hate towards the religion.

The outcome is no surprise to me.  In America, look at our street gangs and how much importance they place in their “gang”, they live and die for their gang.  They live and die for respect.  If you disrespect them, they will kill you, no second chances.  If you are caught in their territory, they will kill you.  If you are seen wearing their colors, they will kill you.  If you look at them the wrong way, they will kill you.  If you are driving a car that they want, they will kill you.  If you are wearing a pair of shoes that they want, they will kill you.  They will even kill you for no reason at all; they may just kill you for initiation into the gang.

Realize that religions are gangs.  Just as there are gang members who will live and die for their gang, there will be people in religions that will live and die for their religion.  Disrespect their leader, disrespect their religion, and they will come and get you.  We don’t have freedom to disrespect, go too far with it and you will pay the price.  Tupac and Biggie died from disrespect, many gang members have died from disrespect, many people are in jail because of disrespect.

If you step on somebody’s toes in the club on purpose, the person might kill you because of it.  Even if you step on somebody’s toes by accident, the person might kill you because of it.  If you sleep with somebody’s wife, the husband might kill you over it.  You vandalize somebody’s car; the person might kill you over it.  Anytime you get somebody angry, if the person is crazy enough, he will kill you over it.  And in case you didn’t know, we live in a world with a lot of crazy people.

What do you think is the result of bullying?  Here the cartoonists were bullying the practitioners of a certain religion, not just one time but on multiple occasions.  Publicly humiliating and disrespecting a religion that is practiced by millions of people all over the world.  People can only withstand bullying for so long before they react.  The person responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre was more than likely a victim of bullying for most his life.  The outcome was bottled up anger that turned into an extreme form of violence.

I support freedom of speech, but if we live in a world where mass media promotes there to be hate speech and discourages love speech, then I do not support freedom of speech.  If mass media is promoting 90% hate speech and preventing the spread of love speech, then I do not support freedom of speech.  I support freedom of speech for Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Buddha, Osho.  But I do not promote freedom of speech for Hitler, Stalin, and a lot of these corrupted Politicians.

Fact of the matter is, if Nazi’s own mass media, their freedom of speech influences 90% of the population.  And those who are promoting positivity and love are banned from gaining access to mass media or are assassinated, then it is not really freedom of speech.  It ends up being freedom of speech for the Evil and no speech for the Good.  You cannot possibly say that freedom of speech for Barak Obama is the same freedom of speech for me.  Barak can make one statement and now millions will listen, whereas for myself, one statement made by me is heard by a handful of people.

So if the greatest influences of society are mentally and spiritually corrupted, then freedom of speech is not a good thing.  These corrupted individuals will use their freedom of speech to promote hatred and negativity in this world.  These cartoonists were not promoting peace, love, and harmony.  I am not saying that they should be killed but you have people like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Gandhi, and John Lennon who were promoting equality, peace, love, and compassion, but they were all assassinated.  And I am pretty certain that there were not millions of people that gathered to mourn their deaths.  But yet for these cartoonists that were publishing cartoons that were full of hate and disrespect are being mourned by millions, it doesn’t add up to me.

I mean how stupid can you be?  Certain things are best not being said.  We live in a world that is very sensitive.  Many radio stations don’t even allow for their to be profanity.  Racism is a very sensitive issue here in America, knowing this, even if you are a hardcore Nazi, you should have the common sense to know what you can do and what you cannot do.  You can’t go to work and start calling all black people the N-word and then say, well “I have freedom of speech.”  What you expect for yourself not to get fired?

Imagine if a big name newspaper like the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times published cartoons on the front page of their newspapers showing African American’s getting hanged and then making a joke out of it.  Not just one time, but on multiple occasions.  Then people burned down the entire newspaper office and then people sued them and people are sending them death threats and then they still continue to publish this sort of disrespectful material.  That’s pretty much what I see to be what happened, you have the people in control of mass media in Paris who were pushing their agenda of hate towards a certain religion repetitively, basically inciting a war.

Those who believe that “sticks and stones will hurt my bones but words will never hurt me” is believing in a lie.  Words can cause great psychological damage, especially to those who are psychologically unstable.  We live in a world where there are more and more people who are psychologically unstable, so my word of advice is, be careful of what you say.  Do not have the mistaken belief that you can go around disrespecting whomever you want and not expect for there to be any consequences.  Test it out right now, go ahead and disrespect your boss and see what happens, more than likely you will be fired or the planning towards your termination will begin immediately.  You might think you have the right to freedom of speech, but the person of whom you are disrespecting will then believe he has the right to retaliation.  There is a time and place to speak; sometimes it is best to stay silent.

54) Real Martial Arts Discipline


This is the type of training required for the Real Martial Arts.  Harsh, raw, and real.  The Sifu needs to have the freedom to yell, scream, swear, and even beat the disciple into consciousness.  The Sifu begins as an authority and dies as an authority.  The disciple is never allowed to go astray in which to corrupt the Martial Art expression.  If the disciple becomes arrogant and wants to enter into combat sport, the Sifu will enter into a hard sparring match to beat the disciple into an understanding that he must remain humble.

The disciple shall never be able to overcome the Sifu, the Sifu represents a level that is unattainable by the disciple until the disciple becomes a Sifu himself.  When the disciple becomes a Sifu himself, he should be on the correct path and ensure that he will never teach any disciples the wrong way in which to allow them to stray off the path.  The disciple who is ignorant enough to believe that he is the “best in the world” will be quickly shown by the Sifu that he is far from it by engaging in hard sparring with the Sifu.
The disciple quickly comes to realization that how can he possibly be the best in the world if he cannot overcome the Sifu.  If the Sifu loses control of the disciple and the disciple begins to believe he is more powerful than the Sifu, then the corruption ends up taking place and the Sifu had failed to properly teach and discipline the disciple in the proper way before the disciple has gained power himself.  The critical time to teach humbleness within the disciple was lost and now the disciple believes he is all powerful and is unwilling to listen to any authority.
The Sifu has lost his chance to instill humbleness within the disciple, now the disciple has been corrupted and there may be no turning back.  A Sifu who teaches a disciple who is already somewhat powerful but yet is unwilling to develop his spirituality from within and develop humbleness, the Sifu should withdraw and forbid the further teaching of combat to this individual.  A disciple who has demonstrated arrogance with a little power shall not be given even more power by the Sifu.  The Sifu shall retain his power over the disciple to put himself in constant authority over the disciple until the ego barrier is properly dismantled.

55)  Don’t Be Humble““Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek,” but what is meekness?  “Blessed are the humble,” but what is humbleness?  Can a man who has no ego be humble?  How can he be humble?   Who will be humble?  A man who has no ego has no way to be meek or to be humble.  H cannot be an egoist on the one hand; he cannot be a humble person on the other hand.”“To teach surrender is to give you a strategy to hide your ego, to sublimate your ego.  Yes, that’s the right word, sublimation.  A Freudian word, very significant, you can sublimate anything, so much so that recognition becomes impossible.  You may even start thinking that this is the vey opposite of the original thing.  Meeting a humble man you feel how egoless he is – he also feels who egoless he is. The ego has come from the back door and now it is no longer condemned, but appreciated.”“And why is a meek person, a humble person appreciated?  That too is a strange story.  He is appreciated because he fulfills everybody else’s ego.  Just see the whole game of it.  Why do you appreciate da humble person?  – because being humble to you, he buttresses your ego.  And because your ego is buttressed, you in response buttress his humbleness.”“Now a vicious circle is created.  He will become more and more humble because everybody loves his humbleness.  He gains respectability, and everybody enjoys his humbleness because everybody is being satisfied by his humbleness – it is a deep satisfaction fro the ego.”“I want you to understand it clearly: ego and surrender are two sides of the same coin.  I don’t teach the ego, so how can there be any place for surrender in my vision?  I don’t teach you to be meek, I don’t teach you to be humble.”“I teach you to be authentic, integrated individuals with immense self-respect.” – Osho “The Magic of Self-Respect” pg. 223A very significant teaching by Osho.  Some of the most dangerous people out there are the people who are “humble.”  They have some of the strongest, biggest, and most destructive egos out there that are very well hidden.  A “humble” person is like a cop in uniform that is corrupted, extremely dangerous.  He appears to be good, but in reality he is a very dangerous criminal.  An arrogant person of course has a big ego, you see it right away, you know how to handle this person, he gives no surprises.  He is like the hardened criminal with a long criminal record, you always know to keep your eyes open.But the “humble” person acts as if he has no ego, but in reality, he has one of the strongest egos out there.  You find a lot of these “humble” people as professors, teachers, religious leaders, practitioners of the softer Arts such as Yoga and Tai Chi. You find them all over the Martial Arts.  You find a lot of them in Aikido, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, and Tae Kwon Do.  A lot of the practitioners of the Martial Arts who are unfit, will be “humble”, they will try to gain your respect through their “humbleness.”A lot of the practitioners of the combat sport will be the opposite, they will not be humble, they will be very arrogant and prideful, very proud of their athleticism, they have big egos and they are very proud of it.  The ego is very deceptive, both expressions are the same, they are the ego.  The prideful fighter is an egoist and the “humble” Martial Artist is an egoist as well.  The ego of the “humble” Martial Artist can actually be more dangerous than the ego of the prideful fighter.  You mistakenly think that the “humble” Martial Artist has no ego, but really he has a very strong and dangerous ego that is hidden beneath the surface.  To break free from all of this, you simply are not arrogant and you are not humble, you are simply authentic, you are simply your true self, you are natural.56)  The Sophisticated Ego

“A sophisticated ego, far more dangerous than the ordinary raw quality of the uncultured ego, which can be easily traced to where it is.”

“The sophisticated ego becomes more and more difficult to find.  It becomes so subtle that it goes on slipping from your hands.  And it becomes so clever at changing its faces.  If it can change its face to meekness, humbleness, surrender, then what else do you want it to do?  It is doing almost the impossible: it is pretending to be its opposite.”  – Osho “The Magic of Self-Respect” – pg. 225

America is filled with the common raw arrogant egos and it is also filled with the sophisticated ego.  The ego is so strong in America; it comes in so many different forms.  You would truly have to be a Zen Master in order to teach the Martial Arts to Americans the right way.  If you are not a Zen Master, there will be no way that you will succeed in properly teaching the Martial Arts.  Finding the right path on your own is hard enough.  Guiding somebody else towards the right path spiritually is even harder.  It is a challenge for all Martial Art teachers that is not easily accomplished.  Because of the difficulties, it is understandable why much of the spiritual training in the Martial Arts has been abandoned in America and the final result ends up becoming combat sport or basic self-defense instruction.

57)  Animals Don’t Go To War

“You never see animals going to war.  Of course there are fights sometimes, but they are individual fights – not world wars with all the crows of the east fighting with all the crows of the west, or all the dogs of India fighting all the dogs of Pakistan.  It is not.   Dogs are not so foolish, neither are crows.  Yes, sometimes they fight, and there is nothing wrong in it.  If their freedom is violated they fight, but the fight is individual.  It is not a world war.” – Osho “Emotions” pg. 17

This quote made me laugh.  What Osho said is very true.  Humans claim themselves to be above the animals but in certain regards, animals have a certain natural intelligence that is above our own.  If humans are to truly be considered humans that are above all animals then they would be peaceful amongst one another and learn to settle disagreements without resulting in violent behavior.  But that is not the case, we are creating war amongst ourselves, we are destroying another, we have gone below the animals with our ego driven desires towards money, power, fame, and sex.

58)  Next Time You Feel Angry

“Next time you feel angry, go and run around the house seven times, and after it sit under a tree and watch where the anger has gone.  You have not repressed it, you have not controlled it, you have not thrown it on somebody else – because if you throw it on somebody else a chain is created because the other is as foolish as you, as unconscious as you.  If you throw it on another, and if the other is an enlightened person, there will be no trouble; he will help you to throw and release it and go through a catharsis.  But if the other is as ignorant as you – if you throw anger on him he will react.  He will throw more anger on you.  He is repressed as much as you are.  Then there comes a chain: you throw on him, he throws on you, and you both become enemies.” – Osho “Emotions” pg. 19

This is where the Martial Arts and Fitness training becomes very practical.  It is a healthy energy release if done properly.  If you are ever angry, when you lift weights, when you punch and kick a heavy bag, when you shadow box, when you hit the wooden dummy, when you practice calisthenics, the energy is released and you come back to peace.  It is a healthy release.  It becomes a very unhealthy release when you fight or spar with others with this anger, this is not the way.

Martial Arts is meant to be a healthy release of this anger energy and if not anger, then creative energy, that is what makes it artful.  You are not supposed to repress anger and you are not supposed to express anger towards others to hurt them physically or emotionally.  If you can express anger energy without hurting others physically or emotionally, it is the most ideal.  Playing musical instruments is another way of releasing this anger energy.  Making love to your partner is another way of releasing this anger energy.

59) Do Not Let Your Anger Go Public

“I have said, “Express your negative emotions,” but I have not said “publicly.” That’s how things become distorted.”

“Now if you are feeling angry with someone and you start expressing you ranger, the other person is not going to be a Gautam Buddha and sit silently.  He is not a marble statue, he will also do something.  You will express anger, he will express anger.  It will create more anger in you – and anger or violence create the same from the other side and with a vengeance.  Then you will feel like going into it more, because you have been told to express.”

“Yes, I have told you to express – but I don’t mean publicly.  If you are feeling angry go to your room, close off the room, beat the pillow, stand before a mirror, shout at your own image, say things that you have never said to anybody and always wanted to say.  But it has to be a private phenomenon, otherwise there is no end.” – Osho “Emotions” pg. 35

When anger is expressed publicly, it must be done in very delicate ways in which to not incite more hatred and anger from those exposed to it.  I see it is best to keep these emotions private, to express these emotions in private.  Expressing emotions of anger publicly will get you burned.  If you express this anger publicly, it will spread like wildfire, next thing you know, it will get out of control and everything will burn down.  A beautiful house that you have spent 5 years constructing now is nothing but ashes.  Express anger, but only privately, not publicly.

60)  Man Shoots and Kills Officer Wearing Body Camera


This is a very sad video to see.  This is how quick your life can end as an Officer.  This video explains why Officers will treat you like shit when they encounter you.  They are in constant fear for their lives.  Especially in Arizona, concealed carry is very common and in Chicago, it’s the #1 murder capital of the nation.  Officers are always on guard.  Anything can happen at any moment and now your life is gone.  People are very quick to judge Officers on why they are so trigger happy and always on guard, this video explains why.

This is actually an incident of white on white crime.  Race is not a factor in this incident.  It was not a minority who killed this Officer, it was another white man.  This Officer was treating the suspect very calmly and professionally.  This Officer was treating the suspect with great respect.  This Officer was very trusting of the suspect.  This Officer you can tell was a good guy, he didn’t want to violate this person’s rights.  This Officer was very trusting, and the outcome is that it cost him his life.  Now you wonder, if the suspect was a black man, would have this Officer been on more of a guard?

Would this Officer have treated the suspect differently?  Would this Officer be in fear of his life as soon as he encountered this black suspect?  You don’t know how this Officer would have treated the black suspect.  Would the public have labeled this white Officer a racist for treating the Black suspect with great caution and suspicion?  Did this Officer feel at ease with this White suspect because this suspect was white and did not look like a violent criminal?

This indicates why white Officers may treat minority suspects the way they do and why they may appear to be racist, because they truly are in fear of their lives, they are in fear that this incident could happen to them any day of the week.  I deeply understand this fear, but what I say is that if they have this fear with minority suspects, they better have this same fear with ALL suspects, including the white suspects, as this video indicates, it was another white man who took the life of this white Officer, it was not a minority who took the life of this Officer.

This video should open the eyes of all Officers to be on guard with all suspects, no matter what skin color.  I see that there would be much less criticisms coming from civilians accusing Officers of racism, police brutality, and racial profiling if you would actually see White Officers treating other white men and women with great suspicion and aggressiveness.  If you have a group of white Officers that beat down another white man the way they beat Rodney King down, that would at least indicate that their fear has nothing to do with the suspects race but their fear is genuine fear of the entire public at large.  They must be on guard against everyone, not just the minorities.  I see that this video indicates how comfortable and courteous white Officers will be towards white suspects, and in this case, the white suspect exploited this opportunity to take the Officers life away.

Several things could be learned from this video as valuable lessons for all Officers.  First, whenever you deal with anybody, especially when it comes to domestic disturbances, always have a backup Officer with you before you approach the suspect.  Never allow the suspect to leave your field of vision.  If the suspect is going to his bedroom to get something, you follow the suspect, you don’t allow the suspect to get what he needs to get himself, you tell the suspect to stay where he is while you get it for him after you put him in handcuffs.

Be aware of others in the household that may possibly grab a gun and shoot you as well.  Never let the suspects put their hands in their pockets no matter how cold it is, you always need to see where their hands are at all times, never let them reach into their pockets.  Once you have decided that you will be arresting this person, make sure your backup is there.  Once you notify this person that he is under arrest, you should immediately expect that there may be a struggle, the suspect may run, he may shoot, he may attack you.

Before you tell this person that he is under arrest, you need to see his hands.  If he keeps having his hands in his pockets, then in this specific situation, the Officer should have backed away drew his gun, pointed it at the suspect and told the suspect to remove his hands from his pockets.  If the suspect would have drew his firearm at that moment then the Officer would have had a much better chance of survival.  If the suspect takes his hand out of his pocket with no weapons in his hands, then the Officer should tell the suspect to turn around with this hands up, now the secondary officer is supposed to keep the gun pointed at the suspect while the primary Officer goes in to cuff the suspect and then proceed to search the suspect for weapons.

There is absolutely no need to ask the suspect if he has any weapons, the suspect is not going to tell you anyway.  In addition, asking this suspect if he has weapons already places the suspect on guard.  Once an Officer decides to arrest a suspect, he must immediately get the suspect cuffed as soon as possible, then he should search the suspect for weapons.  The mistake this Officer made was that he never told this suspect he was under arrest, he just asked him if he had any weapons and then he started to pat the suspect without being in a position of control.  In all cases, when you plan to arrest an individual, anytime an individual has his hands in his pockets, you must assume it is a firearm, you must respond accordingly.

All the advice given is easier said than done.  It is much easier to see the mistakes after the fact.  But the reality is that Officers deal with suspects thousands of times.  You might deal with 5000 suspects and nothing happens, and you end up taking your safety for granted, and then that one time you were not aware, your life is over.  This new body camera technology allows for all Officers to learn from the incident as if it has happened to them, but difference is, they have a 2nd chance in life.  It is like getting killed in a video game, now you are revived and now it is your chance to do it right the next time around.  This video can save the lives of thousands of Officers, to take better precaution when dealing with all suspects, no matter the race.  This video also shows the reality of an Officers line of work and how difficult and dangerous his job really is, it shows the other side of the fence that you are not really used to seeing.  Also, deeply realize that this sort of survival training is extremely different that what you see in combat sport.  This is the sort of street survival training that not just Officers, but real Martial Artists need to be prepared for.

61)  Being Single, On Welfare, Living With Roommates, Representing True Art

I see nothing wrong with being single, being on welfare, and living with roommates.  There is beauty in being single that should be appreciated, but at the same time, I can understand the desire to connect with a woman in an intimate level.  Living with roommates is a smart and practical way of living efficiently.  I guess the best is if your lover becomes your roommate, that way you kill 2 birds with one stone!  The need for love is fulfilled, as well as the practical function of having a roommate that you can share expenses with.

As far as being on welfare is concerned, there are simply not enough well paying jobs in the economy to allow for everyone to live comfortably.  You can work 40 hours per week doing a manual labor job that is very difficult barely getting paid anything.  You are working harder than a lot of these white-collar occupations where they get paid 4 times as much to do less than half the work.  Welfare is a system built in place to balance out the inequality between the rich and the poor; I do not see that it should be something you are ashamed about.

It’s like being ashamed of being born into a poor immigrant family.  It’s nothing to be ashamed about, that’s where you came from.  It’s like being ashamed about being born in the “ghettos” of Chicago, the number one murder capital of the nation.  Well it’s where you came from; it’s nothing to be ashamed about.  Sometimes the entertainment media even glorifies these things in which to make people feel proud of coming from the ghettos, or of growing up “hard.”  It should not be glorified, you should not feel proud, but you should not feel ashamed either, you should simply accept your situation with no judgment.  That is the way of meditation.

Finding a lover is a beautiful thing, but I see it requires much self-development.  A lot of hard work must be put in developing yourself body, mind, and spirit.  If you do not put in the hard work, I see it to be unreasonable for you to have the mistaken belief that a beautiful woman is just going to show up at your doorstep ready to love you fully.  By hard work I mean, I a lot of physical training, good nutrition, finding a good paying job that you love, effort towards developing your intelligence, effort towards healing your psychological wounds, effort towards understanding your inner psychology, effort towards developing wisdom, effort towards living the way of meditation.  Only in this way will I see that a real relationship can be developed that is aimed towards love.  You must care for yourself before you can care for another.  Being independent is important so that you will not grow dependency on another no matter it be financially, physically, or emotionally.  You must be completely independent, only then will you be ready and capable of sharing real love.

I see that we should not dream.  All dreams are false.  Dreams are ways of taking us away from the present moment.  Dreams are not the way of meditation.  Dreams will always make you feel that this moment right now is not good enough.  No matter how rich you are or how beautiful and loving your wife is, you can always dream for more.  Dream for more women, more children, more money, more fame, more friends, more power, etc.  Dreams are a disease.  The way of meditation teaches you to heal yourself from this disease.

It’s important to act.  If your ego is holding you back from growing and progressing, then you must face up to this ego and demolish it.  If your ego is making you freeze up unable to talk to a beautiful woman because of too much self-consciousness, you must destroy this ego.

Love and work cannot intermix.  If you are a true Artist, that means you love your Art.  If you love your Art, it cannot turn into a business.  The business must stay separated from love.  Love with you and your spouse can never be intermixed with business, business destroys love.  Business destroys true Art.  All true Artists must keep their Arts and Businesses separated.  A true Martial Artist will not be able to profit from his Art but he can profit from something very much related to his passion, such as becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer, Self-Defense Instructor, Police Officer, Security Guard, Psychologist, Doctor, Carpenter, Actor, etc. Bruce Lee for example was a true Martial Artist, but even he could not profit much from sharing his Art, he had to become an Actor in order to profit and make a living.

You will find many true Artists in this world that are hidden, working occupations to make a living while they continue to practice their Arts.  All entertainment industries will inevitably corrupt all real Art; therefore true Artists that wish to maintain the integrity of their Arts must find other creative ways of making a living.  A woman that is truly in love with her man or a woman that truly has self-respect for her body will never sell her body for profit to make a living, she will find another way to make a living that does not sacrifice her integrity and self-respect.  It’s the same way with true Artists, true Artist’s will not sellout to the industry, they would rather find another way of making an honest living without sacrificing the integrity of their Art.

62)  Liam Neeson’s Rant About Firearms


I’m not a big fan of this dude, just seen a few of his movies, they were alright but I do respect him for being real with his views on gun control.  He went off in the interview talking about how there are too many guns in America and how too many kids are getting killed in the schools because of gun violence.  I see the truth he is speaking but as I read the comments below, the public was just trashing him, every single person that left a comment was attacking him, not even one did I read was supporting his views.

That got me to think about how I was being attacked when I was sharing my views against the violence in the cage.  Here you have a man who is speaking against gun violence and then the public goes in outrage.  Similar to me, I am speaking against violence in the cage and the public goes in outrage.  These people in the comment section were telling him to go back to his country and all this and that.  First they love him and then they completely turn against him because he did not say what they wanted him to say.  I give him respect for being honest about it and it is sad how people couldn’t accept his thoughts on the subject.

As for me, should there be stricter gun control in America?  It doesn’t matter to me either way.  It’s nice to legally be able to have a gun to protect yourself and your family if need be but I do have greater concern that others will be very irresponsible with the handling of firearms.  If people cannot be responsible in driving, drinking, smoking, etc. What makes you think they will be responsible with guns?  But in the same token I see that it is very important that citizens are armed so that the government does not have too much of a monopoly in power, by citizens being armed, power is more equally distributed.  But in a society with individuals that are severely depressed and suicidal, it makes it a very dangerous world to live in.  If more and more irresponsible people are armed who are mentally unstable, it will be smarter to stay away from people and live a more private life.

63) Be Happy Now!

Man, you’re living, you’re breathing, you’re healthy, your strong, you’re talented.  What more can you ask for?  Appreciate your life no matter if your single, married, “poor”, rich, whatever.  Be in the present moment, then there is no such thing as unhappiness.  Don’t be deceived, happiness is not something far away in the future, it’s right here right now.

64)  My Creative Expression of Anger in Public

Reflecting on Osho’s teachings about not expressing anger in public, I see what my problem is now.  I used to have a professional job that demanded privacy, because of this I was not on the Internet.  I was not involved in social media.  I expressed my creativities in private through Martial Arts.  But then I started to find interest in writing poetic rhymes as a hobby.  It was another way of expressing myself creatively.  I would write the poetry and then I would read the poetry over a voice recorder.  I was very much into the hip-hop expression of 2pac and other rap artists.  And as you know, the creative expression of 2pac is filled with a lot of anger; much of the hip-hop expression is filled with creative anger.

My creative raps started to go public when I went onto the social media YT site and uploaded my poetry anonymously.  My identity was not revealed, not my image, not my name, just my voice.  I started to receive some appreciation for my work.  I expressed anger, but not all of it was anger, maybe 25% of my work was with anger, the rest was a very creative way of expressing wisdom and others were expressing feelings of romance, happiness, or sadness.  The creative expression, even though it went public anonymously, it never hurt my profession.

My justification for creatively expressing anger has always been that it can be viewed as an artistic release, that it can be viewed as something beautiful that is appreciated, like the work of 2pac or Bruce Lee on film.  But now that I reflect on the teachings of Osho, I see that what ends up happening when you express this anger publicly, even if it is in the form of creativity in music or poetry, it is an anger expression that ends up building up anger to the people who are exposed to this work.  The anger ends up getting spread to others.

My further justification was, people have the freedom to click or not click, if they do not want to be exposed to this type of expression, they don’t have to watch it, they can click on other videos, this type of expression is not for everyone.  This was a just way of seeing it, but there is clearly a difference when you express this anger anonymously opposed to directly.

My next justification was that, those who are attracted to my angry expression can then be indirectly exposed to my soft and gentle expression that has much wisdom.  My way of seeing it was, that you feed them with junk food for the mind of which they are already addicted to and then slowly you starting feeding them healthy food for the mind in which to make them healthier than when they started.  But the problem with this, is that it can turn the opposite, the mentally healthy person can be attracted to your work of wisdom but then end up being exposed to your junk food for the mind and it ends up corrupting his health.  So you might help 2 people and then hurt 2 people, you end up breaking even, it ends up resulting in the same result of silence, neither do you help nor do you damage.

The major change occurred is when my teachings went public with FMK via social media.  In 2009, I started to go public with my teachings on social media.  No longer was I anonymous, my face was shown and my name identified, but at this time it was a philosophical expression and a physical expression, I dropped my poetic expression of rhyming poetry.  My creativity was fulfilled with my philosophical expression and physical expression.  My expression was very peaceful, there was no anger being expressed, I was not an angry person.

But as the years went by I started to experiment with my expression.  I wondered what type of response I would receive if I expressed anger in public.  Not just random anger but anger directed towards education.  I was experimenting with a way of expressing anger like yelling at a child for doing wrong, to shock the child into consciousness.  Like a child who does not look both ways before crossing the street and then you yell at the child to shock him into realization that he should never do that ever again.

I ended up posting a video directly criticizing cage fighting with this anger.  The video ended up receiving an enormous amount of views compared to any other videos I have posted.  That’s when the vicious cycle began.  I realized at that point that I have been expressing myself peacefully for over 2 years publicly but not that many people were tuning in, but just one expression of anger, now my audience has exploded compared to the past.

My objective at the time was to use this anger energy to my advantage to educate the public.  I planned to draw the public in with my anger in order to expose them to my real teachings of peace, love, and compassion.  But what I did not realize until now after reflecting on Osho’s teachings, is that, that way of viewing it is ok if you do it anonymously, but doing it publicly, with my face and name being exposed to the public, changed the entire dynamics.  Now it goes back to the same dilemma that I expressed before.  You hurt two people and you help two people, you end up breaking even, you are better off staying silent.

The people who were drawn into my angry expression could be lead towards my healthy expression and they could benefit.  But the problem is that the already healthy people who are drawn towards my healthy expression end up being exposed to my angry expression and they can become mentally sick.

I noticed that the public was very much attracted towards anger and violence.  So more and more of my expression was being expressed with anger.  I started to share poetry with anger and I would create more videos expressing anger to shock my audience into consciousness.  As I was receiving more attention, I was accumulating more profits from this expression of anger.  I was given no incentives to quit.  But in the same token, the students of whom I were teaching directly were suffering from this negative publicity, I was losing students and losing income from my physical school.  My online audience was growing, but my physical school was being negatively affected.  I was making money from being angry but I was also losing money from being angry.  Once again I was breaking even.

I was creating a vast following of enemies mixed in with supporters.  The enemies could not understand the direction of my teachings.  The anger I expressed brought out the worst in them and there was no turning back.  Anytime they saw my image or name, they end up going into attack mode.  The vicious cycle of anger against anger ended up being the result.  I ended up creating an online war with my repetitive expression of anger which resulted in nothing but destruction of everything that I worked so hard to build through social media.

My whole YT expression came crashing down and I was forced into silence.  In a way that is a good thing.  People talk so much about freedom of speech, but meditation is silence.  No speech.  No speech is stronger than speech.  Meditation is the true way, silence is the true way.  Silence is what I needed.  Solitude is what I needed.  I spent 4 years of my life speaking and creating videos obsessively.  I needed to be stopped, I needed to just sit still, do nothing, and say nothing.  I needed to be silent.  Through that silence I came back to the center of my being.  I was too caught up on the people and society around me, I lost my center.

During those 4 years, I spent very little time if any, reading books by Osho.  When I was forced into silence, I began to read Osho books again.  The Osho books calmed my spirit down, reminded me of the importance of meditation in my life, and provided me with the necessary guidance on how to move forward from these past experiences.  It is quite apparent that nearly everybody around me is corrupted or misguided.  I can only guide myself and if I need any assistance, Osho is the only person that provides me with greater clarity about my situation.  The world is filled with many sophisticated egos, they are not truly awakened, they are not truly enlightened, their guidance is not really guidance, it is a severe misguidance.  I see that you can only guide yourself towards the Way in this life, the assistance of Osho or other past sages are still pointing you back to yourself, to lead yourself towards the Way.

Now I clearly see why my anger should not be expressed publicly.  Even if it is done creatively, it is still anger that ends up affecting those around you, it ends up creating more anger and hostility.  It is like sharing a virus, it is best to cure the virus and not have a virus at all, to get rid of it completely.  Now my online expression on YT is terminated forever.  But my online presence is still here.  My online school has gotten smaller, more efficient, more direct.  Rather than having 100 chairs with 70 of the chairs being occupied by people who are not open to learn.  Now there are only 30 chairs, all being occupied by people who are truly there to learn.  The place has been downsized from 10,000 square feet to 1,000 square feet.  With this downsize, my attention can focus on the people who are really here to learn.

I feel so much more at peace with my expression online, at my physical school, and with my home life.  The peace comes for solitude.  It comes from surrounding myself with the right people in my life.  It comes from making decisions from my center.  It comes from my meditation.  It comes from reading books from Osho.  It comes from my reflective writings.  This peace is where I started and coming back to this peace after all the drama is a nice place to be.

65) Miami judge finds fists a potentially lethal threat in Stand Your Ground ruling


If you train in Martial Arts and you cannot control your temper, and you challenge someone to a fistfight.  The defender is justified in shooting and killing you in Florida, according to the Stand Your Ground law.  Even if you are unarmed, but you are trained in some sort of combat, if you attack someone in Florida who is armed, he is justified in killing you based on self-defense.  This is the difference between the streets and combat sport.  On the streets, its not about proving yourself and playing silly fight games, if you lose your temper and you attack someone, that person can literally take your life away and be justified in doing it.  On the streets, the law protects the defender, the attacker is the criminal.  A Martial Artist is always a defender; he is never the attacker that instigates the fight.   There are no rules on the streets, a defender who truly feels that he is in danger can do what he deems necessary to stop the threat, even if it means shooting to kill.  A Martial Artist is always the defender, he does not go looking for fights, he will do whatever in his power to avoid a fight, but if someone is threatening his life, he will do what is necessary to survive, even if it entails taking the life of the attacker.

66) Rape in Chicago Yesterday

One of my female clients good friend and colleague just got raped and beaten yesterday by two men in Chicago.  She was walking to work coming off the train walking her usual route that my client uses often as well, and that is where it happened.  The incident prompted my client to come in today to schedule her training; she has recently been out of training for over a month.  She said the incident was a sign for her not to procrastinate on her fitness and self-defense training.

The incident could have very easily happened to her.  This incident reminds me of how important it is for all women not to take their safety for granted.  I feel it to be very important for all women to exercise to stay fit and to learn some self-defense skills for street survival, especially while living in Chicago.  I see that if an armed civilian was to witness this situation, it would be the right time to draw his firearm to get the two offenders to stop and to detain them to be arrested by the police when they arrive.  It is situations like this that concealed carry can be put to good use.

67)  Father & Son Fight Parking Attendant.  Son Killed Over $200


This is real life fighting.  Notice:

1)   The fight did not occur inside a ring or cage
2)   There was no referees there to stop the fight
3)   There was no audience there cheering on the fight
4)   The fight resulted in somebody’s death
5)   The fight involved multiple attackers
6)   The fight involved the use of deadly weapons
7)   The aggressors and instigators of the fight were punished, not rewarded
8)   The only video of the incident is evidence of a crime; it is not a video for entertainment.
The law will always protect the defenders; never will the law protect the aggressors.  Martial Artists are always defenders, they are never aggressors.  This man lost his son over $200, was it worth it?  Real life fighting many times leads towards real death.  Here is a father who is a criminal, who has no control of his temper, who is a violent man who has influenced his son to be violent as well.  When you are aggressive towards somebody, when you wish to ground and pound somebody on the streets, be prepared to die.

Those who are attacked viciously have the right to defend themselves, those who are attacked viciously have the right to stop the threat by any means necessary.  When you are fighting for survival against a real threat, there are no rules.  Real Martial Artists train to survive, real Martial Artists are defenders.  Fighters love to fight, they instigate fights, they are aggressors, they are bullies, they are criminals.  This father and son were fighters.  In the real world, you are punished for being a fighter, in the entertainment world of combat sport; you are rewarded for being a fighter.

68) How to Live

Nobody enjoys others telling them how to live.  People enjoy freedom.  But with freedom comes responsibility.  People don’t like the government because the government imposes a certain way of living.  The government provides restrictions on how you should live.  Religion also provides restrictions on how you should live.  There is corruption in government and there is corruption in religion.  Because of this corruption, people have no trust in authority.  Our parents also provide restrictions on how we should and should not live.  But our parents can be corrupted as well.  Everywhere we look, we don’t know which authority we can trust.

Fact of the matter is that we must be guided by truth.  Truth is beyond government, truth is beyond religion, truth is beyond any guidance that can be provided by our parents or teachers.  Truth is within us, we must become our own authority and live this truth.  The world can be against us, the politicians, the priests, the officers, the judges, the professors, etc.  But truth rises above all.  When we know the truth within, we follow it, even if it means going against the masses.

69)  The Real Can’t Be Changed

“When you love, you project.  You love not to give; you love to take, you love to exploit.  When you love a person you start trying to fix the person according to you, according to your ideas.  Every husband is doing that, every wife is doing that, every friend.  They go on trying to change the other, the real, and the real cannot be changed – you will only get frustrated.”

“The real cannot be changed, only your dream will be shattered and then you feel hurt.  You don’t listen to reality.  Nobody is here to fulfill your dream.  Everybody is here to fulfill his own destiny, his own reality.” – Osho “ hsin hsin ming” – pg. 17

Martial Art students should not be exploited.  You should not fix a Martial Art student according to your desires and ideas.  The student should be allowed to be natural, to just be himself.  As a Sifu, you are there to remind and encourage him to be natural and real, to not try to be somebody that he is not, but to simply just be himself.  As a Sifu, you do not try to change the student.

When the student enters through the door, it is not about the Sifu and what he wants out of the student; it is about the student and what he or she has interest in developing.  The student is there to fulfill his own destiny, not to be used as a puppet to fulfill the corrupted ideals of the teacher.  If there is the right connection between the Sifu and the student, the Sifu will be there to help the student achieve his/her potential.  If the connection is not there, nothing should be forced.

70)  Loyalty in Martial Arts – 1/31/15

The Martial Arts comes from the East.  The foundational teachings of Buddha, Tao, and Zen is what makes Martial Arts.  The spiritual teachings of the East is what turns something basic like self-defense training into Martial Arts.  In the West, Martial Arts does not exist within the commercial industry.  The west only knows about sport, but not Art.  Anybody who lives in America can only claim Martial Arts when they are grounded in the Martial Arts teachings of the East.

A Chinese-American can claim the Chinese Martial Arts such as Tai Chi, Gung Fu, Wushu, because that is where is foundational roots come from.  A Japanese-American can claim the Japanese Martial Arts such as Karate, Judo, and Aikido, because that is where his foundational roots come from.  A Korean-American can claim the Korean Martial Arts such as Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido because that is where his foundational roots come from.  A Chinese American who promotes the Chinese Martial Arts is essentially promoting his own culture through the Martial Arts.

It makes no sense for a Chinese-American to claim the Korean Martial Arts and represent Korea over his own Chinese heritage.  It is a like a Chinese-American who can speak Korean fluently but yet he cannot speak Chinese at all.  It does not make sense; he is not grounded in his roots.  Many Chinese-Americans can be so Americanized that they only know how to speak English and they cannot speak Chinese at all.  This is common because if they are Chinese-American, and they are American born, then their language has adapted to their environment and surroundings.

It would make sense for a Chinese-Korean to possibly promote the Korean Martial Arts.  His roots could have originated in China but he was born and raised in Korea.  While assimilating to his environment, there is a likelihood that he would promote the Korean culture.  This to me is understandable.

Where your roots come from will dictate which culture you wish to promote.  But an American who has no roots in the East, has no loyalty towards any culture.  One week he can promote the Chinese Martial Arts, another week he can promote the Japanese Martial Arts, and the week after he can promote the Korean Martial Arts.  Because his blood is not grounded in any Eastern culture, he is easily susceptible of being disloyal towards any Martial Art “style” he wishes to represent.  He can just be guided by profit, rather than being grounded in his being.  He is more likely to exploit the Martial Arts for profit, rather than being a representation of a specific culture and its Ways.

When you come from the East, you cannot deny your roots.  The Martial Arts is in your blood, it is in your heritage.  But when you are a Caucasian American, you have no roots in the Martial Arts.  You must study the ways of the East to gain that knowledge.  But simply studying the ways of the East does not create any sort of loyalty towards any specific way.  You may begin to feel that you study all ways, that you are a “Jack of All Trades.”  But that provides no stability in your teachings; you will forever be a student that is constantly learning, never having mastered anything in order to be truly qualified in teaching.

You cannot enter into college with the intension of majoring in every course of study imaginable and then expect to graduate in which to teach everything.  If someone is going to claim “no style” and that they teach “all styles” then you would have to go under the broad category of “Martial Arts” and that you are an instructor of the Martial Arts, you have your own personal expression to teach that is not grounded upon any specific culture or way.

But if you plan to approach it from this direction then you should not be claiming titles and labels from the East in which to exploit the reputation of those labels when you have not earned the right to use those labels rightfully or at least be grounded in the culture of which the labels have derived from by being a part of your blood family history.   So if you are to claim your own expression of the Martial Arts then you should not be using labels such as Kung Fu, Karate, or Tae Kwon Do, unless those labels are grounded in the roots of where you come from.

Essentially “Wushu” is the same meaning as “Martial Arts”.  If you are an American, it would be right to say that you teach the Martial Arts, but it would not be right to say you teach Wushu, when you have no grounding in the Chinese culture.  As next week you can easily also claim that you also teach Karate, and Tae Kwon Do, and Tai Chi. You end up being loyal to no specific culture and its ways, you end up not truly promoting any culture and its ways, you end up just promoting yourself, to make profit off of the labels and ways of the East of which you do not even understand or may not even have respect towards.

If you claim yourself to be a “human being” that you are free from all races, that  you have no race, ok that makes sense, that is understandable.  But don’t claim the Chinese Martial Arts, the Japanese Martial Arts, the Korean Martial Arts, and so on and so forth, when you have absolutely no grounding in any of the cultures and its ways.  Don’t believe that you are a Master of “Jeet Kune Do” because you have seen one of Bruce Lee’s films.  Don’t believe that you have achieved a Ph.D out of a certain university simply because you have seen a TV commercial of that University.

How many residencies can you possibly claim?  You cannot claim that you are a citizen of America, Russia, China, Japan, Canada, Korea, Africa, France, etc. all at the same time.  If you wish to claim yourself as a human being that is free from all citizenship, ok that is fine, but either way, the law, will still impose it’s rules upon you and label you as a human being that is a citizen to a certain country.  You may not believe in countries, citizenship, and social security numbers.  But regardless of what you believe, you will be born into a certain country and you will be issued a social security number.

If you are born in America, it is not proper to tell people that you were born in China.  If you wish to say that you were not born in America, but you were born into this world, ok, I understand that.  But if you end up choosing one country to represent and acknowledge as your birthplace, then you should be specific and honest with where your roots are.  You might be a Japanese-American and you have your Martial Art roots from Japan but you do not wish to claim these roots because you are ashamed of the history.  You might wish to just say that you practice the Martial Arts as a whole and that is what you teach.

But if you are going to choose a country and label to represent, then it should be the Japanese ways and culture because that is where you were grounded in.   You may not be happy with its history, but that does not mean you cannot create your own personal expression that is a better representation of the Martial Arts of which you envision.  Just as the founder of Aikido had done.  He did not just promote Karate and it’s ways, he created his own way with his own Japanese label, he didn’t choose a Chinese label, he chose a Japanese label.

If you are born with a Chinese history in your blood, that cannot be denied, it is factual, you can deny it, but the truth remains, there comes a forced loyalty to your roots.  But when it comes to a Caucasian American, he has no roots to any country to the East, he chooses what type of Martial Art style he wishes to claim as if he is choosing which book or movie he wishes to watch, he has no intrinsic loyalty.  His loyalty and preference towards any Martial Art style can change at any time.

One year he is a Tae Kwon Do Master, another year he is a Tai Chi Master, the year after he is a Aikido Master.  He is not grounded in any Martial Art; everything that he claims to represent is false.  It is a like a person who watches 30 commercials for 30 different college Universities and then because he watched these 30 commercials, now he thinks he can claim to the public that he has graduated from 30 different college Universities, but the fact of the matter is that he has not even graduated from one of the Universities.

Somebody can claim 30 different styles but has not mastered any of them.  It is like somebody who boasts that he practices 30 different sports but yet he is not proficient in even one of these sports.  Another thing is that Martial Arts is not just a sport, Martial Art comes with a history, culture, philosophy, and way of living.  It is all encompassing.  You cannot just learn any Martial Art at anytime; you need to have special access to that specialized training.  Not anybody can study to be a lawyer or doctor, that knowledge is restricted from publicly shared knowledge, that knowledge and information is controlled and regulated to be taught in privately controlled settings.

The Chinese Martial Arts come from the Chinese.  It is a different way.  It is a different language, different techniques, different philosophy, different way of seeing the world.  Just as here in America, we speak English, in China they speak Chinese.  In America we practice combat for entertainment, in China their techniques are for survival.  In America, most people practice Christianity, in China people are guided by the teachings of Buddha.  In America, we teach to have a strong ego, in China they teach to be strong in Meditation.

Not every Chinese person knows about the Chinese ways, some Chinese people have become so Americanized that they are no longer Chinese.  But it goes back to where your roots are.  If a Chinese American has become Americanized, he is denying his Chinese roots; this can be seen before your eyes.  It is a self-denial, but you cannot deny the roots.  Just like your blood type.  If you are born with Type A blood, you can deny this and say that you are Type B and not type A, but no matter how hard you try to deny, the truth still remains, you are Type A.

A Chinese American can believe he is American, but his roots are from China.  You can believe you are American, you can deny your roots come from China, but the reality is that your roots, your blood, come from China.  If you are Chinese, the Chinese Martial Arts is in you, waiting to be expressed through your body.  If you are Japanese, the Japanese Martial Arts is in you, waiting to be expressed.  Now if you wish to deny yourself of being Chinese and you wish to deny yourself of being Japanese, ok then you can be a self-expressive real human being.  But even in doing so, you will still have to use some sort of language to express your way, and if you choose the English language, that means you have chosen one over another, you have chosen the English language over the Chinese language as your form of expression.

You have still not chosen silence, which is beyond all language; you have chosen one over another.  Although you may claim that you practice the Martial Arts in its entirety, you are still grounded in the roots of which you cannot deny.  And as I stated, all Martial Art Ways are grounded from the East.  There is no such thing as Martial Arts in the West.  The only way Martial Arts can exist in the West is if you bring that experience over to the West from the East.  It is like a Mercedes Benz that is made in Germany and then imported to America.  There are no Mercedes Benz that are made in America, the Mercedes Benz are made in Germany and imported from Germany to America.

Any person of any race can watch a Chinese Martial Arts movie that has been imported from China to America.  Now just because this person has watched this movie, it does not give him the total experience of what it means to be a real Martial Artist from the East.  Watching a movie from China is one thing but actually meeting a Chinese person that is grounded in his culture and ways and learning from this person directly is another thing.  A Chinese person makes a Chinese movie from China.  Meeting a Chinese person and learning directly from this Chinese person is a direct transmission of the wisdom from the East.

In America, it is not too often that you will encounter a real Chinese person, a real Japanese person, a real Filipino person, a real Korean person.  These people from the countries of the East have a beautiful culture, tradition, wisdom, and way of life to share.  A Filipino person can potentially teach you the Filipino expression of the Martial Arts, just as how a Chinese person can teach you the beauty of cooking Chinese cuisines.

A Caucasian American has no solid foundation in any of these cultures and ways.  A Caucasian American is simply a consumer of the Eastern Arts and Ways.  He is not rooted in any of these Eastern Ways, he is simply a consumer.  The ways of just one country is already so vast that it will take a lifetime of learning, you can never master all the ways of the country of where you originate.  Yes it is important to learn from many countries and many people, but still you are rooted in your own country.  You will learn from other countries and other people to benefit your own country.  You can be caught between two countries but you are still rooted in one over the other.

You can only live in one country at a time.  You can travel the world your entire life, you can visit a different country every week of the year, but you will never be able to truly learn from any one country and gain the real experiences of that country and its ways if you are always traveling.  If anything you will know deeply about the ways of the airport and how to go from one place to another, you may become deeply affiliated with the hotels and tourist locations of each country, but you will never deeply know any country when you are so busy moving from one place to the next.

Living in a country for 33 years is not the same as reading a few books or watching a few movies about the country of which you wish to live.  Direct experience is not the same as multimedia.  Practicing the Martial Arts yourself for over 20 years every single day is not the same as watching hundreds of Martial Art movies throughout the course of 20 years.  Certain things exist in the East that do not exist in the West.  And Martial Arts is one of them.  You can only learn the real Martial Arts from somebody that is grounded in the East.

A Chinese American cannot deny his own race and culture, doing so is a disrespect to himself, it is an embarrassment.  A Chinese American who claims himself to be Japanese when he has no Japanese roots, is a disrespect to himself and his family.  It is a sign of great ignorance.  If a Chinese American wishes to deny the Chinese within him, then he should also certainly deny the Japanese as well, because the Japanese is not within him at all.  If a Chinese American wishes to only claim America, because he is American born, then that is his decision, but he certainly should not claim that he is Japanese when he has absolutely no roots to Japan, he is outright lying, he is deceiving himself and the public around him.

But when it comes to a Caucasian American who wishes to practice the Martial Arts, he has no roots in any country.  He does not understand that you cannot claim the Martial Arts of other countries as if it is just like a sport, like football, basketball, tennis, or ping-pong.  Martial Arts is not sport, Martial Arts is a unique individual expression, and when this unique individual expression becomes widely practiced, it can become a style, and when it becomes so widely practiced that it becomes a style, it can then even start to represent the way of an entire country.  You cannot just claim yourself to be a practitioner of a certain Martial Art of which you really know nothing about, or in an even worse case scenario, claiming yourself to be a teacher of a Martial Art of which you clearly have been given no permission to do.

In big name prestigious college Universities, you can only obtain the degree if you go and study at the physical location of the University.  Online degrees are not available.  A very famous restaurant that serves great food, you have to go to the actual restaurant to experience the food, visiting their website and looking at the menu is not sufficient.

Martial Arts is a direct experience.  Similar to enlightenment, it happens from within you, it cannot be mass-produced and consumed like a product.  Millions can watch a great Artist but to become a great Artist is a different story.  It is easy to sell products to consumers but it is not easy to assist the consumer to develop into a fully expressive creative human being.  Authentic Martial Arts can only be expressed by an authentic human being.

71)  A Real Master is An Enemy

“A real master will always look like an enemy, and this is the criterion.  A false master will always help you to dream; he will never disturb your dreaming.  Rather, on the contrary, he will give you consolations, tranquilizers.  He will console you, soothe you.  His teaching will be just like a beautiful lullaby.  He will sing around you so you can sleep well, that’s all.”

“But a real master is dangerous.  To move near him is full of danger.  You are moving at your own risk, because he cannot allow you to dream and he cannot help your dreaming, because then the whole purpose is lost.”  – Osho “hsin hsin ming” pg. 143

Combat sport coaches are false masters.  They help you dream, he will try to make you believe that guns and weapons do not exist.  They will try to make you believe that a real fight is a fair fight.  They will try to make you believe that a person that is trying to hurt you will follow rules.  They will try to make you believe that there is such a thing as weight classes, gender separation, and rules of engagement.  They will try to make you believe that you are special if you learn how to punch, kick, and perform grappling techniques “properly.”  Everything that they teach is a lie, it is a way to keep you asleep, to keep you dreaming.

A false master will help you to dream, he will hide the reality from you and keep you sleeping.  Once you are asleep and dreaming you will approach the Martial training from a destructive perspective, you will be focused on becoming a Fighter.  You will aim to become recognized for your fighting ability, you will aim to gain riches from being great at fighting, you will aim to achieve fame through your fighting ability.  You will sacrifice anything for this fame, money, and status, you will even sacrifice your own health, and you will be willing to destroy anybody that gets in your way.  This becomes the opposite of the true way in the Martial Arts.

A real master will not allow you to dream.  He will shatter all your dreams immediately.  He will show you right before your eyes how deadly firearms can be and how your life can end in a split second from a pull of a trigger.  He will give you first hand experience with simulated combat scenarios involving the use of firearms to get you to see for yourself how deadly real fighting can be on the streets.  He will not help to enhance your ego, he will assist in destroying your ego in which to get you to see and realize that you are nobody special because you know proper form in combative techniques or even if you own a firearm yourself.

A real master destroys your dreams; he will get you to see the reality for what it is.  Once you come upon this realization, you will approach the Martial training from a different perspective, now that your dreams are shattered, if you continue on with your Martial training, you will be focused on developing as an Artist, you will aim to head towards the peaceful and creative path.

72) The Opposite is Hidden

“If you can see the opposite is hidden, suddenly you don’t ask for anything, you don’t seek anything, because you know whatsoever you ask for, the opposite will come.  If you ask for prestige, respect, insults will be coming from everywhere; if you ask for flowers, thorns will fall on you; if you want to be known, you will be forgotten; if you want to reach to the throne, you will be thrown out completely.”

“Whatsoever you ask, the opposite will be given to you.  Then what is the meaning of asking, then why ask for anything?  Desires will be fulfilled, but by the time they are fulfilled, you will be surprised – the opposite has come into your hands.  You will achieve goals, but by the time you achieve them you will cry and weep, because the opposite is hidden in the goal.  You will reach wherever you want to reach, but the very reaching will become the frustration.  …all self-centered striving ceases…. When this emptiness is seen as empty.  What is there to strive for?  The achieving mind falls, disappears into the dust.” – Osho “hsin hsin ming” pg. 170

Don’t ask for anything in life, whatsoever life gives you, accept, there is no good, there is no bad, good and bad come together as one, when good and bad are merged, they do not exist.  There are simply experiences in life, do not allow the mind to interfere with the experience, simply accept the experience with no judgment.  If at anytime you experience something that is “good”, enjoy it while it lasts, because it will pass.  If at anytime you experience something that is “bad,” know that it is only temporary, that too will pass.

73)  Life Will Not Follow You

“Remember, life is not going to follow you, you have to follow life – grudgingly, happily, that’s your choice.  If you follow grudgingly you will be in suffering.  If you follow happily you become a Buddha, your life becomes an ecstasy.” – Osho “hsin hsin ming” pg. 184

No matter what happens in life, accept it.  There are no positive and negative experiences, there are just experiences.  When you experience the “positive” be in total joy, when you experience the “negative”, accept it as a time of growth.  Everything is meant to happen for a reason, every experience is an experience of joy.  Birth, death, love, hate, day, night, marriage, divorce, togetherness, separation, the beginning, graduation, laughter, sadness, smiling, crying, etc.  Every experience is a beautiful experience, accept everything that life has to offer, this is enlightenment.

74)  Why Children Should Fight

I see that children should fight.  As a child, fighting should not be repressed.  Children need to get it out of their system early.  When they are young, they are yet to become dangerous.  They are yet to become harmful towards themselves or others.  They do not yet have the strength or precision in technique in order to cause great damage to another.  It is natural for them to play fight even though they may really be upset and want to hurt but their bodies are incapable of hurting.

It is like trying to kill your opponent in a pillow fight, as long as you are not trying to suffocate the opponent, there will be no serious injuries, it is all for play.  If children fight when they are young, they are more likely to get it out of their system so that they will not have the urge to fight when they are older.  As children become adults, fighting gets more and more dangerous.  As the child becomes stronger and begins to have proper martial technique that is expressed efficiently, he becomes dangerous.  Now it is no longer a pillow fight, it is like throwing rocks at one another out of anger.  Now there can be some serious injuries.

Now fighting is no longer just an anger release that is harmless, it becomes a dangerous experience that can lead towards great bodily injury.  Once the child is a fully grown adult out of high school and college, the real survival fighting for your life begins, now it surely is no longer a game, now weapons can be involved, now guns can be involved, now death is of great potential.  You never want to fight as an adult; you do not know what will happen on the streets.  It’s ok for adults to play fight by sparring, but it is never a good thing for adults to fight for real on the streets.

75)  Exploitation of Eastern Labels and Corrupted Martial Arts

What got me to think of this is when Steve emailed me to ask if it would be ok if he used the Yin/Yang label to title his musical piece.  I did not expect this at all.  I guess the posts I have made have gotten him and some others to reevaluate the use of the labels that we use in our everyday lives.  For him to send an email to ask in that way, I see as a great sign of respect for the Chinese culture and language.  But in the same token, am I in a position to give others permission on what labels can and cannot be used?  I guess in a way I am because I am trying my hardest to share the beauties of the Chinese culture and way of life or more broadly, the Eastern cultures and way of life.

I know that Steve speaks French very fluently, more fluently than he speaks English, whereas for myself, I know nothing of the language or culture, I would not ever think of using French labels in my language, but if I did, I see him to be someone to have as a source of reference.

I see that some or many of us are so lost in the understanding of where our roots come from.  There is no way that we can speak every language available in the world.  And some of us may speak multiple languages, but it always boils down to which language is our foundational language?  Which is our primary language and which is our secondary language?

By blood, my natural language is Chinese, but by circumstances, my primary language is the English language.  I am one of the few who has been truly caught in between 2 cultures.  The East and the West.  By nature, I understand the ways of the East but due to circumstances, I have been forced to adapt to the ways of the West.

There are certain labels of which I feel comfortable using and expressing. Through study and life experiences, I have gained a greater understanding of certain labels that others have yet to understand or experience themselves.  When people freely use labels of which they do not truly understand, that is how miscommunication occurs.

A person who speaks English as their only language and has not done any study or had any experiences with cultures of the East can very easily misuse labels in which to create confusion, misunderstanding, or even willfully exploit certain labels for profit.

For example, an American, rather than saying that he enjoys stretching for fitness, can tell everybody that he practices Yoga, but does he truly understand what Yoga is?  An American, rather than saying that he enjoys practicing a light exercise, can tell everybody that he practices Tai Chi, but does he truly understand what Tai Chi is?  An American, rather than saying that he enjoys intimacy with his partner, can tell everybody that he practices the Kama Sutra, but does he truly understand what the Kama Sutra is?  An American, rather than saying that he enjoys practicing Martial Arts, can tell everybody that he practices Wushu, but does he truly understand what Wushu is?

It just doesn’t really make sense if a person is speaking English every single day to all of a sudden throw in a foreign label to somehow give themselves a certain kind of feeling of prestige or recognition.  Rather than saying they practice Martial Arts, they want to say they practice “Karate” “Wushu” “Tai Chi” or “Tae Kwon Do.”

You can speak English the entire day but then when you feel a need to sit down, rather than saying to your friend “I need to sit down.”  You end up saying “I need to sit ‘diye’”  You’re friend will be like, “what are you talking about?”  Then you explain that ‘diye’ means “down” in Chinese.  Well what was the use of saying ‘diye’ when you could have very easily said “down?”

I see that a lot of these Eastern labels are being exploited and taken advantage of, used as a way to profit, without giving respect to the cultures of where they have originated from.  I see that only a Japanese person can give you the permission to use the word “Karate.”  Or a Chinese person to use the word “Wushu” or “Tai Chi”.  And a Korean person to use the word “Tae Kwon Do.”  If you do not have permission from the person of that culture, then you should use the language of your own culture, the language of which you truly understand, not to borrow labels from other cultures of which you really know nothing about.

But I see a lot of times labels from the East are stolen and exploited for profit.  I see a big problem with these big commercial gyms gathering up a bunch of people in a sweaty room to stretch and then just say that everybody is practicing “Yoga” just because they happen to be inside of that room.  Then you have thousands of people who know absolutely nothing about the Indian culture claiming that they practice Yoga.

That is like walking on the campus of Purdue University and then all of a sudden telling everybody that you study at Purdue University.  You do not study at Purdue University just because you took a step onto their campus.

You have all these white Americans that claim themselves as a “Sensei.”  But my question is, where is the Japanese Sensei that gave you permission to use this label “Sensei?”  And also, is this Japanese person truly a “Sensei” himself, because if this Japanese person is a false “Sensei”, even if he gave you permission to use the title “Sensei”, then you are false yourself and everybody of whom you certify to be “Sensei’s” are false, because the foundation is false.  It is like a fake online University giving away bachelor degrees for profit, all based on a lie.  Every certificate that is issued is false.

If you have not received permission from an authentic Japanese “Sensei” to use that title, then you should not be using that title, you should use your own title, may it be “Mr.” “Instructor”, or even “Master.”  I see that to be the only right way to do it.

In America, you can’t just go around telling people you are a Professor, when you are not really a Professor, that label is protected by law.  You can’t just around telling people you are a Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, when you are not properly certified, that label is protected by law.  You can’t just go around telling people you are a Police Officer, that label is protected by law.

But people want the label of Professor without putting in the work to earn that title.  So what they do, is they want to steal titles from the East and use them for profit purposes, so you will see thousands of Americans who are claiming themselves as “Sensei’s.”  I disagree with all of this.  Labels and titles from the East should not be exploited for profit.  I see this as wrong.  If there is a real Japanese person who claims himself to be a “Sensei,” then I see this to be the right way to use this title.  It is like a real college Professor from Harvard, he really is a Professor at Harvard, no lying, no deceit.

Finding a real Japanese person in America is already hard, to find a real Japanese “Sensei” is even harder.  Finding a real Indian person in America is already hard, to find a real Indian Yoga Master is even harder.  Why is it that in all the Yoga places in America, almost none of them have Indian teachers, when Yoga originated from India?  So many Yoga studios in America are controlled by non Indians.  Why is it that in so many Karate schools in America, almost none of them are run by Japanese teachers, when Karate originated in Japan?  So many Karate places in America are controlled by non Japanese persons.

It’s like stepping into a Chinatown in Chicago where all the business owners and workers are all people who are non-Chinese.  How the heck can this be considered a Chinatown when there are no Chinese people around?  That is how I feel about the Martial Arts, it is all being controlled and dictated by non-Asians.  When the Martial Arts belongs to the Asians, not the Caucasians, but the Asians.  The Caucasians need to learn from the Asians when it comes to the Martial Arts, not the other way around.

But Americans think they can master something in 1 year when it really should take over 20 years of study and experience.  They want to study for 1 year and then start making money right away.  They want to start making money right away by promoting a lie.  “Turn me into a Sensei in one year and I will promise you that your business with succeed!”  Once you turn this non Asian American into a “Sensei,” now he wants to turn all his buddies and friends into Sensei’s as well in not just 1 year but now in 6 months!  Now before you know it, everybody thinks they are Sensei’s, or Masters of the Martial Arts.  All of this is a based on a lie; all of it is an extreme exploitation of the Martial Arts.  Other than the Police Departments, there is probably nothing more corrupted in America than the so-called “Martial Arts” industry.

73)  Combat sport people disrespecting the traditional Martial Arts is like the son disrespecting the Father. The son was born by the father, to disrespect the father, the son deserves to get his ass beat. Combat sport would not be in existence if not for the Martial Arts. Martial Arts is always supreme over combat sport, combat sport is limited with rules, Martial Arts is not limited, it is limitless.

74)  No Wisdom in Universities

“All that we learn in this world serves as a means of getting the better of one another.  It is a plan for your conflicts in life.  You will be able to fight better and win out if you have more degrees.  The universities are a reflection of your aggression; armed with its weapons you can compete and exploit others more efficiently.  You can harass them more systematically, and commit crimes lawfully.  With the right rules and methods you can do effectively all that you otherwise could not do, and which you should not do.  Education teaches dishonesty and deceit.  As a result you may win out over others, but you will never be wise.  Rather, people are becoming more and more unwise, ignorant.  Our universities are not centers of learning, because no wisdom is contained there.”  – Osho “The True Name” pg. 75

A real education does not happen inside a University.  My real learning has all happened outside of the University. My real education is from life

75)  Real Street Violence

This video shows the reality of violence on the streets, in this video, there are no firearms, but with firearms, it is even more deadly.  Violence is never good; it is something that should not be glamorized.  In this video you see women being severely beaten by men.  You see men getting beaten by multiple attackers.  You see weapons being used.  You see people being spontaneously attacked.  You see people being beaten on the ground while they have gone unconscious.  In all cases the police will never be there to help you.  In all cases, there will never be a referee there to stop the fight.  In call cases, there is no respect for ridiculous rules that you find in combat sport.  In all cases, there is no mercy.

A woman should never assume that a man will not beat her to death or rape her.  A man should never assume that a larger man will never violently attack a smaller man out of respect for “weight classes.”  A man should never assume that a fight on the streets will be a one on one fight.  A man should never assume that another man will never use a weapon to put him in great bodily harm.  A man should never assume that there are not violent people out there that are willing to hurt you for no reason at all.  A man should never assume that a fight on the streets is going to be the same kind of fights that you find in entertainment media.

Real violence is serious business.  Imagine walking with your girlfriend or wife, while 4 men approach you, beat you to near death while keeping you alive just enough to have you witness them raping your girlfriend or wife and then killing her in front of your eyes.  Imagine walking with your child and then being approached by 4 men who beat you and your child to near death.  In these types of street situations, what would you do?  Calling the police is not the right answer, by the time you reach for your phone; you will already be knocked down, by the time the police show up, you will already be dead.

You need to be prepared for any situation on the streets, many times that may mean that you will have to carry a weapon with you to increase your chances of survival in these deadly situations.  To increase your chances of survival you will also have to train day in and day out.  You will need to be in top physical shape, you will need to train in self-defense with and without weapons to keep you ready and prepared for anything that could happen.  You will need to train your spirit to maintain your inner peace and composure to decrease this sort of negative energy from being attracted to you.  Real Martial Arts training helps prepare you to survive these sort of deadly encounters.

Just buying a gun is not good enough; you need to learn how to use the gun properly and safely.  You need to learn when to use it and when not to.  You need to learn the law and keep yourself away from trouble with the law when you carry the firearm with you.  You need to be attentive and aware at all times while you are armed.  You need to master your emotions so that you will never kill others or yourself out of anger or depression.  You will need to be very responsible so that others or yourself are not harmed by your negligence.  Carrying a firearm for your safety requires an immense amount of responsibility and training.

A firearm allows you to handle very deadly encounters, unarmed training allows you to handle threatening situations that are serious but not life threatening.  When you are properly trained, you will handle each situation accordingly.  Very serious encounters you will draw the firearm, not so serious, you will handle with your unarmed techniques of combat.  If the attacker breaks the rules and fights unfairly, then you will also break the rules and fight unfairly.  As a Martial Artist, you will always put yourself in a situation where you will be one up on the opponent.

If one person attacks you, you handle the situation with your bare hands.  If multiple people attack you, you will draw your weapon.  If you need to run to survive, you will run to survive.  If an armed person asks for your wallet, you will give your wallet.  If you witness a woman being raped, you will tactically handle the situation.  Carrying weapons as a way of self-defense greatly enhances your opportunities of survival.  Being in the best shape of your life will greatly enhance your opportunities of survival.  Having a strong spirit will ensure that you will make the best decisions in your life that will attract positivity your way.

If you decide to stop drinking alcohol, how can you ever get in a bar fight if you are never in the bar?  If you surround yourself with positive people, positive things are more likely to happen around you.  If you surround yourself with criminals, be ready for danger.  If you have many friends that love to drink alcohol, don’t be surprised if one day there is serious car accident due to a DUI.  If you go to the clubs late at night every weekend, don’t be surprised if a fight breaks out.  If you surround yourself with people who never exercise, don’t be surprised to see a lot of your friends dying from heart attacks.

If you sleep around with a lot of women, don’t be surprised if you catch an STD.  Having a strong spirit means you will make your own decisions in your life.  You will not just follow the masses around you; you will follow your own path.  You will follow the path towards ultimate health body, mind, and spirit.  When you follow the true path, there will be a much less likely chance of violence coming your way.  But this will not shield all violence away from you; it will greatly decrease violence and negativity being a part of your life.

But as you keep training hard every day to prepare against real violence, it will give you a much greater chance of survival.  Just like eating healthy every day will not guarantee a longer life but it will greatly increase the chances of you living longer.  Training to be fit, training to defend yourself with and without weapons, and training for a strong spirit is very important.  That is what real Martial Arts is all about.

75) Training Does Not End – 2/14/15

“Pains and difficulties there are and will continue to be; because any attainment without trouble is almost useless.  Without traveling you can never reach your destination; you are bound to wander.  You will only appreciate and care for that which you acquire with difficulty.  Besides, if you are out to attain the ultimate truth you will have to make some sacrifice!” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 85

Do not expect for this path that I have developed to be easy.  If you did not choose this path, there would be little to no expectations.  Just simply enjoy your training and be happy.  But this path for key members is a path where you will be pushed, it will be difficult, it will be so difficult to the point that there will be no destination, the only destination is death, you will be training hard and representing till death.  The training does not end, like breathing, everywhere you go, you breathe.  Only when you stop breathing will you stop training.  Everyday is training, your life is training, every thing you do is training.  This is the way of the Martial Arts.

76)  Misguided Seeker

The posts you have personally shared on this Blog have been a great contribution.  Coming from your perspective, I was able to connect with your postings.  But this one, just passing along information from another, I do not see or feel that connection.  I visited the persons website and I did not receive the right energy.  This person is sharing half truths, and Osho would say that a half truth is more dangerous than a complete lie.  This person sees part of the picture, but he does not see the whole picture, he does not have a complete understanding, what he has to share can be more dangerous for the seeker than if the seeker knew nothing of this persons teachings.

This person is formulating a very strong ego within the seeker that is hidden and masked.  This inevitably will build to become very dangerous.  Enlightenment is never about “getting the word out.”  It does not happen that way, it only happens from within.  Masses of people can never be enlightened by just reading a book.  This person keeps saying, you are already on the path, you are already “saved” if you are reading this.  This is such an ego fulfillment for himself and giving the same ego fulfillment to the seeker to make the seeker feel “special” because they have found this “special” information.

Every person who posts on this Blog, I am evaluating their posts, to see their path in spirituality, as you post, I am developing a closer relationship with each person to see where they are spiritually, to see if we connect.  But when you say that another person knows because you think he knows, it does not mean he knows.  This person does not know.  There is a very strong ego energy that I feel that is masked and hidden and what he has to share will inevitably develop the same within you.  As you keep reading what he has to share, you will start to feel more and more that you are somehow “special” because you have this “special” information to share.  Truth cannot be readily made and passed on over to the next person.  I do not recommend people to listen to this person, he is misguided, he is not a sage.  I recommend people to study Osho, Lao tzu, and Buddha.  They are true sages.

Now if this person had other skill sets worth learning from.  Say he is able to play basketball like how Michael Jordan was able to play, ok then you can learn that skill from him, but just because Michael Jordan was good in basketball doesn’t make him a sage.  The skill or talent you should be able to see without him even saying a word.

77) Real Kung Fu – 2/19/15

“Train to go to war but don’t go to war.”  – Sifu Freddie Lee

War is ugly, never joyful, never something we wish to engage in.  But the preparation for war, the training involved, is something that is beautiful.  The joy is in the journey, not in the destination.  A Martial Artist has no destination; he is enjoying so much of the journey that he has forgotten about the destination.

Train to go beyond the standards of the Navy Seals but do not become the Navy Seal.  Train to go beyond the standards of the Olympian but do not become an Olympian.  Train because you love to train, train because training is your life, the reason why you train is the same reason why you breathe; it is what gives you life.

Why do we seek to become affectionate and intimate with our lovers?  Hardly ever is it because we wish to create a child, even after creating many children, we will still be driven to express this intimacy with our lovers, there is no goal, we are engaging in the experience for the experience itself.  That is how training should be, it comes natural within, you do not need to force yourself, it is something you love to do.

When you approach training in this manner, you excel without knowing that you are exceling, you achieve a high standard without realizing that you are achieving a high standard.  Without an ego standing over you telling you that you are achieving this and you are achieving that, you are excelling in meditation.  This is “wu-wei” effortless effort.  It is a meditative approach towards achieving a high standard. It is pure motivation that is not coming from the outside, it is coming from within, it is in your blood and bones.  It is real Kung Fu.

78) Revenge 2/19/15

You have brought up a very important point that is never taught in combat sport.  The aspect of revenge.  You may think that you won a fair one on one fight today but what about tomorrow and the day after, or even a few minutes after?  If you do not kill your opponent on the streets, be prepared for a revenge, the person can come after you and take your life away.  A person on the streets who cannot control his ego is likely to kill you if you hurt his ego.  In the Boxing ring, the person that loses will ask for a rematch, on the streets, the person that loses will not ask for a rematch, he will attack you spontaneously when you are not prepared and he will kill you.

If you kill your opponent on the streets, you must also be prepared for his family members and friends coming after you to take your life.  Real war on the streets is never glamorous, it is something we need to stay away from, but if we do engage we need to engage intelligently and always be prepared for the revenge.

If you let your opponent live, expect for him to come back to take your life, so be prepared, have your weapons ready to take his life away when he comes back to try to take your life away.  Other things to consider as well is that your enemy may not even seek revenge against you, he may seek revenge against your family because they may be an easier target.  Now you will start to see and understand why there is so much gang violence, gang members killing each other off out of revenge.  We need to step away from all of this violence and head towards peace.  We need to stay away from environments that attract negative behavior and violence.  We need to train hard to be prepared for whatever happens.

79)  A True Student – Osho “The True Name” Pg. 98. 

The word “Guru” has been replaced with “Sifu.”

The word “Sikh” has been replaced with “Student.”

The word “turban” has been replace with “FMK Uniform.”

Please take the time to read these quotes by Osho, as he has stated it very eloquently what it means to be a true student to a Sifu.

“It is very difficult to listen to even one teaching of the Sifu since you cannot hear anything with your present being.  It requires a complete transformation of your life.  For the Sifu’s teachings you have to be eager and look up towards him, you have to learn the art of being quiet and serene in his presence.  You must learn to leave your head behind at home, because if you bring it along with you, you will not be able to hear.  Even if the Sifu teaches, your head will draw different meanings.  You will be told one thing, you will hear another.  Having come empty-handed, you will leave empty-handed.”

“The Sifu’s teachings cannot be learned through the head, but heard through the heart.  He has to be listened to with total faith.  When the Sifu teaches, if you are thinking he is right or he is wrong, you are still sitting in the classroom and not yet in a gathering of seekers.”

“Coming to the Sifu means: I am tired of judging right and wrong.  Now I can judge no more.  It means: I am tired of thinking, I can think no more.  It means: I am sick and tired of myself and I want to give myself up.  In short, this is what is called faith.”

“You come to the Sifu only when you are completely tired of yourself.  If you still think yourself to be very intelligent, there is no point in coming to the Sifu because you are still your own Sifu.  You still need to wander a bit more, bear more hardships, incur more pain through doubts and indecisions.  It is no use coming when you are still raw.  More pain and suffering are needed to ripen you.  The day that you are completely fed up with yourself, then go to the Sifu.”

“People often go to the Sifu when they are not yet ready; they still believe in their own selves.  Thus whatever the Sifu says they sit and weigh his words, judging the right and wrong.  What suits them they will believe; what does not they will not believe.  In that case, you are obeying your own self and not the Sifu.”

“You cannot look upon this as faith, or call it surrender because you have changed nothing.  There is only one secret in going to the Sifu: leave your self behind and go.  Then whatever the Sifu says is right; there is nothing for you to decide.  Only when can you hear his teachings; with the entire heart – then only can you learn.  He who has heard the Sifu’s teachings becomes a student.

“He who is ready to learn is a student.  He who is ready to listen to the teachings is a student.  But he who is still full of ego and not prepared to listen is not a student.  To put on the FMK uniform and adopt all the outward signs of a student does not make you a student, because to become a student is an emotional happening.”

80) True Disciple – 2/19/15

“Bodhidharma, the Buddhist master, went to China.  He sat facing a wall and said, “I will only turn my face when the true disciple comes.  Why should I talk to anyone else?  It is as useless as talking to the walls!” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 100

“As long as there is an I am or I am the judge, you cannot be the disciple; you cannot hear the Sifu’s words.”  Osho “The True Name” pg. 101 “Guru” has been replaced with “Sifu.”

Only true disciples can learn from a Sifu.  A special connection must be established, a surrendering must occur.  This is not the average customer/merchant relationship where the customer is always right.  The Sifu is not a merchant here to be evaluated by the customer.  It is like the difference between prostitution and love.  Prostitution is not love and love is not prostitution.  Love is a special relationship, a special connection; this is like the relationship between Sifu and disciple.  Prostitution is like what we know as the commercialized Martial Art industry, where the teachings of the Martial Arts has been corrupted and exploited for profit.

81)  Turning Back – 2/19/15

“When you have traveled a number of miles in mountainous terrain and someone says your light points in the wrong direction, you feel a terrible blow.  It means you have to retrace your steps and go back all the way you came.  Your ego protests and says, “Goa little further, don’t give up.  Who knows, this woman may be wrong!  She may be stupid, or mad, or lying, or trying to mislead you!”

“To turn back is a blow to the ego.  You wonder, “Could I have been wrong all this time?”  Therefore it is easier to teach children than to teach older people.  If they have already walked sixty or seventy miles can they admit to being wrong all that time?  The child never resists, because the child has yet not walked.  He will go wherever you take him.  An old man never will.  He will insist that the path he has followed is correct – because his ego depends on it.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 111

I see that the above quote applies to all those who are still living in a fantasy in the Martial Arts.  A lot of people who practice Martial Arts and Combat Sport tend to forget all about the real world.  They forget all about the guns, about the police, about the law, about death, about medical bills, about weapons, about police corruption, about gangs, about mafias, about multiple assailants, about retaliation, etc.

They spend so much time on wrestling mats, that they forget that out there in the real world, people are not walking or driving on wrestling mats!  They are so focused and concerned about following the rules of their sport that they forget about the spontaneity of life and how there are no rules.  They completely forget about how fragile our lives are and how easily we can be murdered or killed.  They somehow believe they are superhuman because they have figured out how to deliver powerful kicks and punches.

They somehow believe that they are invincible because they have learned a few self-defense techniques.  They win a few matches and now they think they are on top of the world, the best in the world, unbeatable.  They are all living in a fantasy but they don’t’ want to admit it because it will hurt their ego, their ego depends on this false sense of reality.  They might have spent their whole lives training to be the best, and they don’t want to admit to themselves that they are no different than everybody else around them, they are equal to the next person, they are nobody special.

They do not want to face up to reality and admit that Martial Arts training is primarily for bettering your health, not for fighting.  They want to somehow believe that they are indestructible when they are not.  They will go around breaking boards, breaking bricks, breaking trees, breaking bats, beating up people for medals, all to try to convince themselves that they possess a special skill and talent, all to try to convince themselves and the people around them that they are special.  But the reality is that they are nobody special.

They may be proficient in “fighting” but it is nothing special, no different than being proficient in playing basketball.  All their fighting games, are just that, games, nothing more.  Boxing, wrestling, cage fighting, basketball, football, tennis, baseball, track and field, nothing is better than the other, they are all games.  Some games are more dangerous than others, but either way, they are all just games, none of it deals with reality.  They are afraid to admit this because it will bring too much pain.  Pain in knowing that all these years they have been training has all been for nothing, even after all this training, they are still nobody special, they are still unimportant, they are still human, they can still die just as easily as the next person who has not trained for a single day in his life.  Seeing this reality brings sadness and depression to the fake Martial Artist.

82) No Words for Truth

“Sages always repent after speaking, for they feel they could not say what they wanted to say; and they have said what should not have ben said.  For what they tried to convey the listener could not follow, and what he understood had no meaning.”

“And even if you speak, the regret becomes greater, for by the time your words reach the listener their meaning becomes quite different.  Everything that you said gets completely changed – you gave a diamond; it became a stone.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 139

Sages are bound to be misunderstood.  The truth is shared through silence.  Truth is felt through the heart and cannot be adequately expressed with words.

83) A Real Seeker

The difference between a genuine seeker and a false seeker is that the legitimate seeker follows truth wherever it might take him – whatever be the outcome – even if everything is lost, even if life is lost.  He is ready to lose it all.  The inauthentic seeker bends truth to follow him; but then it is no longer truth, it is falsity.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 141

I accept reality for what it is, I do not deny reality, even if it makes my dreams come crashing down, it is better to know that it was all just a dream than to purposefully lie to myself and others to believe in something that does not exist.  I refuse to sell dreams, I refuse to lie and deceive people, I would rather be honest with people, be real with people, even if it means that they will hate me for waking them up from their beautiful dreams. The way that I am, I am bound to be unaccepted by the masses because I refuse to sell the dream.

84) Ponder Before You Speak

“Nanak says ponder well before you speak.  Be fully aware and say only if you know yourself.  The world has gone astray not because of ignorant people but because of those all wise and all knowing people who really know nothing, yet love to talk and advise others.  Not being conscious of what they are doing, or why, they are just a plague with their opinions and views.”

“It is not difficult to gather followers around you; you have only to start speaking and continue speaking, no matter what.  In a few days you will have gathered a whole band of followers, because there are always people more stupid than you in this world.  To find disciples all you need is a little madness in you, some arrogance, and the strength to speak your loudest, and people will flock around you.  As people begin to hang around you, many happenings will be attributed to you.  The very people who are in total darkness, never having known the light, get caught in your trap when you begin to speak on light; because they feel there is certainly something in you.”

“Nanak says whatever you say with regard to meditation, you must ponder well before you utter, because it is like playing with fire.  Nothing could be more subtle, nor more valuable.  The path that leads from the mundane world to God, the supreme spirit, is very thin and fine.  You have to contemplate a great deal before you venture to express your thoughts.”

“Do I know myself?  Have I the experience?”  If each person in this world were to take a vow to speak only of that which he has knowledge, all deceptions and misconceptions would end.  When man is ready to acknowledge his ignorance of things he does not know and realize that he has no right to talk on such matters, then life will become simple and it will not be so difficult to realize truth.”

“But there is so much untruth all around, such a network of deception and false gurudom that you will not be able to find a true Guru, a perfect master.  You will not come across a true Nanak, because there are so many impostors vying to be “Masters.”  How can you discern among them?  There are no criteria to go by.”

“Therefore Nanak says speak only after great deliberation, and only after you have known and experienced directly.  Don’t play with the life of others.  This is exactly what you are doing when you advise others on things you are ignorant of yourself.”

“But if you pose as a Guru and lead your disciples along paths you have no idea of yourself, you can cause them to wander for endless lives.  There can be no deception greater than this, no sin more heinous.  There is no greater sinner than an ignorant Guru.”

“Remember, a person can wander from guru to guru and, finding them worthless, his faith is shaken and his hope is lost.  He begins to feel that there is nothing but hoax and hypocrisy in the name of religion.  When ninety-nine out of one hundred are hypocrites how can one trust the one who is genuine?  Such a person, even if he meets a satguru, a Nanak, will invariably be very wary of him, naturally suspecting him to be like the others.”

“Thus Nanak exhorts us to speak only after due contemplation because it is like playing with fire, like laying a wager on other peope’s lives.  Think well before you speak or else hold your peace.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 167-169

Do not teach until you are truly ready to teach.  You need to focus your energies on your own inner development.  Do not believe yourself to be a Master when you are still a disciple.  Know your place.  If you are a child, do not mistakenly believe that you are the father.  If you have yet to find your inner light, seek for the guidance of those above.  The little brother to bigger brother, the bigger brother to father.  The disciple shall follow the Master, the Master shall follow the Tao.  Be very careful when guiding others towards the spiritual path, if you do not know yourself, do not speak.  Know whom you are speaking to and be ready to clear up any misunderstandings.  You cannot be a spiritual guide to all, because all is too much to handle. If you are to guide anyone on the spiritual way, select a few, and take your time.  Enlightenment can never be mass-produced.

– Sifu Freddie Lee

85) A Martial Artist is Limitless

“Whatsoever is spoken about God can only be negative.  At most we can say, “He is not this.  He is not that.”  As soon as you say, “He is this,” you confine him within a boundary; because only that which bears on outline, a boundary, can be pointed out.  The limitless cannot be pointed out.  Therefore Nanak says: you can say nothing about God, therefore it is best to keep silent about him.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 170.

You cannot say that a Martial Artist is this or that, saying so implies the limit, but you can say that he is not this and he is not that.  You cannot point out something that is limitless.  Martial Arts is limitless, that is why it is so difficult to put into words.  As soon as you choose any labels, you already imply limitations and that is not the way. – Sifu Freddie Lee

86) Safe Sparring With Love

“So the first thing regarding love is for your life energy not to become destructive.  Destruction is sin when it occurs for its own sake.  There is another kind of destruction: a man tears down a house in order to build a new one.  This is not destroying but a part of constructing.  When you break for the sake of breaking, it becomes a sin.”

“If you have a small child whom you love very much, you sometimes give him a whack or two – because of your love you have beaten him for his good, to improve him.  You hit him because you care.  If you did not care for him you would not have bothered what he did and what he didn’t do; you would have been indifferent.  But you love him enough not to allow him to go on doing what he pleases.  You will stop him from going near fire; you will even hit him if he does not listen.  This hitting is not sinful, but creative.  You want to make something of him.”

“When you hit an opponent, it is the same hand; the slap is the same, the energy is the same.  When the feeling within you is that of enmity, when you are hitting to destroy and not to create, it becomes a sin!  An act in itself is not a sin.  If the feeling within you is positive and creative, no act is a sin; if the feeling within is destructive, the same act becomes a sin.”  – Osho “The True Name” pg. 212

Real Martial Artists spar out of love, they do not fight out of anger.  They spar with one another as brothers to help one another improve and progress.  Like a father who spars with a son, neither is fighting out of anger or hate, the father is there to help the son improve.

The Sifu breaks down the disciple in order to help rebuild the disciple, through time and experience the disciple will obtain experience and skill.  With this experience and skill comes confidence.  If the disciple becomes arrogant, the Sifu once again will need to break down the disciple to regain his humbleness.  The Sifu is constantly monitoring the disciple to ensure he is on the proper path.  Out of love, the Sifu whacks the disciple for his own good.  The disciple gains experience, skill, and humbleness from the experience.

The Sifu will stop the disciple into going into combat sport or becoming a street bully; he will even beat him if he does not listen.  This hitting is not sinful, but creative.  The Sifu wants to make something of him.  Fighting out of anger and hatred is sin.  Fighting out of love is positive and creative. – Sifu Freddie Lee

87) Real Street Combat


Here is another example of real street combat caught on video.  Here you can see multiple assailants being involved.  You see the use of firearms, you see death as an end result, and you see how quickly everything went down.  This is not for your entertainment, this is the real violence that can happen on the streets, there are no rules, things happen spontaneously, and you have to be prepared.

88) Don’t Be Afraid to Sing

“People are afraid to sing.  Birds do not care whether their voices are sweet or not, but man is very careful.  Only a few pwoepl sing, those with good voices; the rest sing only in the bathroom where no one can see and no one can hear.”

“All you require is a the courage and daring to be a little mad, and then the song will spurt out of you.  Birds don’t go to college to learn music; they don’t worry about who says what; they are not anxious whether their song will sell; they sing with joy and abandon.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 308-309

This is a very important teaching on what it means to be a true Artist.  A true Artist is a someone who is self-expressive from within.  He does not express to impress others, he simply is authentic from within.

89) Combat Sport and Suffering

Keep it well in mind not to support a man who is in suffering or troubled, for that is a sin and equal to inflicting pain on him.  It is a very subtle device.  Should I want to pierce you with a dagger it would be a sin.  But if you thrust a dagger into your chest and I say, “Wonderful! What a sacrifice!  You have become a martyr!” it is sinful and I am partner to the act.  A man lying on a bed of nails is a sinner all right, but those who come and offer flowers and coins at his feet are also partners in his sin.  They are offering him encouragement by calling him a saint.  These are two types of sick people; both suffer from a perverted state of mind.  Beware of them both.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 316

I do not encourage or admire people who do harmful things to their bodies or cause harm onto others.  I am not entertained by watching humans destroy one another in violence.  The onlookers paying for fighters to hurt each other encourages the behavior and it is just as much of a sin.  Even giving fighters attention, encourages the behavior and it is just as much of a sin.

There is a big difference between being inspired by Martial Art movies than it is to watch and promote combat sport.  Martial Arts and Combat Sport are opposite.  Martial Arts is a creative expression, combat sport is destructive and violent.  Martial Arts is meditation.  Combat sport is ego.  They are opposite.  I encourage the public to be influenced and inspired by Martial Artists, but I discourage the public from paying any attention to fighters.  The fighters and the people who encourage the fighters to fight are both sick.  Just like the dog owners who train their dogs to fight and the people who will pay to watch two dogs fighting, the dog owners and the audience are both sick.

Do not support a man who is suffering.  Support the positive and healthy man who lives a long life.  Boxers, football players, and fighters all die young.  I do not admire them.  Martial Artists live long healthy lives, I support Martial Artists.

90)  Be Happy, Be The Lamp

“Your misery will increase the suffering of others; it raises the ratio of suffering in the world.  If you are happy you make suffering that much less in the world.  One single person’s happiness and joy raises currents strong enough to make those around him happy.”

“If a single house has a lamp, it helps make the neighbors conscious that their houses are in darkness.  When one lamp is burning it is not difficult to light others with it.  One lamp can light the lamps of the entire world.”  Osho – “The True Name” pg. 318

Be positive, spread positive energy.  Smile more, be in the present moment, be in meditation.  There is no suffering when you are in meditation.  There is no suffering when you are in awareness.  Suffering is caused by the mind, by the ego, by our thoughts.  Eliminate these suffering thoughts and happiness will be the outcome.  Become the happy person that lights up the world around you.

91) The Master Locksmith

Meditation is the key, but it difficult for people to learn about meditation, because essentially 99% of the people don’t know what it is.  You can’t teach what you don’t know.  Once you learn it, you can use it towards the good or you can become a very dangerous person.  It is like becoming a master at picking locks.  Now you can use it to help people like a locksmith or you can use it to take advantage of others by picking locks to steal from people.  If you come to a master locksmith to learn the art with a long criminal history, obviously you are not the one to teach.  That is like the fighter who comes to a Martial Art Master to sharpen up his skills, obviously he is not the one to teach.  A person who finds joy in being a bully, should not be taught ways in which to become a greater bully.

92) No Dignity and Honor

“You may sit on a throne but you will attain no dignity and honor.  The honor of this world is no honor, for here is merely the play of the waves. Who is going to remember you when you are gone?  And who really bothers about you while you are alive – even though you may be sitting on a throne?”

“Look at those who rule the land.  Wherever they go they are received with thrown stones.  You look for flowers but you get stones thrown at you. You look for respect and you are insulted.  If you gain your place by force, there are always others to pull you down by your leg.  Ask the politicians.  Their names may appear in the papers and their every action becomes news, but they are equally criticized.  In this world if you want to win, you are bound to lose; if you hanker after honor, you are bound to be insulted.  Dignity exists only when you are with God.”

“So Nanak says to pick up the carrying-bag of dignity and honor, throw away the sack of arrogance and ego that you are carrying.  Discover egolessness, shyness and contentment, and your roots will have begun to spread towards God.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 341

All positions of power are only momentary, the time will pass and you will once again become powerless.  True power is not external but internal.  Internal power cannot be taken away, internal power is a part of the universal power that is forever enduring.  External power can be taken away at any moment.  Any person in a position of power will be targeted by those who are jealous and envious, just waiting to take their place.  It is an endless state of war.  You can end this state of war, this power struggle at anytime by taking yourself out of the rat race.

93) The Warrior Caste

“Ninety percent of all wise men of India come from the Kshatriya caste, including Nanak, Krishna, Rama, Mahavira, and Buddha.  They have certain qualities which make it easy to attain knowledge – courage and boldness.  Not so many Brahmans or other castes have reached the ultimate truth as the Kshatriyas.  The reason is that the warrior will stake his all; he isn’t afraid of danger.  It is impossible for a warrior to forget death.  It stands at his door at every moment.  And he who remembers death begins to be reminded of God also.”  – Osho “The True Name” pg. 345.

The “Kshatriya” caste is likened to my understanding of Martial Artists.  It is no coincidence that the spiritual foundational teachings of the Martial Arts are based on Buddha’s teachings.  Buddha himself had Martial Arts in his blood, Buddha was from the Kshatriyas caste, he was from the Warrior caste.  There is something in my own blood that makes me fearless.  Something about me that never forgets about death.  Because of this, I find it easier to be in meditation.  I do not take my life for granted, I never thought that I would live until this age of 33, since my awakening, I have been prepared to die early.

I welcome death when it comes, and with this attitude, every single year that passes, is a gift.  Another year of life that I never thought I would experience.  This way of living, forces me to be in the present moment, that is why I do not plan ahead very much, that is why I am so spontaneous and difficult to control.  This warrior caste to me is very much symbolized by the Chinese Dragon.  Mysterious, spontaneous, and powerful.

94) An Enlightened Being in a World of Haters

“Here Nanak makes a valuable statement about how religion is altered and deformed when his light enters a person, he cannot help talking about him.  How can a flower stop spreading its fragrance when it blooms?  How can a lamp not spread light once it is illumined?  Whenever divinity descends into a person he is bound to talk about it.  He will sing his glories, what he has attained will ooze from each pore of his body and will be manifest like fragrance around him, like light.  Even if he remains silent, by basking in him his very being radiates news of him.”

“Nanak says: “Seeing such a person and hearing him talk of divine things, inferior and worthless people, who are no more than worms in human form, feel a sense of competition.  These people are filled with envy and jealousy and do their utmost to discount the attainment of such a one.”

“So the first thing that happens around a person when he attains is that people around him will deny him and his attainment.  They will brand him a liar, a hoax.  They will set out on a fault-finding mission.  This is the Kali Yuga, the Age of Darkness, they will say, and who can attain in this ear?  The days of Sat Yuga, the Age of Truth, when so many beings were enlightened, are gone.  They will ask for a thousand and one proofs and do their utmost to demonstrate that he has not attained.”

“There is no way to prove one’s attainment, neither by one’s behavior, one’s clothes or one’s food.  But realization needs no proof; its light manifests all around the person.”

“Then what do these people do?  Those among them whose ego is stronger than the rest proclaim to the world, I have attained!  The ego first denies the attainment of a genuine seeker: how could anyone do such a thing before he – the egoist – has realized?  When he finds that the man in question cannot be proved wrong, he lets it be known by the beat of a drum that he also has attained!

“Nanak speaks of the man and lowly – for nothing can be meaner or lower than the ego.  They are like lowly worms or insects.  They are filled with the spirit of competition.  Then they give rise to false stories of achievements.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 388

95) No Search Warrant Necessary – 3/12/15

According to this article, the Police don’t need a warrant to search your home if two occupants disagree about allowing officers to enter.  So basically if you get in an argument with your partner, try your hardest to settle the issue between each other without having to call the Police, once you call the Police you can end up causing much harm to your family life over something stupid.  And if at anytime your neighbor ends up calling the Police and the Police end up showing up at the door unannounced, play through the scenario beforehand with your partner and have an agreement to never give permission for them to enter your home. There is absolutely no benefit to allow them to enter your home, only bad things can happen from there.  Never consent to any searches, even if you have nothing to hide, because if you don’t know the law, you will not know that you are breaking the law.


96) The Trap

“One day Mulla Nasruddin’s wife complained to him, “It was you who was running after me and not I.  And now look at you, and your ways!  If this is how it was to be, why did you run after me?”

“Mulla said, “What you say is one hundred percent correct.  Have you ever seen a mouse trap run after a mouse?  The mouse gets himself trapped.  Your statement that I ran after you is absolutely correct.”

“Women are very clever in this respect.  No husband can accuse his wife of running after him.  No woman ever makes this mistake, for she knows this problem is bound to arise sooner or later.  It is always the man who falls into the trap.  The woman watches quietly; at most she nods her head.  All the initiative is taken by the man.  Nasruddin is right; men walk into the trap of their own free will.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 425-426

97) Never Praise Anyone

“Before those who are powerful your tail keeps wagging and you try to please in every little way.  Your appearance bears the expression of flattery and wily charm.  And how stiff is your posture before a lowly person!  From him you expect the same flattery and attention as you give to those who are higher than you.  You expect him to wag his tail and appreciate every word that comes out of you.  Remember, he who demands flattery has had to flatter someone somewhere, and is actually taking revenge.  But the person who has seen himself correctly, never praises anyone nor expects praise from others.  There is one God.  If he is praised that is enough.  From whom is he to ask praise?  For everywhere it is he.” – Osho “ The True Name” pg. 439

98) Your Own Experience

“Are you sure that the one whose words you are taking in, whose knowledge you are imbibing, is authentic?  You have no way to find out.  You have no criterion to judge the true from the false.  The only real test is when you have your own experience, but then you have no further need to listen to anyone else.” – Osho “The True Name” – pg. 467

With your own experience, you will know what is true and what is false.  I connect so much with Osho’s teachings because his teachings are truths that I have realized within and it’s the same with Bruce Lee.  They have laid the groundwork of sharing their teachings.  Bruce was the first and probably last Asian American to break into Hollywood as a respectable actor, there is no need to do it again, simply promote his teachings, his books, his movies.  Osho had worked for many years and have built a great following, he has thousands of hours of lectures and hundreds of books published, I simply need to promote his work.  I can create my own, but to build a following the way Osho and Bruce had built a following is an enormous task at hand, if it cannot be done, then simply promote the teachings of those who have already built the foundation.

When a sage is living, people tend to not listen.  After they pass away, then they listen.  That is why it is beneficial to refer to the teachings of sages that have already passed.  Buddha, Osho, Lao-tzu, Bruce Lee. You will not need to listen to anyone when you know, but when you know and you wish to share to others, others tend to only want to listen to those who have passed, that is why quoting the works of those who have passed serves to be very beneficial towards the growth of humanity.

99) Rejection

Rejection sucks but as I grow I learn to appreciate rejection.  Rejection teaches you to be strong.  Like going into a fight and not being afraid to be hit.  Yes you don’t want to be hit but if you do get hit you are prepared and it is not a shock.  Soon enough you will no longer be afraid of fighting.  For every job you must apply, and nobody will ever go through life without being rejected in some job position.  Even when we go to college we must apply and not all of us will be accepted into each college we apply to.

Rejection helps you to grow; it helps you to put into practice the art of meditation.  You would much rather try and be rejected than to never try and wonder for the rest of your life what would have happened.  Once you try and you are rejected, you know you can move on to what else life has in store for you.  If you never try and you wonder for your entire life, it will cause great misery and pain, it is the opposite of meditation.  It is like wishing for a life that will never happen, it is better to give it a try to see what happens.

Every time I have been rejected, it has brought greatness in my life.  I was rejected in making the basketball team in High School, that lead me to the Martial Arts.  I was rejected by someone I loved in college and it lead me to my current wife of which we have created 5 children together.  I had been rejected in the Police Department and it had led me to operating my own business teaching what I love to teach.  I have been rejected on YouTube and it has lead me towards refocusing on my own spiritual growth.  Every rejection always leads towards your inner growth.  Every time I have been rejected, I always am grateful to myself that I gave it a try.  And as I mature, I see the beauty in rejection; it becomes a real life opportunity towards the development of applied meditation.

100) Positive Energy

“Energy or power is active and infectious.  Remember, well-being and health are equally infectious.  Not only does evil enter you through others, but also goodness enters you and flows to others.  You feel a freshness in the company of a fresh person.  Sit a little with stale, sad, half-dead people, and their drawn faces will so affect you that you depart a different person – sad, ready to cry like them.  Sit with laughing, gay people and even if you have been sad, their joy will begin to infect you.  Man is not different from or separated from man.  From within we are all connected and flow into each other.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 469

This quote is very true to me, when I am around very sad and depressed people, it effects my energy level, when I am around very smiley and happy people, it gets me very uplifted.  I see the reason why America loves dogs is because dogs are naturally always joyful and happy, they have no ego, as long as they are healthy, they are happy and full of energy.  I see the same with children.  If children are raised in a healthy household, they are full of laughter, smiles, and positive energy; this energy cannot help but rub off into you as well.  I don’t have many close friends; I stick close to my family which I work hard towards creating that positive and happy atmosphere.  With my students, I work hard towards creating that positive and happy atmosphere, with the few close friends that I do have, I choose to have positive and happy friends.  My life is very simple and basic, it’s all about family, friends, training, teaching, reading, and writing.

101) This is NOT Martial Arts


Viewer discretion advised, very violent and graphic content.  This is a clear example of what is not Martial Arts.  This is a street fight between 2 amateurs.  This is an unarmed fight between two individuals one on one.  The fight ended extremely quickly.  Any fight that ends very quickly is an example of the reality of real combat.  This is a fight between two enemies.  This is a fight filled with anger, hatred, and violence.

This is a fight that caused great bodily harm and potential death.  There were no referees, no bystanders, no Police Offiers there to stop the fight.  Even after the video was shut off, the aggressor could have still attacked his enemy and taken away his life off camera.  This fight is gruesome, ugly, disgusting, and clearly not a form of entertainment.  This fight is raw footage of a crime taking place, a video of a potential murder.

How does your heart respond when watching this video?  Do you feel excitement and joy to see somebody else in great pain?  Do you feel compassion towards the man who has been severely injured?  If you feel excitement and joy to see somebody else in great pain, your heart has turned into a Fighter.  If you feel compassion towards the man who has been severely injured, in your heart, you have the heart of a Martial Artist.

A Martial Artist would never inflict this sort of aggravated violence towards another human being but in the same token, a Martial Artist must be adequately prepared to defend himself against such aggravated violence.  There is a fine line that you cannot cross that makes the difference between a Street Fighter and a Martial Artist.  A Martial Artist has a compassionate heart, a Street Fighter, is like an assassin, he will kill upon command.  I speak against cage fighting, because I discourage this sort of violent behavior in society.  Yes there is worse, there is gun violence, but this sort of violence is leading towards the worse.

I do not support Boxing, but I respect the rules of Boxing.  Never hit a man that is grounded, give him some time to get up to defend himself, or give him 10 seconds to decide whether or not he wishes to continue.  Do not brutalize someone weaker just because you happen to be more powerful.  No professional boxer will ever be rewarded for beating down his opponent after he has fallen down to the ground.

I would never wish to teach anybody the Martial Arts who plans to use what they have learned to abuse their powers.  I would rather not teach the Martial Arts than to be responsible for training just one person to do what this aggressor has done in this video.

I do not wish to share negative energy on my news feed, but I decided that the feelings that this video has created within my heart had to be expressed, I express what I am expressing because I care about this world.  I hope to contribute positivity to this world, and my way of doing so is condemning this sort of violent behavior.   Those who teach the Martial Arts, I hope you will take greater responsibility to know whom you are teaching.  Those who are learning the Martial Arts, I hope that you will take greater responsibility in determining which techniques are justified to be used in which situations.

102) The Wise Die Before Death

“The wise man dies before death; he breaks all his connections, separating himself from all identities.  He knows he is neither the body nor the mind; both these will die.  He knows he is not the ego, which is also sure to die.  It is destructible; it is a small form that has appeared like a wave.  No matter how beautiful the wave may be, no matter how high it may rise and boast of touching the skies, the very next moment it begins to drop into oblivion.  In youth all waves boast of touching the skies.  Ask the same people in their old age!”

“In youth the wave is at its peak; therefore youth is foolish.  The West put its faith in youth and suffered, and that suffering is increasing by leaps and bounds.  The Orient never trusted youth or gave it a place of importance, for it would be like giving importance to foolishness.  Youth is the peak of the wave, the longest shadow.  In the length of the shadow you see all kinds of dreams.  What doesn’t each of us dream of becoming?  The East has venerated old age, for then the shadow contracts to almost nothing, and if old age does not awaken you and make you aware of the ego, then when will you awaken?  If you awaken in young age, your life is filled with glory.  If you do not awaken even in old age you are the greatest of fools.  In youth your not awakening can be forgiven; not so in old age.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 474-475

Tupac and Bruce Lee represent the youth, still full of much ego.  Buddha, Lao-tzu, and Osho represent old age, an ego that they have mastered control over, they are full of wisdom. Buddha, Lao-tzu, and Osho are the sages, the Zen Masters.  Tupac and Bruce Lee were on the path towards becoming Masters, but yet to fully mature before their lives were taken away early.  If you have been inspired by Tupac or Bruce Lee, notice that their expression is incomplete.  When you follow the teachings of great sages, they will give you the full picture.  Yes during your youth you will be full of ego but as you age and become wise, the ego will start to calm down and your expression will be clear and pure.  During your youth, your vision is blurred, your expression is corrupted, there is spirituality mixed in with ego, and that energy can be very dangerous.

It is like a half truth, Osho would say that a half truth is much more dangerous than a full lie.  Your charismatic strong ego mixed in with spirituality can be responsible for a lot of misguidance in this world.  2pac can inspire millions to smoke weed, drink alcohol, go to jail, use profanity, shoot at cops, and incite violent behavior through aggressive music.  Bruce Lee can inspire millions to forget all about the beauty of choreographed forms, tradition, culture, and respect to elders.  Bruce Lee can inspire millions to become irresponsible rebels who have yet to mature.  Bruce Lee can inspire millions to only care about what actually works in fighting rather than taking the time to deeply understand the meaning behind the non-violent peaceful and graceful expression of the Martial Arts expressed by many Martial Artists from China.

The artistic expressions of 2pac and Bruce Lee are dangerous expressions.  Their expressions contain half-truths.  The real truth is expressed by Zen Masters, by great sages.  If you truly wish to head towards truth, you cannot stop at 2pac and Bruce Lee, you must go beyond them and study the real sages, such as Buddha, Lao-tzu, and Osho.

103) Security Camera Catches Prison Fight – Bully Picks On Skinnier Man


This is a video showing a real fight, this is not for entertainment.  I am referencing this video for educational purposes, not to promote violence.

There was a heavier set person in a stripe shirt who was the Bully and then there was a skinner person wearing all black who was being bullied.  The person in all black was laying on the ground trying to sleep.  The Bully was speaking on a cell phone with someone telling him/her that he was in the county jail.  The skinny person in all black corrected the Bully and told him that it was a city jail, not a county jail.  The Bully felt disrespected because of this correction, I guess he could not handle someone correcting him because he felt it made him look stupid.  The Bully proceeds to strike the skinny person laying on the ground repeatedly.  The Bully strikes the skinner person with fists a few times.

The skinnier person gets up and starts fighting back.  The skinner person lands some devastating punches on the Bully and dazes him.  The skinner person proceeds to land multiple devastating blows towards the bully knocking the bully back.  The cops get involved and taze the skinner person and the skinny person drops straight to the ground hitting the floor hard.  The Bully gets surrounded by the Police, the Bully then tries to lie to the police to tell them the skinny person was striking him for no reason.

Although I do not promote violence, I see that this video can serve as an educational tool for Martial Artists in training.  This is an example of what I consider a real fight; this is clearly not combat sport.  The camera is in one fixed position, there is no paying crowd cheering for these people to fight.  The person being bullied was not ready to fight, he did not want to fight, he was just attacked violently spontaneously.  This is how a real fight many times begins.  There is always a bully or aggressor and then there is a defender who does not want to fight but then ends up fighting to protect his own life.  This video is a prime example of that.

Yes the person being bullied should not have been in jail, but you don’t know why he was put in jail, he may have been wrongfully arrested, or he could have been locked up for a misdemeanor violation of law, such as a suspended license, DUI, smoking marijuana, a domestic, etc.  What I am saying is that the person that was bullied is not necessarily an evil person, he might have just made a mistake and was caught breaking the law by the police.

But if you assess this video alone, you clearly see that the skinny person was not a violent person looking to hurt other people, he was just laying down.  But what he did was he corrected the bully on the location of the jail.  And many times when dealing with an aggressor, a gang member, or a criminal, you have to be very careful what you say.  A bully will take offense to anything and everything.  You look at him the wrong way and he will want to fight.

You correct him on his vocabulary and he will want to fight.  You are wearing something expensive that he wants and he will want to fight you for it.  You are walking down the street with a beautiful lady and he will want to fight.  A bully will constantly want to fight at all times.  When encountering a bully, it is best to stay silent, if anything that is what the skinny person did wrong, he corrected the bully and the bully felt embarrassed because of this correction; now the bully was ready to kill.

When dealing with any bullies or people who greatly lack intelligence, it is best to remain silent and even prevent eye contact with these individuals, as they will take it as a challenge.  But the skinny person fought back exactly the way a Martial Artist should fight back, as a defender, never an aggressor.

This is also an example of a real fight because there were no rules, it was anything goes.  There were no gloves, no body protection, no mouth guards, etc.  It was a real, raw fight.  The police even got involved and tazed the defender not knowing who was in the wrong.  This is also an example of a real fight because there clearly were no weight classes.  It was not like the bully decided not to pick on this skinner man because he weighed much less or that he was younger or older.  The Bully will attack anyone no matter the gender, size, weight, height, or age of whomever he wishes to bully.

Martial Artists need to be prepared against anything and everything.  It is totally different than combat sport; this is an example of real life survival training.  As far as the person being bullied, although he fought back with great skill after being spontaneously attacked, it was not smart for him to be in a position of vulnerability especially in such a high risk environment.  If he was standing in awareness being alert, it would have given him a much better advantage.  You cannot put your guard down during situations of danger.

104) You Are Not Your Body – 3/15/15

“As soon as a person begins to observe life with awareness, he discovers that his relationships were of the wrong kind: they were all physical.  The cells of the body change completely every seven years yet you continue to exist.  One day in the mother’s womb you were so small that you could be seen only under the microscope; that too was your body.  Then one day, when you die, your relatives will make a small bundle of your remains and throw you in the Ganges; that too is your body!  How many ups and downs have you seen in between these two events?  If you identify yourself with this body then you will tremble and fear death.  Therefore a wise man dies before death – by his own hands.” – Osho “The True Name” – pg. 475

I see so much truth in this quote.  With no ego, you are just one with this world.  When you do not identify with the body, there is no death.  “Be formless, be shapeless, like water.  If you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup, if you put water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot.  Water can flow or water can crash, be water my friend.” – Bruce Lee.  Osho’s quote got me to think about Bruce Lee’s quote about water.  If you become water, you will never die, you will always exist, when you can never die, there is no fear of death.

104)  Following the Way 

If you dream of breaking the law, it is not breaking the law.  No judge can put you in jail for committing “sin” in a dream.  The judge can only put you in jail for committing “sin” if you act out this “sin” and am caught or confess.  If you do not believe that what you are doing is sin, there is no sin to confess. If every time you are engaging in “sin” you see it as a dream, there is nothing to confess. If the entire world is sexually repressed, they will judge a person who is liberated as a criminal.  They will judge his/her every act as criminal.  So the liberated individual has to be private with his/her ways away from the world.  The world creates sin; in privacy there is no sin.  The person who lives the Way, follows the Way in privacy.

105) Let Go of the Flesh

“As long as you hold onto wealth, someone is bound to be your enemy; as long as you hold onto your flesh others will not leave you in peace.  In truth there are no enemies, only you catch hold of the wrong things.  Whenever you grasp hold of something, even your friend will seem an enemy.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 478

My time on YouTube was my flesh; I had no peace back then.  I was constantly battling and fighting, not just with the online community, but with my students and my family.  I created many enemies because I was holding onto the wrong things.  I lost hold of my spirituality.  I didn’t make any time to read and write, I was all focused on the material world and forgot about my spiritual development and meditation.  I was heading towards the wrong path and leading others towards the wrong path.  It came to an end for a reason.  Now I am in much greater peace, my students are in greater peace, and my family is in greater peace.  I have refocused my energies on my spiritual development.  I am reading everyday, I am writing everyday, I am working on developing myself to be better in meditation.  Things are going in a great direction and I am thankful for these life experiences.

106) Real Violence on the Streets – 2 Shot dead outside of a Club in Chicago


Another example of real street violence.  A fight broke out in a club in Chicago, the fight got broken up and the people involved were kicked out of the club.  They gathered outside the club and started shooting.  1 wounded and 2 shot to death.  As a Martial Artist in training, you should not be in a club to begin with.  Martial Artists do not hang out in clubs and environments that are a breeding place for criminal activity.  A Martial Artist has to be always aware of the bully and criminal mentality.

The bully and criminal mentality is always ready to fight.  They are willing to kill you over respect.  If you step on their toes and don’t say sorry, they will kill you.  If you bump into them without saying sorry they will kill you.  If you are popular with the ladies in the club they will kill you.  If you embarrass them in anyway, they will kill you.  If you look at them the wrong way, they will kill you.  Nightclubs are the breeding grounds for gang and mafia activities.  Alcohol, drugs, prostitution, guns, knives, fights, gambling, etc.

Always remember that combat sport is not real fighting, combat sport never teaches you about retaliation.  In real life, if you fight someone and beat him up, even if you are justified in doing so, be prepared for that person to come after you and kill you.  You don’t even have to beat him up physically, you embarrass him in front of others, you call him names, you disrespect him, he will seek revenge and kill you.

These bully’s and criminals on the streets will live and die over respect.  They are the types of people that will hit on your girlfriend at the club and grab her body parts and if you try to protect her, they will kill you.  So you end up being in a position where if you try to protect her, you either put your life in risk of death or you will have to take their life, and if you take their life, you will have to then be prepared for the retaliation from their friends.

Going to the clubs at night is as stupid as going to hang out in prison once or twice per week for a little excitement.  The same people that you will meet in prison are the same people that you will find at the bars and clubs at night.  Working security at a nightclub is more dangerous than being a Police Officer on the streets.  These security guards do not carry guns, they are outnumbered, they are working in an environment that is a breeding place for criminals and almost everybody inside the club is not in the right mind state because they are strung out in alcohol or drugs.  Risking your life for a measly $10/hr working security at a nightclub is just not worth it.  Police Officers have guns, bullet proof vests, tasers, batons, back up, and the authority of law behind them.  Security guards have none of this.

In my eyes, a Martial Artist would not be found at the bars or clubs, he would not be working security at the bars or clubs, he would not even allow alcohol to enter into his body.  A Martial Artist would also influence his family and friends to do the same, and thereby these decisions protect him and all his loved ones from violence.

107) Overbearing Love

“I know a very possessive husband who follows his wife not just as a shadow, but like a ghost.  When he is in the office he is always worried; perhaps his wife is laughing with someone and having a good time.  He would leave his work and pay surprise visits home just to check on her.  He cannot bear her talking and laughing with others without him.”

“This constant siege from all sides has filled the wife with boredom and subtle hatred.  Theirs had been a marriage of love.  They had been very much in love.  I could see that, and I know them for a long time.  But when the husbands love became so excessive, his hands no longer formed a garland around her neck, but became a noose.  It is not diamonds and gold alone that bind; such love could also be fatal.  The wife’s love began to diminish and the she began dreaming of being freed from her husband.  The more independent she tried to become, the more restrictions he crated for her.”

“I explained to the husband that this was madness, that he was killing his wife’s love for him with his own hands.  Love also wants freedom and a chance to breath.  Love needs a little distance, a little aloneness, some time to oneself.  I advised him, “Don’t be after her so much or you will kill her love for you.  Then you will have only yourself to blame.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 482

108) True Love 

“He worries about you and thinks of you.  He rejoices in you.  He does not stand apart, unaffected; his nonattachment is filled with a deep essential affection.  He is far and yet he is near.  He has left you to do as you please, and yet his eye is always on you.  He has never, never left you.  He always stands besides you.  Your sorrow has never, never left you.  He always stands besides you.  Your sorrow and anguish touch him; your joy and happiness fill him with cheer.  You are not a stranger in this universe; it is your house.  You are not alone in this world.  God is always with you.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 483

109) Living the Dream

There is nothing more I want out of life.  At the age of 33, I have done everything that I ever wished to do. I do not care for more fame, I do not care for more money.  I have more than anything I can ever ask for in this life.  My life is filled with happiness because of love.  I cherish every single moment that I spend with loved ones.  I don’t know how long these moments will last, they do not last forever, love is living.  I have no fear of death because I have lived my life to the fullest.  I thank the universe for allowing me the opportunity to experience so much beauty in life.  As long as I live, my objective is simply to share these beautiful experiences with others, the beauty of meditation, being presently aware in everything that you do.

110) No Guilt

Your own guilt is the only real “sin.”  Feelings of guilt is the ego, eliminate the ego and there is no guilt.  With no ego, you are in meditation.

111) Self-restraint

“Self-restraint means giving direction to life, giving it vision and a goal.  A man without restraint runs in all directions, not knowing where to go or what is to be attained; he has no aim, no goal in life.  He is like a blind man shooting an arrow.  A life of restraint is one in which a person is well aware of his goal; he knows exactly where to let his arrow fly.  An arrow that is let fly haphazardly cannot possibly hit the target.  No power is attained without restraint and moderation.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 488

I see this quote to be very relevant to our modern lives.  With the invention of the internet, cell phones, and other technologies, it has made the population have much less self-restraint.  In particular to the Martial Arts, students cannot just pick one teacher, they want to learn from thousands of teachers online.  This makes the student run in all directions, not knowing where to go, like a blind mind shooting an arrow.

The same goes with relationships.  People have no self-restraint; they are easily led astray from their partners, jumping from one partner to the next, like they are changing shirts.  There are no long-term commitments. This results in a lot of broken hearts and broken homes.

The same thing with employment, people are jumping from job to job with no commitment to any companies.  People can’t wait for food; all food must be made in a hurry.  People in modern society don’t know how to slow down and relax.  The don’t know how to deal with struggle, when there is struggle, they quit right away and move onto something new.  This has developed an entire population of people who really end up living their lives with no real purpose.

Selected Quotes from Osho “The True Name” pg. 492-499

One Truth

“Always remember: truth is only one, not many; untruths are infinite, countless.  Only the one is worth attaining; the untold others are only worth discarding.  It is like a children’s maze with many, many paths, but only one exit; the paths all look as if they lead somewhere, but ultimately they arrive at a dead end.”

This quote does hand and hand with Bruce Lee’s teaching of the Martial Arts being similar to creating a sculpture.  The sculpture starts off as a block of clay, you shed away the unessential until the truth is revealed.  Within the Martial Arts, it is the same thing.  There are thousands of ways and systems, you need to shed away the unessential to discover the truth.  There is only one truth. 

The Need for a Guru

“Life is such a puzzle.  Whereas children’s puzzles are small and contained on a single piece of paper, life’s puzzle is endless.  It has no beginning and no end; therefore the need for a guru.  If you try to solve life’s mystery and persist in walking on your own, you will wander for millions of lives.”

Discovering the way is not an easy process.  The guidance of a Master is necessary.  With the invention of the Internet, people think they can just go onto the internet to learn from anybody, this ultimately leads them astray, they go nowhere, there is no direction, there is confusion.  The Master eliminates this confusion, now instead of trying to follow thousands of people that are pointing in different directions, you simply just follow the Master to the source. 

The Expert Wanderer

“When we do something so many times we become quite efficient at it.  Then it doesn’t matter what the work is; you’ve become such an expert wanderer that even if you come across the right path you will shun it.”

If you were born into a style in the Martial Arts and it is not the true Way, you will be so efficient in the false that you will shun the real.  It is like the expert combat sport fighter who shuns the reality of real modern day combat.  If you were born into a religion and it is not a true religion, you will be so efficient in studying and expressing the false that you will shun the real.  When you invest so much of your life energy into something false, it is difficult to let it go, you will deny the truth in order to hold onto the false, because the false is what your life is grounded upon.  It is like Lance Armstrong in hiding behind a lie, he had to hold on very strong to his lie because his whole life was revolved around this lie, once the lie was exposed, it broke down his entire foundation, his whole life’s work. 

Worthless Respect

“Guru only means a person who has found the door and can stop you from wandering.  He will warn you from treading a path that may seem very attractive and very promising but is only a pseudo-path.  You may attain wealth – untold wealth, but what will you gain in the end?  Where will you reach?  You will find yourself smack against a wall.  What will you attain through position?  Ultimately cxyield in the end?  Those who respect you have nothing themselves, so what will they give you?  What value is the opinion of worthless people?  From whom do you seek honor and respect – from those without eyes to see?  Even if they pay homage to you, what is the worth?  It is like a bubble; no sooner do you get it, it bursts into thin air.”

The respect that you earn from strangers is false respect.  They respect you as long as you are speaking in accordance to what they want to hear from you.  If you speak against their ways, they will immediately turn against you.  The public knows how to bring someone up to fame and then turn against them and bring them back down in a hurry.  They did it to Michael Jackson, the did it with Bill Clinton, they did it to Tiger Woods, they did it to Tupac Shakur, etc.  All they do is mass market slander towards your name in order to bring you down in which to be shunned by society.  The public listens to whatever is marketed towards them, market the false, they will believe the false, market the truth they will believe the truth.  Gaining fame is like air inside a bubble, soon enough the bubble will disappear.  Fame is only momentary, soon enough the time will come when this fame will disappear. 

Passing Through Suffering

“Everyone passes through pain and sorrow, be he in the world or a sannyasin.  The worldly man weeps and wails and misses.  He who passes through suffering with full awareness, with the attitude of acceptance, makes his suffering a stepping stone and goes beyond suffering.  To practice restraint is to accept the suffering as the spiritual path.  One should not be vanquished by it, but on the contrary, make it a stepping stone and rise above it.”

Suffering is inevitable in this world.  When making love, it is pleasure and bliss for the woman, when giving birth the woman goes through suffering, when the baby is born, once again there is bliss.  It is a cycle, there cannot be happiness and bliss without suffering.  If you deeply understand this truth, you will learn to accept suffering with open arms knowing that just around the corner there will be much happiness and bliss. 


“When gold is thrown into the furnace, one has to exercise great patience.  He who is impatient fails; he who is patient is successful.  If you hurry, become impatient, it means you have not accepted suffering and are eager to be done with it.  In that case you have not understood the glory of suffering.  You do not know that as you suffer you are being cleansed and purified and absolved from all that is worth less and useless.  You have not recognized suffering as a friend yet.  It is only at that point that you attain to self-restraint.  He who recognizes suffering as a friend is in no hurry.  He can maintain his patience, and God is attained only through patience – infinite patience.  To attain God is not a paltry thing to be instantly attained.”

“The baser pleasure of this life are quickly attainable, but they vanish as quickly.  Remember the equation: the quicker attained, the earlier lost.  If you want to attain God you will have to practice infinite patience.”

This modern society lacks patience.  Technology has trained the people to be impatient.  People ware not willing to wait for real home cooked meals, they just eat fast food.  People do not want for animals to grow naturally, they inject them with steroids to grow faster.  Humans don’t want to exercise naturally, they wish to inject steroids and other drugs to speed up the process of muscle growth.  People are not out looking for love, they are only guided by feelings of lust.  There is no commitment to jobs, people are changing occupations constantly.  There is no commitment to relationships, people are changing partners constantly.  Everywhere you look, there is no patience.  Only those who learn patience will discover God.

“And remember another fact: the more patiently you observe, the earlier you attain.  The more you rush the later you attain.  You are the cause of the delay.  Why does this happen?  Because the more patient you are, the deeper inside  you go.  Impatience is characteristic of a shallow person; it is a sign of childishness.”

This must be thoroughly understood for the Martial Arts.  A Master in the Martial Arts is not developed over night, not even in 5 years, not even in 10 years, not even in 20 years.  Think about how long it takes for a child to develop into a wise sage.  Bruce Lee died at age 32 and that was just the beginning of this expression of being a Master of the Martial Arts.  Training for over 30 years every single day is not the same as training for 1 year every single day.  Patience is the key towards excellence. 

“You must have noticed the patience and tranquility of the villager.  The city shopkeeper has little patience.  The further into the country side you go, the more peaceful and tranquil they are, because they have learned to be very patient with nature.  You plant the seeds today, but you can’t gather the harvest tomorrow.  Long association with nature and observing the law of patience, and they become tranquil.  But he who wishes to reap the harvest of the infinite must sow and toil in the field of God.”

The closer you are to the city, the farther away from the Tao.  The closer you are to nature, the closer you are to the Tao.  You can notice the different attitudes between people who live in the city and people who live outside of the city.  The city is representing the Ego, nature is representing meditation.  Learning the Art of patience is the key towards your development. 

Borrowed Knowledge

“We can use our intellect in two ways.  We have already made use of it as a knapsack, but not as an anvil.  We fill it with information, just as a ragman fills his bag.  We hear scriptures and listen to satgurus.  Whatever we get, no matter what its source, we dump into this bag, this beggar’s sack.  It contains everything: scriptures, masters’ teachings, newspapers, Vedas, radio advertisements, movie songs.  If someone abuses you, you tuck away the abuse in the sack.  If someone gives you a mantra to recite, you store it there.  Your mind is a sac in which the mantra mingles with foul words.  Vedas are lost in everyday news.  And such a bag we constantly drag behind us.”

“This we call memory.  It is not knowledge, just rubbish.  Genuine knowledge is that which is attained from our own experience.  The intellect is filled with borrowed knowledge; everything is stale.  Nanak says, however, that intellect is the anvil and knowledge is the hammer.”

When you experience truth, you know, there is nothing to prove because you already know. 

Real Knowledge

“Nanak says knowledge is the blow of the hammer.  Whenever you attain knowledge, howsoever infinitesimal, every hair of your body trembles with its impact.  This is why we avoid knowledge, because we don’t’ want to bear the shcok of it.  Instead we merely gather information, because this gives no shock.  You read in the shastras, “God is the ultimate truth.”  What shock is there in that?  You read, “Meditation is the way.”  You have learned it by heart; you even tell it to others.  What impact does it have?”

“Real knowledge carries an impact; it is born out of life’s experience, the friction of life.  When you take a jump into existence, knowledge is born – not through scriptures and words.  Experience is a blow, so we try to avoid it to save ourselves.”

“Gurdjieff used to compare our knowledge with he buffers of a train or the spring of a car.  Both are shock absorbers.  When there is an impact they absorb the shcok, whereas authentic knowledge is a shock in itself.”

Real knowledge shocks an individual.  It is so shocking that it shakes their entire being, it shakes their entire foundation.  When you encounter knowledge that is so real, you can never see things the same way ever again.  Before the masses used to think that the sun revolved around the earth, it was a Galileo that proved otherwise, that the earth revolved around the sun.  The masses could not accept this truth so they put him under house arrest. 

Use Your Intuition Not Your Intelligence

If a Martial Artist uses his intelligence he gets hit.  You have to leave your intelligence behind, because each time it is a totally new experience, a new moment; each time you spar it is never the same.  The old experience never comes of use.  Use your intelligence and you land yourself in trouble.  Rely on your intuition and you succeed.

True Master

The Master cannot be held captive; the Master who is willing to be enclosed in the disciple’s grasp is no Master.  Most Masters are like that, directed by their disciples telling them what should be done, what shouldn’t be done.

You will not find a true Master in these Martial Art schools; you will find fakes masquerading as Masters.  A true Master cannot be held captive.  You cannot direct a Buddha.  They obey only their own will.  The wind blows where it will.  Where it does not blow, there is nothing you can do.  If you try to gasp it in your fist, whatever little was there, that too will go out.  Those who liberate others cannot be taken captive.  How can you bind the very person from whom you seek liberation?

Recognize The Master

Keep awakening your faith and your feelings so that you can recognize the Master when he comes.  He who has recognized the Master, had discovered the Tao; he has recognized that which is beyond the universe.  He has found the gate, and once the gate is found, everything is attained.  You have never lost anything, everything is intact within you, and when you pass through the gate, you recognize your own being.  You reawaken to the light, the brilliance that is yours.  What treasures you have always held within you are not unfolded.  The Master acquaints you with the self that you always were, and which was not for a single moment lost.

Real Students Inspire Original Teachings – 3/22/15

Picasso said, “I have painted the same painting before, and it is hanging in a museum.  You can go and see – that was authentic, that was original.  This painting… I was not getting any new ideas, and there was a customer who wanted a painting.  So I simply copied my own painting – but it is a copy.  It does not matter who copies it, whether Picasso copies it or somebody else does, it is a copy.  It is not authentic, it is not original.  I am not involved in it at all, it is not part of my subjectivity.  The first painting is.  They are exactly alike, you cannot find any difference – but I made the difference, and the difference is significant.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 63

Finding the inspiration to be creative and authentic cannot be forced.  It must be natural.  If a person is really in love, then he can write poetry with love, but you cannot force poetry of love onto a man who is not in love.  A work of Art comes through inspiration, without inspiration, there cannot be Art.  If there is a student who is truly motivated to learn, then the teacher can feed off this motivation to teach.  If the student does not care to learn, the teacher will not care to teach.  Imagine a student who falls to sleep in class, the teacher will find no purpose in teaching, the student is not even conscious! 

A lot of times, students are not really students.  Students are not really there to learn, they are just there to go through the motions.  They are in college not to learn but to just pass the test, to just get the degree, it is a just a phase that they wish to go through to obtain some public recognition or to let time pass by.  When there is no goal to achieve, when there is no degree to obtain, will the student still be motivated to learn and study? 

Who actually picks up a book to read, unmotivated by obtaining a degree but actually has interest in learning what is within that book?  The teacher feeds off the energy of his students, if the students are truly there to learn, the teacher will be an authentic and original teacher, but if the students are not really students, the teacher will just go through the motions, he will just copy his own work.  Although it is the same teacher, his subjectivity is not involved in that moment. 

But to be an Artist, you do not need to feed off the energy of the student.  An Artist can create and feed off of his own creative energy.  Then it does not matter whether or not the student is truly a student, the Artist is simply expressing himself honestly, completely motivated within, he does not speak, because he is not teaching, he is just completely involved, now the student or non student is just a witness.  The student witnesses a living work of Art, he can either attempt to follow or just sit back and watch the expression of Art taking place before his eyes. 

To be a teacher, you need motivated students, if you have no motivated students, you cannot teach.  To be an Artist, you do not need any students; you just have to be involved yourself as an Artist.  A great Martial Artist is not necessarily a great teacher because to be a great teacher, you need a great student.  If there are no great students, the Martial Artist does not teach, he simply expresses his Art in silence, in meditation.  – Sifu Freddie Lee

Pleasure and Pain – 3/24/15

There cannot be pleasure without pain.  If you experience great moments of pleasure, be prepared to experience great moments of pain, the pain is just waiting around the corner.  If you are detached, if you are insensitive, if you do not feel pleasure or pain, then it takes away the joy of the experience, then it makes the experience mechanical and pointless.  The experience of pleasure and pain is an endless cycle.  Taking yourself out of this cycle is like taking yourself out of the experience.  If you wish to partake in the experience, you must accept both pleasure and pain, they go hand and hand.

Either you take yourself out of the cycle or you learn to engage in the experience and truly accept both pleasure and pain.  Learn to find joy in both experiences.  Pain and suffering becomes a moment of growth, a preparation for the experience of pleasure.  Like the sun and the rain, enjoy both experiences, the sun is naturally very beautiful, you need to find the beauty in the rain and learn to appreciate it, the beauty in rain is more hidden.  If someone you love brings pain within you, learn to appreciate this pain, be thankful that the person has even given you the opportunity to love.

No Human Being Can Be Owned – 3/24/15

Your parents helped create your body, but they do not own your body.  The government gives you a birth certificate and social security number, but they don’t own your body.  You can be married, but your partner does not own your body.  You do not even own your body.  Your body belongs to the universe.  It is like the sky, nobody can own the sky, it is just there.  The ego seeks to own and control.  The ego seeks to enslave and possess.  But a human being is not something that can be possessed like an inanimate object.  A human being is freedom, like the sky.  When you encounter other human beings, respect this freedom.  Parents should respect the freedom of their children.  Men should respect the freedom of women and women should respect the freedom of men.

Selected Quotes from Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 166 – 175 – Followed by My Reflections – 3/29/15

“When a message comes from a master it has to be something so absolutely needed that the masters who are no more in their bodies feel that a message should be sent to all unconscious, sleeping, blind people.  But it is only when there is something urgent; otherwise, there is no need.”

When you become a messenger, your message is pure, it is inline with the Tao.  You do not speak too often, you only speak when necessary.  The ancient Masters, speak through you.  You do not have your ego standing in the way of their message.

“All these mediums are not mentioning the names of the real masters because then, compared to their statements, the rubbish message that they bring will look too poor.”

When Bruce was living, he was not mentioning anything about J.Krishnamurti.  It was only after his death that it was revealed that Bruce was studying the teachings of J.Krishnamurti and that his essential teachings were all borrowed from J.Krishnamurti.  J.Krishnamurti was the real Master, Buddha, Lao-tzu, and Osho are real Masters.  When Bruce mentions “Tao of Jeet Kune Do” he is trying to indicate the real Master, “Lao-tzu.”  When you study the teachings of the real Masters, the teachings of Bruce will look poor in comparison. 

“And you should also see that these people who have been chosen for this great work of becoming vehicles… their lives don’t prove it.  They are just as greedy, as angry, as jealous as anybody else.  Their mediumship would have transformed them.  In fact, unless they were transformed, they could not become mediums.”

Bruce Lee was on the way of being transformed, but he was not transformed.  He was still very much wordly.  Greedy for fame, he had a violent temper, and it was clear he was a competitive man, and with competitiveness breeds jealousy.  He was studying Eastern Philosophy, but he did not master the teachings of the East before his death.  He simply served as a guide to introduce seekers to the teachings of the East, but he himself was not a Master in the spiritual realm of development in the Martial Arts. 

“When a sannyasin is closed, his first work should be not on the group participants, his first work should be upon himself.  He has to open; he has to be available to me.  This is simply an excuse – because if he is open to me, he is open to the whole existence.”

If a disciple or student is not open to my teachings in body, mind, and spirit, then he should not be within the group participants; he should keep his training private and work upon himself.  Only disciples who are truly open to learn body, mind, and spirit are the right fit for the group training development towards the Way.

“Why does a man want to be a therapist?  Has he done his own therapy?  Is he finished with his homework?  If not, then what right has he got to interfere in other people’s lives, their minds, their unconscious, their superconsious?”

Being a fitness trainer or a self-defense coach is one thing but being a Martial Arts teacher is another.  When you are a Martial Arts teacher, not only are you responsible for guiding your disciples in the realm of fitness and combat but also in the realm of spirituality.  You cannot be a true Martial Arts teacher if you are not awakened, if you are not enlightened.  It is not just book knowledge that you are passing on to the next person, you must have gone through the transformation yourself, only then are you truly ready. 

“The therapist has to remember that the moment he comes in he should, if he is honest, tell the participants that “I am no longer open to existence and in this state of closedness, I can only do harm to you.  I will work only when I am open, vulnerable.”

If the disciple is not open himself to learn from the Master, then he can only cause harm onto those he teaches.  They must focus on developing themselves to be open to learn before teachings others.   

“The therapist has to remind people continually that he is not the master.  The moment the therapist starts playing the role of the master, then he is going to do much harm to people.”

The disciple has to remind his students that he is not the Master.  If the disciple mistakenly starts playing the role of the master, then he is going to cause much harm to the people.  The misguided disciple will misguide his students, and his corrupted teachings will spread like a virus.

“He cannot be a master and if he wants his therapy to be of significance, he has to function as a vehicle, as a channel to a master he loves.  Then therapy goes through a transformation.”

A disciple must always function as a vehicle as a channel to a master he loves.  His teachings cannot be revolved around his own ego, they must function through a master in order to ensure the proper path.  The bigger brother must not mistaken himself to be the father.  The bigger brother will help the littler brother, the father will guide the bigger brother, the grandfather will guide the father.  Everybody has a guide, if there is no living guide, the guide becomes the Tao.   

“Right now, all over the world there are many therapists.  But my therapist is unique in the sense that he is not only working according to the findings of psychology – he is working according to the findings of Yoga, of Tantra, of Sufism, of Zen, of Tao, of Hassidism.  He’s a spiritual guide.  But for that, knowledge acquired only from books will not help . You will have to go through a transformation.”

The teachings from the East are required in order to achieve harmony and balance.  The teachings of the East guide you towards enlightenment.  The Martial Arts teacher has to go through a spiritual transformation himself in order to truly be a Martial Arts teacher, with no spiritual transformation, he is not a Martial Arts teacher, he may be a personal trainer, a combat coach, but he is not a Martial Arts Teacher.  A Martial Arts teacher must be spiritually transformed.  The only way a Martial Arts teacher can be spiritually transformed is through the teachings of the East, if the teachings of the East are denied by the teacher, he is not truly a Martial Arts teacher, he is a fraud.

“And the participants in your groups can also be helpful to you, just as you can be helpful to them; because their problems are your problems, your problems are their problems.  And remember one thing: it is easier to solve somebody else’s problem because you are not involved.  You are detached, you can see more clearly because you are not in the mess.  You can help that man to come out and you can learn something for yourself because many times, you will be in the same situation.  I allowed therapists in my communes to work on the participants and to work on themselves.  The real work is upon yourself.  Only when you have a light within you, you may be able to share it with others.”

The Master will not always be available to teach.  In those instances, disciples need to work amongst one another to further develop and grow.  They must feed off of each others understanding in order to aim towards a greater understanding.  When the Master is available, learn as much as possible, when he is not available, learn from one another and continue to grow.  The Master will make the teachings clear and understandable.  The fellow disciples can confuse one another and be uncertain, the growth will be a slower process, but it is a preparation towards achieving a greater understanding when the Master is available.

A Mad World – March 29 2015

“I say to you: if you can go deeper into it you will be certainly mad in the same sense that Gautam Buddha is mad, Socrates is mad.  These people are not really mad, they alone are sane but they are in a mad world.”

“And they are in such a minority that only after millions of people does there come a point when somebody becomes enlightened.  He is so alone.  And the whole world is not ready to accept anything that has not been happening to them… and naturally they are in a majority.  And this man – Gautam Buddha or Mahavira or Bodhidharma – is trying to say that he has achieved something which you have not achieved.  It hurts your ego, it annoys people, it irritates people because it brings the question clearly into their focus: “Is there life, a sane life?” They know life is not sane, but where to find the sanity?”  – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 185

When you are on the path towards enlightenment, do not be afraid.  The world may condemn you, the world may say you are wrong, but in your heart you know that it is the right path, simply follow your heart.  The majority will never the on the right path, it is impossible.  The majority will always be unconscious, only the minority can be conscious.  The majority will follow rules, laws, and scriptures.  Rules are always easier to follow than to seek for truth within oneself. Very few will seek for the truth and follow their hearts.  An awakened man will always be condemned by the masses, it is inevitable. Accept this and develop the courage to not allow the opinions of others to distract you from the Way. 

Not a Zen Master – April 1 2015

As long as a woman can make a man fall in love, he is not a Zen Master.  A Zen Master cannot be “in love.”  He may practice Zen, he may be good in Zen, but he is not a Master.  Only when his sex energies have come from boiling hot to completely calm and cool can he become a Zen Master.  It’s not about resisting oneself from falling in love, it’s about no woman being capable of making this man fall in love.  He has gone so fully into sex that the temptation to go deeper into sex is no longer there.  The time that this will happen is unknown.

The person may have the temptation to be in love, but not be in love, this does not mean he is a Zen Master because the temptation is still there, it can be buried and suppressed, but it is still there.

Just because a person has sex, it does not mean he is not a Zen Master.  Having sex and being able to let it go without being in love can still make the person a Zen Master.  Being passionately in the moment, is not forbidden, it is the thinking before and after the experience that determines whether this person is a Master.  If the person is constantly thinking about sex, if the person is constantly planning on how to make this sex become guaranteed for future experiences, this is a clear identifier that this person is not a Zen Master.

The constant thinking before and after the sexual experience is what prevents this person from being a Zen Master.  A Zen Master is not someone who refrains from sex, a Zen Master is someone who has dropped all thoughts before and after and is in the moment, every moment.

Being in love makes it impossible for someone to be a Zen Master because being in love means to constantly be in thought.  The person is so in love, that the person cannot stop thinking about his lover; this constant thinking is not Zen.  This constant thinking is the opposite of Zen.  A Zen Master has complete control of his mind; he can stop the thinking upon command.  He is a master of being in the present moment.


“If people remain normal then they cannot gather courage enough to change the structure of the society, to change the future of man.  Normal people do normal things.  Revolutionary action is not a normal thing.  The very idea to change humanity completely, to change the human world so deeply that it becomes disconnected with the past is not within the hands of normal people.  It needs geniuses, and all geniuses are abnormal.”

“The word ‘abnormal’ can be used for both: those who have fallen below the mind and those who have gone above the mind.  Both have become abnormal.  That’s why there is sometimes a similarity between a madman and a mystic, some kind of similarity.  You may not be able to figure out what is similar but there is some kind of similarity, and the similarity is that both are out of the mind.  One has fallen below the mind and one has gone above the mind.  Both are no longer living in the mind – that is the similarity.  But it is such an invisible phenomenon that to figure it out is difficult.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 193-194

Those who are headed towards enlightenment will never be “normal.”  Automatically they will be considered abnormal, but they may pretend as if they are normal in order to not be destroyed by society.  Sages are abnormal people.  Socrates was an abnormal man, that is why he had to be killed.  Jesus was abnormal, that is why he was crucified.  Albert Einstein was abnormal, that is why his brain was preserved after death to be analyzed. 

The athletes that you see in the Olympics are abnormal.  Xmen mutants are abnormal.  There can be beauty in abnormality.  But yes abnormality can also be very ugly, destructive, and violent.  Hitler was abnormal.  Serial killers are abnormal.  Those who have engaged in mass shootings are abnormal.  A lot of people in prison are abnormal.  Being abnormal can be positive or it can be considered negative. 

Being normal is like being one of the millions of sheep.  Being abnormal is like being one of the few lions.  The grade of C in class is considered normal and average.  Abnormal can be an F or abnormal can be considered an A.  We should always aim to go beyond those who are normal, never below. 

When you are abnormal, you will never be a part of the masses; you will always be a part of a smaller group of individuals. Never believe that being abnormal is always negative.  There can be great beauty in being abnormal.  When someone who is abnormal has gone beyond somebody else who is considered normal, the person whom is normal may be jealous and wish to destroy this other person who has become abnormal. 

Those who are beautiful are abnormal; beauty is not normal, if it was it would not be valued.  Those who are super fit are abnormal, and those whom are obese are abnormal.  Never should you despise being abnormal if you have gone beyond those whom are normal. 

1 in a 100

“If in a village of a hundred people only one person starts meditating, the whole quality of the consciousness of the village changes – one percent only – because the one person comes in contact with the ninety-nine persons of the village, a small village.  He is related to everybody: somebody is an uncle and somebody is something else; somebody is a brother, somebody is related through the wife.  He is related, interconnected.  He starts vibrating a different energy, meditative energy.  The whole quality of the village consciousness changes with a single person’s meditation.” – Osho “The Path of Love” pg. 36

By this way, being a meditator or a man who follows the Tao, you can change the world.  It is a subtle change, it is non aggressive.  You are on the path and those whom are a part of your life automatically start gravitating towards your way.  Your lovers, your family, your friends, your colleagues, the strangers whom you interact with, they will all notice a different quality of your being that is different than the rest.  There is an energy field that radiates around you that others cannot help but be influenced by.  All you have to do is practice the way of meditation, and that in itself has the power to change the world. 

We Are The World

“Don’t think that you can prevent the Third World War, don’t think you can change poverty.  You can change only yourself.  Drop your greed, drop your future, drop your mind; become more loving, become more heartful and live from the heart.  And if many people start living that way, that is the only way to change the world.  The world cannot be changed directly because there is no soul to the world.  The soul exists in the individual; only individuals can be changed.” – Osho “The Path of Love” – pg. 41

If we change ourselves, we change the world, we are the world.  That is your only responsibility, self-responsibility.  I am not about political change, I am not about protests, I am not about revolutions, I am about an inner revolution.  One by one, as each individual becomes awakened, the world becomes awakened.  All you simply need to do is live your life fully in the present moment.  Train and exercise in joy, practice Martial Arts in joy, play music in joy, make love in joy, spend time with loved ones in joy.  Live a life in joy, presently aware, and this will solve all of the world’s problems. 

Ordinary Love

“Ordinary love is a sort of sleep: you become attached to the object of love, you start feeling jealous, you become possessive.  Your possessiveness and your jealousy really poison the whole of love.  They destroy it.  Love is destroyed by jealousy, possessiveness.  The moment you try to possess your love-object, you have denied love; you have already denied.  You have declared that you don’t love.”

“Love is possible only if there is no possessiveness and no jealousy.  That means love has attained to renunciation.  You love the person, but you renounce possessiveness; you love the person, but you renounce jealousy; you love the person, but you don’t want to make a slave out of him or out of her; you love the person, but you respect his or her freedom; you love the person, but your love does not become an imprisonment.  You love, but yet you remain unattached.  You love, you love tremendously, but still you don’t cling – that is renunciation.”

“Love the world and don’t be attached.  Be in the world, but don’t be of the world – that is what renunciation is.” – Osho “The Path of Love” pg. 159

We have been programmed since birth to misunderstand love.  One is likely to live an entire life without truly understanding love.  With a true understanding of love, you will know that real love goes hand and hand with freedom. 

In order to experience real love, we need to be free.  If we are to express real love, we need to allow freedom.  All beings need to have the freedom to stay or the freedom to leave.  All lovers need to be presently aware not thinking of the past or anticipating the future, but to simply enjoy the current moment together in bliss.  This is real love.  This love is living, it is alive, it is powerful, it is life changing, it cannot be contained. 

Ordinary love is like locking an animal inside a cage.  Real love is like setting the animal free to be a part of nature.  Those who truly love will come back, those who do not will move forward onto the next part of their lives.  When you allow freedom to love or not to love, that is what makes it living.  Love is like life, no love is like death.  Without death, there cannot be life.  In order to truly experience real love, you must allow freedom, this very freedom is what makes love alive.    

An Ashram

“The ashram has a totally different perspective.  The ashram means a community, a communion of people, of souls who are alike.  You will be surprised: remember, the modern Hindu ashram is not really Eastern.  The modern Hindu ashram is so influenced by the Christian monastery that it is not Hindu at all.  If you really want to have a glimpse of a Hindu ashram, you will have to go to the days of the Vedas.  The master was there, but the master was not a monk.  He was a married man: he had a wife, he had children, the ashram was his family.  That’s why the ashram was called gurukul.  Gurukul means the family of the master.  He had children, he had a wife, he lived a relaxed life, deep in the forest, deep in nature: a spontaneous way of life, unhurried, not searching, but waiting; not putting God against the world, but enjoying the world because God is in it.  And the disciples who lived with him were his family, gurukul.  It was not an institution; it was a family.  They were children to him, his own kids.  They may have been older than him – that is not the point – but they were his kids.” – Osho “The Path of Love” – pg. 172

That is how I see real Martial Arts is to be shared, through a family.  It is not an institution.  It is a community of souls that are alike.  They are unique in their ways, different than the society and culture.  They are artistic, creative, and self-expressive.  A Martial Artist is so unique that it would be rare to bump into one.  Anybody can be an athlete, but not anybody can be an Artist, it is a different breed of individuals. 

The Boxing Gyms, the Fight Gyms that you find around in America are not Eastern.  They are so influenced by the Christian way of life that it is not Eastern at all.  If you really want to have a glimpse of the Chinese Martial Arts Kwoon, you will have to go to the days of the past.  Some Chinese Martial Art movies that you will find will provide a glimpse. 

The Sifu was there, but the Sifu was not a monk.  He was a married man: he had a wife, he had children, the kwoon was his family. He had children, he had a wife, he lived a relaxed life, deep in nature: a spontaneous way of life, unhurried, not searching, but waiting; not putting Tao against the world, but enjoying the world because Tao is in it.  And the disciples who trained with him were his family.  It was not an institution; it was a family.  They were children to him, his own kids.  They may have been older than him – that is not the point – but they were his children.

Fools Following Jesus

“Those who are foolish enough to take the jump will ever be able to find out what the way is.  Have you not seen that down through the centuries, this has been happening?  When Christ was on the earth, only a few foolish people believed in him, a few foolish people.  You may call them apostles now, but they were foolish people –somebody was just a fisherman, another was a woodcutter, somebody was a shoemaker, just those types of people.  Not a single rabbi followed him, not a single professor, not a single pundit, not a single respectable man.  All were unknown, ordinary, people: a fisherman, a woodcutter, a farmer, a prostitute, a drunkard – that type of person followed him, and that too was a very limited number.”

“And all the rabbis were against him.  They were clever people: they knew they already knew.  All the scholars were against him.  In fact, all the scholars, all the rabbis, all the learned people, conspired.  They arranged it that he should be killed, because he was a danger, and they were afraid.  His very presence was creating fear because he was such a living scripture.  Who would listen to these dead rabbis who talk about dead scriptures?  He was the way.  And these rabbis were teaching so many ways to reach God, and there was the man who declared, “I am the way, and I am the truth.  Come, follow me.  All those who are heavily burdened, come to me and rest in me.”  Now this was too much!” – Osho “The Path of Love” pg. 178-179

When a sage is living, the masses will not appreciate his presence.  A selected few will be drawn to this sage and appreciate his presence.  Only after his death will the sage gain fame, recognition, and appreciation.  When he is living, the people refuse to accept that this person is awakened.  Only after his death will they accept that he was an awakened being.  They will kill the sage to protect their egos.  His very presence exposes their corruption and weaknesses.  When they kill the enlightened man, they are able to stay in darkness and continue on with their corrupted ways.  They enjoy being in darkness, the light hurts their eyes, they will do everything in their power to extinguish the light.  There will be few that will actually appreciate the light that eliminates the darkness.  A living sage will always be followed by only a few individuals, it is inevitable.

The Metaphysician, Mystic, and Master

“The metaphysician talks without knowing; the mystic knows, but keeps quiet.  The master is eloquent silence.  The master is a rare combination of the metaphysician and the mystic.  The master is a great synthesis between the metaphysician and the mystic.  The metaphysician knows how to talk, but he does not know what to talk about.  The mystic knows what to talk about, but he does not know how to say it.  The mystic is full of experience, but dumb.  The metaphysician has no experience, but is very articulate.  The metaphysician is of no value, and the mystic is of not use.”

“You can worship a mystic, but you will never be able to understand him because the communication exists not: he has broken the bridge of language.  He is in truth, but he cannot bring the message to you.  The metaphysician goes on bringing the message after message, but the message is just verbal.  If you go deeply into it there is no content in it, it is nonsubstantial.”

“The master knows as much as can be known, and yet is articulate enough to express, to communicate.  Metaphysicians have existed in their thousands, and so have mystics; the master is very rare.” – Osho “The Path of Love” pg. 183-184

In regards to Martial Arts and Meditation, the Westerner is the Metaphysician.  The Chinese or Hindu man who lives in China or India who cannot speak English but knows the way is like the Mystic.  The synthesis of both, who is the Master, is someone like Bruce Lee, who is both the Metaphysician and the Mystic combined.  He is East and West.  He can speak both English and Chinese.  He cannot only live the truth, but he can speak and guide people towards it.  Bruce Lee, J.Krishnamurti, and Osho were Masters for Americans.  They were able to speak about the Tao and live the Tao in order to help Americans understand it. Lao-tzu and Buddha were considered Mystics for Americans because of the language barrier, translators would be needed for Americans, Masters do not need translators, they communicate their ideas directly. 


“We don’t allow feelings.  A man of feeling seems to be weak; the man of no-feeling seems to be very strong.  We teach people not to be emotional.  We teach people not to cry, not to laugh too loudly.  We teach people to remain always in control.  And if you are in control, then love is not going to happen to you because love happens only when you are in a state of noncontrol.”

“Love is something bigger than you; you cannot control it.  If you want to control, you can remain in hate.  Hate can be controlled; hate is smaller than you.  Love cannot be controlled; love is bigger than you.  If you try to control love, you will miss all possibilities.  You will become a loveless being – and that’s what a dead person is: a loveless being who exists in the head and who has forgotten his won heart.” – Osho “The Path of Love” pg. 197

Love is Not a Contract

“You fall in love with a woman and you want to make the love permanent?  Then you are in danger – you are trying to make a wave permanent.  You go to court and the court puts a seal on your marriage; now it is a legal thing.  Love has disappeared; now it is a contract, and ugly.” – Osho “The Path of Love” pg. 218

Love cannot be a contract, it is a living thing.  It is breathing, it is alive.  It cannot and will not last forever but it should be appreciated while it is alive.  Love is like a living flower.  Marriage is like a plastic plant.  The living flower has beauty, it has fragrance, it has life!  The plastic plant is dead, it is a thing, it is manufactured, it has no spirit.  Love is living moment to moment in bliss and ecstasy, it is full of happiness and joy moment to moment, it is spontaneous.  Marriage is all ego, it is the mind, it is planning for the future, it is trying to capture the love of the past to bring it into the present.  Marriage is like decorating a prison cell.  Yes the prison cell might be nicely decorated, but it is still a prison cell!  Love is out in the open, being a part of nature, being close to the animals, to the blue skies, to the sun, to the moon, to the stars, to the plants, to the people.  Love is freedom. 

Marriage is a self-imposed subtle form of slavery.  What is of significance for a couple is not how long they have been married, but rather how long have they been in love?  If they have been married for 10 years but they have only been in love for 2 years, then it is the 2 years of love that is significant.  Marriage with no love is worthless.  It is like a body with no heart, it becomes a corpse.  Or a vehicle with no engine, maybe beautiful on the outside but without the engine what is the use?  Marriage is a mask, love is the spiritual substance within that brings joy to life.  Marriage without love is a self-imposed prison.  Love is freedom and bliss.  You either love and be free from marriage or you love while being married without allowing marriage to destroy the love you have within, love will always be stronger than marriage. 


“Pride is not ego.  Ego is something without content.  For example, a man who cannot even draw a straight line thinks himself a great painter – that is ego, there is no content.  But if Picasso thinks he is a great painter, that is simply a fact, and if he is proud of his genius there is nothing wrong in it.  In fact, people should be helped to find some pride in their individuality because that pride will make their eyes shine, their faces luminous; that pride will make them unique individuals, with no more question of inferiority and superiority.”

“And secondly, anybody who is proud is always grateful.  Because the genius of Picasso or Yehudi Menuhin is not their own; they are only vehicles.  It is the beyond that comes through them – in music, in dance, in painting, in scientific research, in poetry, in thousands of ways, but the real genius will know it for sure, that it is coming from the beyond.  He is proud that he has been chosen, he is not proud in comparison to you.”

“The man of pride has a deep feeling of gratitude that existence has chosen him, although he is not worthy.  It is a strange phenomenon.  The more worthy you are, the more you feel you are not worthy enough.  You have been given so much and you cannot do anything in return.”  – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 223-224

Before reading this passage from Osho, I would always associate pride with ego, but after reading the passage, I understand that is not necessarily always the case.  You can still have pride and be humble towards existence.  You can still be proud that you were the chosen one.  You were chosen by existence to be who you are, to possess the talents that you possess, to be in your life circumstance.  You were born to be who you are; you were born at a certain time, at a certain place.  Some people are born to be Artists; some people are born with unique talents and skills.  It is ok to be proud that you were chosen to be in your position in life, this pride is a showing of gratitude and appreciation. 

Everyday is Bliss

“To me, everyday is the same, every moment is the same.  But when I say every moment is the same, it means it has the same blissfulness, the same ecstasy, the same joy, the same silence, the same peace that passeth understanding.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” – pg. 226

Everyday to me is a holiday; everyday to me is a celebration.  Everyday is a celebration of life.  I live in joy, I live in bliss, I live in love every day.  No day to me is more important than any other.  Every time I wake up, it is a birthday.  Every time I go to bed it is death.  I am being reborn every single day.  There is no birthday to me, I have no age, I am ageless.  I have no past, I have no future, I am always in the present moment.  People celebrate holidays; I celebrate every day, every moment, and every breath.  I live in meditation, I am interconnected with the universe, I am deathless. 

Uncompromising Truth

“I know you love me and you want my message to reach people, but your love is blind.  You don’t see the implications of what you are saying.  You are saying, “Can’t your message be more acceptable?”  That means I will have to compromise, I will have to think of the blind people all around me and adjust to their ideas.  It is betraying the truth.  Every compromise is a betrayal.”

“My message will remain universal even if I am the only person who trusts in it, because its universality does not mean numbers of followers.  Its universality means that it is the foundational doctrine of existence.  And I cannot conceive how it can be more acceptable.”

“The only way is to knock on as many doors as possible, to shout from rooftops hoping that somebody may not be deaf, somebody may not be blind.  But I cannot compromise on any point, because it is not a business.  Who am I to compromise on behalf of truth?  And a truth compromised becomes untruth.  A truth is absolutely uncompromising.”

“But that has been always the case.  All the masters in the past had to face it.  They are always ahead of their time.  It seems to be something in the very nature of life, that the people who are going to be decisive about human consciousness will always come ahead of their time – because it takes one hundred years, two hundred years for people to understand them.  If they come in their own time, then by the time people have understood them, they will be out of date.  They have to be ahead of their time so that by the time human mind, human consciousness reaches the point where they can be understood, their message will be available.”

“So the greatest work for sannyasins is to keep the message pure, unpolluted by you or by others – and wait.  The future is bound to be more receptive, more welcoming.  We may not be here but we can manage to change the consciousness for centuries to come.  And my interest is not only in this humanity; my interest is in humanity as such.”

“Keep the message pure, twenty-four carat gold.  And soon those people will be coming for whom you have made a temple- although it is sad when you are making the temple; nobody comes.  And when people start coming, you will not be here.  But one has to understand one thing: we are apart of a flowing river of consciousness.”

“You may not be here in this form, you may be here in another form, but keep it in mind never to ask such a question that I should be more acceptable, more respectable, more in agreement with the masses.  I cannot be.  And it is not stubbornness on my part.  It is just that truth cannot compromise.  It has never done it; it would be the greatest sin.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” – Pg. 231-232

A true Master does not compromise, his teachings are pure.  He is uncorrupted by politics and greed.  He is here to deliver a message, nothing else.  He is like a lion that cannot be controlled.  Because he cannot be controlled, he is dangerous.  Because he is dangerous, the government, the CIA, the FBI, the people in power will seek to kill him.  It is not by accident that those uncompromising leaders have been assassinated.  It is no accident that Jesus was crucified, Socrates poisoned, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated, Malcolm X assassinated, 2pac assassinated, Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee killed, John Lennon murdered. 

It is no accident that Dave Chappelle was pushed out of mainstream media after he refused to compromise.  Bruce Lee refused to compromise and allow Hollywood to disrespect the Chinese, then he mysteriously dies.  Jackie Chan compromised and allowed Hollywood to bash on the Chinese; he is still living making millions.  2pac was uncompromising, he gets murdered. Kanye West compromises, he lives to make millions.  When you compromise, you no longer represent truth but you are allowed to live.  When you are uncompromising, you represent the truth but then you become a target for an early death.  This is the way for those in power to destroy truth; they are masters in killing the messengers of truth. 

Perfect Love

Perfect love is being in the moment at every moment.  Perfect love is being in meditation.  Animals are naturally in meditation, animals are naturally in the moment.  Notice the love of a happy puppy.  The puppy stays at home waiting for her master, all day she is waiting to see her master.  She is waiting to be pet; she is waiting to share her love and affections with her master when he comes home.  She is waiting to bark in joy, she is waiting to wag her tail in happiness, she is waiting to sit on her masters lap, she is waiting to sleep next to her master, she is waiting to be taken for a walk, she is waiting to be taken for a run, she is waiting to be taken outside to enjoy the beautiful sun, she is waiting to be fed, she is waiting to be loved, she is waiting to give love.

She is always happy, no matter how long she waits, she is still full of happiness waiting for her master, no matter how long she has waited when her master comes home she is full of happiness, she is not thinking of the past or the future of what the master has or has not done, she is incapable of doing so, she is absolutely in the moment.  When the master arrives home after a long days work, she does not think to herself, “Who did the master pet other than me?” “Who did the master allow to sit on his lap other than me?” “Who has the master laughed and giggled with other than me?” “Who has the master slept with other than me?”  “Who has the master taken out to dinner other than me?” “Who has the master taken out for a walk other than me?”

She is absolutely unconcerned with this trivia, she is presently aware in the moment, as soon as the master walks through the door she is ready to share all her affections with the master as the master is ready to share his affections with her.  She is smiling in absolute happiness and the master is smiling in absolute happiness, they are both absorbed in the moment.  The puppy has no mind, the puppy has no ego, the puppy cannot feel emotions of jealousy and possessiveness.

Yes the puppy may wish to protect her master when she actually sees that her master may be in harms way but out of the sight of the puppy, the puppy cannot feel jealousy or possessiveness.  While the master is at work, while the master is spending time with friends and family, while the master is out and about, the puppy cannot feel jealousy and possessiveness, she is completely accepting of the master for whomever he is.  She completely respects the freedom of the master.  Her love and affection for her master is completely unconditional, it is completely pure.  Because her love for her master is free from jealousy and possessiveness, because her love for her master allows for total freedom, her love is completely pure and real.

This is the real expression of love that nearly all humans are unable to express as adults.  This love comes natural as an infant, as a baby, and as a child, but as the child grows to become an adult, this love gets contaminated, it gets corrupted, it becomes ugly.  It is becomes filled with jealousy, possessiveness, anger, hatred, and death.  This “love” gets so polluted that it becomes the most ugly thing in the world.  What we call “love” is no longer love, it is the opposite of love, it is obsession, it is control, it is possessiveness, it is slavery.   If we learn to love like this puppy, our love will be forever enduring, it will be stronger than any law, it will be stronger than any marriage.

Marriage is unneeded for the love between humans and animals; marriage also is unneeded between man and woman.  Love is the ultimate, love is God, love is Tao, nothing is above love, nothing is above God, nothing is above Tao, God and Tao cannot be expressed in words, love represents something that cannot be put into words.  Therefore, marriage will never be able to represent love, marriage is a disgrace towards love, love is beyond marriage.

Contracts are a disgrace towards trust, real trust requires no contract, real trust comes from the heart, contracts are from the mind, contracts are ugly, contracts are ego.  Love is from the heart; marriage is a contract that comes from the mind.  Marriage is ugly, love is beautiful.  Animals and children know how to love unconditionally, they are pure, they have yet to be contaminated.  They are a living representation of pure love that all whom are yet to be awakened need to learn from.

Muhammad Ali

“But it is an insane world, where Muhammad Ali can declare himself three times great, because now one time does not matter.  Alexander was great, but only one time; and nobody thought of being great two times, double the amount of Alexander the Great.  But Muhammad Ali has figured it out.  He is not even talking about a second time, he is talking about a third time.  He is saying, “Muhammad Ali thrice great.” And what is creative about him?  This man has broken many people’s noses, has fractured many people.  He is awarded; he is thought to be a hero.  He should be kept in a cage in a circus – that is the only place where he belongs.”

“Our values govern people and their behavior.  If you are by nature strong, use your strength for your deeper inquiry; use your strength for higher flights in your consciousness.  It is not right to destroy this strength in wrestling, in boxing, in being idiots.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 269

I don’t respect Boxers, I don’t respect Fighters, never had, never will.  They do not impress me, what they do is destructive and violent.  They are not wise, they are not intelligent, and they are not creative.  Rather than admiring a Boxer or Fighter, if I am to admire anybody for their physical strength and power, I would admire animals, such as the tiger, lion, cheetah, etc.  I would rather watch animals in the animal kingdom than to watch these stupid Boxers and Fighters.  I have been put in this world to be guided towards wisdom, the people I admire are Buddha, Lao-tzu, and Osho. 

I admired Bruce Lee, but he was not a Fighter, he was an Artist, and as a profession he was an actor.  He was paid to act, he was never paid to fight, he was never paid to hurt people, he was never paid to destroy people.  He was paid to create.  He was paid to choreograph fight scenes, he was paid to act in movies, he was paid to direct movies, he was paid to share the beauties of the Chinese culture and Eastern Philosophy to the world.  He was the only person that practiced combat that I truly admired.  But there can be millions of Boxers, millions of Fighters, they can win thousands of matches without losing one, but I admire none of them, actually the more they win, the more disrespect I have for them. 

To me it is like the mass murderer who has killed the most innocent people.  To me it is like the pedophile who has raped the most children.  None of this is worth admiring.  It is like admiring Hitler for killing the most amount of Jews.  Absolutely none of this violent behavior is worth admiring.  Not only is it not worth admiring but all these people should be punished for their crimes, so that it discourages the public from learning their behaviors.  See it like this, on the streets, the more violent you are the more you are despised from the public, the longer your criminal record, the more damaged your reputation; I see the same should be the case with Boxers and Fighters. 

Now training in Martial Arts is different, training in self-defense is different.  If you are training to learn how to defend yourself from danger, that is different.  It is not about training to strengthen your ego, it is not about training to compete to better another athlete.  It is about training to defend yourself from the murderer, it is about training to preserve your life.  It is like learning how to safely operate and use a firearm to defend yourself from danger, this has nothing to do with destroying others for egoistic purposes, this is about learning skills for survival.  Like an animal that fights when his life is in danger, not because he wants to build up his self-esteem to feel better about himself or to show off.  

A Martial Artist is creative, he is self-expressive, his fight training is not destructive, it is more creative like a dance.  It enhances his health and well-being, it brings positive energy to the people around him.  He uses his combat training towards spiritual growth.  He never fights to destroy, he fights to guide people towards spiritual growth and understanding.  A Martial Artist is a different breed, rare to find.  Fighters are everywhere, fighters are criminals, fighters are animals, fighters are violent people full of ego.  Martial Artists train towards no ego, Martial Artists train in meditation.  Martial Artists train to be the longest living human beings in the world, they train towards optimum health. 

Running to Death


Even something as innocent as running can be perceived as violent in my eyes. Violent towards your own physical health and well being. I do not support sadism and I do not support masochism. This is an example of masochism. I do not support this type of running. I support running for health, I support running in meditation, free from ego, and free from competition. Who cares to run faster, just run comfortably, just run safely, just run for fun. Running too fast is like dying early, I do not want to die early, I want to live longer, I want to enjoy a slow painless death. I want to live until 150 years to enjoy every aspect of life to the fullest. Why run fast to die early? What is the use of being athletic if you are to die early? I see a lot of football players, boxers, wrestlers, bodybuilders, and runners destroying themselves for idiotic purposes. I do not support or promote any of this self-torture or torture onto others.


The highest level of artistic expression is in meditation.  Those who express via ego may still be Artists but they have a much lower expression of art.  A man who lives in meditation in every activity turns his entire life into a work of art.  He can be called an Artist, he can be called a Meditator, but it does not necessarily mean he is a Master, a Master is someone who is capable of teaching meditation to others.  He may even be considered a Mystic, who is a person who lives a life of meditation but not necessarily someone who is capable of teaching it.

Spiritual Progress

Spiritual progress is when there is no ego involved, there is no ego standing in the way saying “I have achieved something!”  There is no ego to even say “I.”  There just is.  You are just so in the moment that there is no “I.”  You are in meditation, when you are in meditation, there is no thinking.  When there is no thinking, there can be no such thing as “achievement.”  Only when there is thinking can there be such a thing as “achievement.” Only the ego can push you to “improve.”  When there is no ego, there is no such thing as success or failure, there is just being in the moment, being natural.  Only the ego can judge something to be good or bad, only the ego can determine if something is to be seen as progression or regression.  When you are spiritually aware, you identify this ego and you are not a slave to this ego, you become the master.

In meditation, there is no goal to achieve, there is just relaxing in the moment, there is just being natural, there is just being yourself.  You have taken yourself out of the rat race, there is no longer a desire to improve, you have simply eliminated desire.  You are at one with the source.  Everything becomes a game, you realize that it is all a game, you determine whether or not you wish to participate in this game, if you participate in this game, you always have this consciousness, this awareness, knowing that it is all a game.  Knowing that it is all a game, you are never too serious, you are always playful, you are always ready to smile and laugh about the ridiculousness of this game that others whom are unaware are taking so seriously.  There is no rush, there is nowhere to go, you are already there, you have always been there, you just need to open your eyes, wakeup, and be aware.

Higher Consciousness

“It is true.  If you meet a man of a higher development in consciousness, you will not be able to understand the man; communication will be almost impossible.  But you are saying and seeing only one side of the phenomenon.  You will not be able to understand a man of higher consciousness but he will understand you – more than you understand yourself.  He has passed through the same stages that you are passing.  He’s well-acquainted with the whole territory and he is standing on a high place from where he can see far and wise.”

“Your meditations, my sitting with you, your individual efforts – all together are creating only a higher consciousness in you. You may be blind, I am not.  And I am holding your hand tight – so you may not be able to find the door yourself, but just don’t try to escape!  Allow me to hold your hand.  I will take you out of the door into the open.”

“The greatest problem is not that you don’t understand what comes from a higher consciousness. The greater problem is, you think that if you cannot understand him that means he is talking nonsense.  You have closed the doors.  The sun has come even up to your door – you close the door in the very face of the sun.  The sun will come again tomorrow morning.  People like me don’t get tired because you have not been listening, you have been closing the door, you have been rejecting.  The person with the higher consciousness understands it – that these are all childish ways of protecting one’s ego.  He is not going to be angry with you.”

“In these thirty years, I must have passed millions of people – talked about their problems, given them every help they wanted for their further growth: instructions, disciplines.  But while the person was listening, I was also aware to what category the person belongs: Is he listening or is he just being polite, and deep down he thinks he knows everything?  He need not bother about meditation.  He need not think about changing his lifestyle so that the new consciousness becomes easier to grow.”

“There is a point of no return.  And you all have to remember when that point comes in your life that you cannot go away from me, that it has become impossible.  That even if I leave the body, it will not make any difference.  You have found your master, and the master has found his disciple.  And this is the greatest discovery there is.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 424-425

The point of no return came to me when I was introduced to the philosophies of Bruce Lee and then he introduced me to Eastern Philosophy.  My way of thinking and seeing the world has always been different than the majority; I thought I was alone until I started to study Eastern Philosophy.  Bruce introduced me to the “Tao Te Ching” and it was the Tao that changed everything for me.  The wisdom that I had within was confirmed with that text, then I knew that I was not alone, the way that I saw the world was deeply connected with the Tao. 

Ever since then, since the age of 21, I have been studying Eastern Philosophy for over 12 years to strengthen my understanding and ability to teach what I have learned and experienced.  The primary sages of whom I consider my Masters are Lao-tzu, Buddha, and Osho.  Bruce Lee was the individual who had introduced me to my masters.  I am the disciple of the teachings of Tao, Buddha, and Osho.  Which in their teachings are not bound by any particular way, it is deeply existential. 

The Tao is the source; Lao-tzu, Buddha, and Osho in my opinion are the greatest Masters that have ever lived that are pointing towards the source.  There is only one book attributed to Lao-tzu and that is the “Tao te Ching.”  Much of Buddha’s teachings like many sages of the past have had their teachings misinterpreted and miscommunicated, there is much corruption to sort through.  The modern Master of our time is Osho, whom had passed away in 1990.  His teachings have been recorded in video and have been transcribed to written format. 

His teachings are more pure and direct.  You can study his teachings and come to your own understanding.  There is no translator in between to corrupt his teachings.  Osho is the greatest modern Master that is most capable of pointing you towards the Tao.  Most of every teacher out there is corrupted in some way.  The only other modern Master worth studying other than Osho is J.Krishnamurti.  J.Krishnamurti has been acknowledged by Osho to be a Master like himself.  J.Krishnamurti was also Bruce Lee’s Master spiritual guide. 

But in my opinion, Osho’s teachings are beyond J.Krishnamurti’s in so many ways.  Lao-tzu was a great sage, but there is only one short book attributed directly to him, and even that is a translation that can be severely corrupted by the misunderstanding of the translator.  Buddha was a great sage, but there are no teachings directly attributed to him that can be verified by modern technology, that leaves room for much corruption and misinterpretations. 

Osho on the other hand is a modern sage that has had his teachings recorded with modern technology.  His teachings are pure and direct.  Unlike Lao-tzu, Osho did not speak less, Osho has created a vast amount of material to study, which serves not only to strengthen your understanding but also in a way to keep you entertained and occupied as you progress in your spiritual journey.  Reading hundreds and thousands of books that have been published by Osho simply gives much more versatility in your understanding rather than just reading one “Holy Book” and nothing more.

 I read Osho books not because I need to read, but simply because it is fun for me to read.  There are no other books I have come across that are as pure as the teachings of Osho.  Mostly every other book I have come across has been corrupted by ego.  Mostly every other book I have come across was not written by a Master by but an Amateur or man of great ignorance.  The only other modern Master I can possibly recommend to study is J.Krishnamurti.  

Everybody else are not Masters, but simply individuals whom had maybe gained a basic understanding of Meditation and are sharing the limited knowledge they have obtained.  Examples would be Eckhart Tolle and Bruce Lee.  In the realm of Meditation and spirituality, Eckhart Tolle and Bruce Lee are not even close to being Masters but rather just disciples whom can serve the purpose of introducing you to the real Masters, whom are Lao-tzu, Buddha, Osho, and J.Krishnamurti. 

Love is the Ultimate

“All things of this world are nothing in comparison to one second of love, because that one second is enough to give you ultimate contentment – beyond which you cannot spread your ambitions and desires.  Just that experience is enough to fill you with all that is beautiful, with all that is deathless, with all that Is part of truth, part of bliss, part of benediction.  A man who dies without knowing love has never lived.  And a man who knows love needs no other lives anymore – he has passed the examination of life.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” – pg. 444

My greatest experiences in life, are moments of being in love.  There is nothing more beautiful in life than to experience love.  Life without love, is no life.  Love has transformed me.  No money, no fame, and no material possessions can replace the power of love.  When you are in love, you are the most powerful.  All fears disappear, you have lived your life to the fullest every moment, you are ready to die in contentment.    

Speak Wisely

“Don’t speak anything that is not absolutely necessary.  Don’t speak anything that is going to hurt somebody.  It is better to be silent than to be unnecessarily in quarrels and fights and violence, because most of your violence begins with your words, with your mouth.” Lao-tzu from “Sermons in Stones” by Osho – pg. 445

From my past experiences, I have learned that I have to remain silent, to only speak when I feel it is necessary, not to speak because I am being paid to speak, not to speak to get attention or recognition, not to speak because I am asked to speak.  But rather to speak from the heart, never from the mind, but only from the heart.   If I choose to speak, I should speak when I am filled with love within, I should speak when I am at peace within.  If I am ever angry, I should not speak, it would be wiser to express this anger energy through physical exertion aimed towards creativity.  Harsh words can cause much damage to an individual’s psychology.  Clearly it is not good to be physically violent towards others but also it is not good to be verbally violent towards others as well.  All violence needs to stop physically and verbally.  

Silent Creativity

“Creativity has two possibilities.  One is that it arises out of your silence, love, understanding, your clarity of vision, your intimate friendliness with existence – then creativity is healthy.  But if it does not arise out of meditation, out of silence and peace and understanding and love, then there is a danger.  It may be arising out of your confused mind.  It may be arising out of your insanity.”

“Anything that comes out of your tense mind, helps you anyway.  It gives a relief.  Something that was going round and round inside you – you have released it, but it will torture somebody else.  It may torture many… because the song that was imprisoned within you was a personal matter; you have made it public.  And if the song has come out of some kind of madness, some kind of confusion, you will certainly feel good, but at a cost which is too big.  Millions of people for thousands of years can be affected by it.  You are relieved but you have not behaved responsibly.  You have not behaved sanely, you have not behaved humanely.  Your songs, your paintings, your dance will have all the qualities of your mind, from which they came.”

“Before you start making your songs and singing and dancing, create the right consciousness, the right awareness, so whatever comes out of you is a blessing for humanity, not a curse.  That is the criterion.  Unless it can be a blessing, throw it into a fireplace.  You are released, but don’t burden somebody else.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 457-459

These above passages speak directly to me and my past experiences.  It is clear that not all creativity is worth sharing, is worth making public.  Creativity out of anger and ego should be created and disposed.  Created as a sense of psychological release, but disposed so that it does not cause burden onto those around you.  It is like passing on an illness.  Rather than passing an illness onto another, heal yourself in privacy and only engage with the public when are healed.

Silent Creativity on the other hand is positive and healing.  Silent creativity is born out of meditation and peace.  Silent creativity should be shared with the public.  Silent creativity promotes love and happiness.  When you are overfilled with joy, you wish to share this joy.  If you are overfilled with madness, it is best not to share this madness but to keep this madness private, to transform this madness into bliss, once it is transformed to bliss, then it is the time to create and share bliss with others. 

The Buddha’s Are One

“When I am with you, I feel like a boat on the wide ocean an the waves go higher and higher.  And then the question arises: are you me or am I you?”

“Two sides of one coin – both are right.  You can see this side, you can see that side.  The higher you go, the closer you come to me.  At the highest point, certainly this question arises: Who are you? – me or yourself?  In fact, those two entities have disappeared into one organic whole.  This is what I call devotion, the ultimate state of disciplehood.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 549

I feel at one with the great sages of whom I have become a disciple of.  I feel at one with 2pac, Bruce Lee, Lao-tzu, Buddha, Osho.  As I have grown I have grown with them.  I feel that their expression is one with my own and that my expression is an expression of theirs.  I am able to transform and adapt to change my expression according to the time and circumstances.  I see that once you discover the Buddha within, you become one with all Buddhas.  You understand all Buddhas.  We all have no names, we are all just one.  Their expression lives through me and my expression is expressed through their teachings.  Even when they have passed away, their teachings live on, even when I pass away, my teachings will live on, because the teachings of all Buddha’s lead towards the same source. 

You Are Not Born With Guilt

“Guilt is not something that you are born with, it is not part of your nature.  Guilt is created by the society.  For example, every religion creates guilt – in different ways, but the technique is the same.  All the religions live, thrive, on guilty human beings.  First make them guilty – once you have succeeded in making somebody feel guilty, you have almost killed his spirit.  Now he will be a soulless slave to you.  As far as I am concerned, my whole work is in how to free you from guilt – not to transform it.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 549

We create our own mental prisons everywhere we go.  We are programmed since birth to have a guilty conscience.  The programmers are our parents, relatives, schoolteachers, priests, politicians, doctors, lawyers, police officers, bosses, media, etc.  These programmers formulate a vast list of what is considered “right” and what is considered “wrong.”  Now everywhere we go, even when they are not physically with us, they are within our conscious, and within our conscious they have control over us, they have us enslaved. They tell us that making love is wrong, so we feel guilty about sex.  They tell us that guns are bad, so we are in total fear of guns.  They tell us a million and one things of what we should and should not do, now we live our lives as machines, we are not truly human, we are not truly free.  We will never be free until we learn to break free from this guilty conscious and follow our hearts towards the true Way. 

Love is Beyond Marriage 

“Marriage is a false substitute for love.  A man or a woman should be allowed to choose their partners and to change their partners whenever they feel.  The government has no business in it, the society has nothing to do with it.  It is two individuals’ personal affair.  The privacy of it is sacred.  If two people want to live together, they don’t need any permission from any priest or any government.  They need the permission of their hearts.  And the day they feel that the time has come to part, again they don’t need anybody’s permission.  They can part as friends, with beautiful memories of their loving days.  Love should be the only way for men and women to live together.  No other ritual is needed.”

“If man’s love is free, there will not be blacks and whites, and there will not be these ugly discriminations, because love knows no boundaries.  You can fall in love with a black man, you can fall in love with a white man.  Love knows no religious scriptures.  It knows only the heartbeat, and it knows it with absolute certainty.  Once love is free, it will prepare the ground for other fundamental rights.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 559-560

I promote real love, not marriage.  Real love is living, it is alive, it is in the moment.  It is a private affair, it is nobody’s business, not your parents, not your friends, not your relatives, not the courts, not the lawyers, not the judges, not the policeman, not the neighbors, not the strangers, etc.  It is nobody’s business but for the two individuals who are deeply in love.  They can share their intimacy in private; they can truly enjoy each other’s company without any outside distractions whatsoever.  The love that they share together completes them and makes them whole.  It is something positive and healing. 

Once this love is shared, this positive loving energy is then shared with the world in every expression of that human being.  Everything that he or she does becomes radiated with love, now they see the world from a whole new perspective; it has come from SD to Full HD.  Marriage attempts to make love permanent, love cannot be permanent, love lives moment to moment.  In order for love to live, there must be constant appreciation, the mind has to be dropped, the past has to be dropped, the future has to be dropped.  True love can only exist when you are in meditation.  If you practice love with meditation, it becomes eternal. – SFL April 26 2015

Love With Detachment

“Detachment is not absence of interest – detachment is absolute interest, tremendous interest, but still with the capacity of non-clinging.  Enjoy the moment while it is there and when the moment starts disappearing, as everything is bound to disappear, let it go.  That is detachment.” – Osho “Tarot in the Spirit of Zen” – pg. 96

We should be in love with detachment.  We should be absolutely interested in one another, we should be in love, but we should not be attached.  We should not be possessive.  Like the beautiful sky, like the beautiful sun, we cannot own the sun, we cannot own the sky, but we can enjoy the beauty of it.  While it is there, we should enjoy it fully, when the sun starts to set, we let it go.  When the sky is no longer blue, when it starts to turn grey, we should not be upset, we should accept. 

While the love is there, while it is alive, enjoy it, fully enjoy it, be at one with it, be so at one with love that you become love.  Do not worry about how long the love will last, simply enjoy the love fully.  Death may end the love; a change of heart may end the love, but those are all thoughts of the future, the future does not exist, all that exists is this moment right now, and in this moment right now, you are full of love, so enjoy it, cherish it, and share it.  While you are full of love, share this love to the world, you will never know how long it will last, but I can say this, the more you share this love, the more love you will receive in return. 

Do not hoard love, hoarding love will kill it, it is like locking a bird away into a cage that is meant to be free, soon the bird will lose its beauty, soon the bird will become weak, soon the bird will die.  We are meant to share our love to this world in freedom, without freedom there cannot be love, without love there is very little joy in being free, love gives purpose to our freedom.  – SFL April 30 2015

Earthlings – Being Vegan vs. Eating Meat



Eating too much meat is clearly not healthy; it leads to many health complications.  Lately I have been getting over a bad sickness and I attribute part of this sickness to eating too much meat.  It is clear that it is very difficult for the body to breakdown red meats.  My body is craving to eat more fruits and more vegetables, less meat.  I follow what my body tells me.  But will I be Vegan?  No.  Will I be vegetarian?  No.  I will simply listen to my body and eat according to what I feel to be the healthiest for me.


I am not for or against eating meat.  I promote us to simply be natural.  Some of us are naturally meat eaters, some of us are not.  Do not force a lion to be a fish and do not force a fish to be a lion.  Do not force an elephant to be a dog and do not force a dog to be an elephant.  Animals will be who they are, humans should be allowed to be who they are.  Some humans are naturally vegetarian, are naturally vegan, let them be, they are like the cows that eat grass.  Other humans are naturally meat eaters, that’s all they care to eat, they are like lions whom only eat meat, let them be.


The documentary said that if we all had to hunt for our own meat, we would all be vegetarians.  I strongly disagree, there are many people out there that enjoy the kill, they enjoy hunting, they enjoy being predators.  There are many hunters out there that find joy in shooting down animals not even for food but for pleasure, so it is clear, even if humans had to hunt for their own food, it would be clear, we would not all be vegetarians.  I even see many people who love to go fishing, sometimes you see people catch a fish only to throw it right back into the lake.  Fishing in itself is a form of hunting for food.


I have people in my family whom go fishing regularly; I have people in my family whom even slaughter cows on their own for food.  I’ve known people whom hunt down deer on their own.  I know people who do all the dirty work and have no problem in doing so, not only do they not have a problem in doing so but they find joy in doing so.  There are humans whom are natural hunters out there, there are humans that are natural predators.


I see that eating meat should be a delicacy.  Meat should not be eaten in large quantities but properly balanced with vegetables, fruits, grains, and other foods.  The wildlife governs itself, there is no need for man to come in and disrupt what is natural.  There is no need to imprison lions and wolves for being meat eaters.  They are simply doing what is natural.  Cows and deers will be eating plants, lions and wolves will hunt down the cows and deers.  Everything is already in order.


Humans will eat plants and animals but humans will die too.  Humans will not eat one another; humans will be buried into the ground.  The human body will become food for the bugs and the trees and plants will gain nourishment from the bodies buried, the trees will then grow fruits of which humans and animals will end up eating from.  It is all a cycle, we are all apart of this cycle, no matter if we choose to eat meat or eat plants, we are all a part of this cycle.


Those who are heavy meat eaters will pay the price.  The heavy meat eaters will receive many health complications and they will die an early death, that is their payback.  Osho will say that these animals that are being slaughtered are being filled with fear, depression, and negative energy before death, their bodies are then poisoned with this negative energy, we then eat this flesh and we become poisoned as well.  I can agree to this, when we eat animals that are being violently slaughtered, whom go through a very violent death, when we consume this negative energy, it disrupts our positive life energy.


Too much meat is not healthy but I cannot say that every human being on this planet should become vegan or vegetarian.  It is in the nature of certain humans to desire meat, this is not a sin, this is who they are.  The cow is not better than the lion, the lion is not better than the cow, they are simply who they are.  We as humans should be allowed to be who we are.  Nobody should feel guilty for eating meat and no Vegan or Vegetarian should feel superior because they have refrained from eating meat.  We should be allowed to be natural.  If our bodies are telling us that eating certain meats is poison, we should listen to our bodies, we should not allow this poison to enter our bodies.

I do not promote any extremes.  I do not promote meat eaters, I do not promote vegans.  I simply promote you to be natural and to listen to your body, simply head towards the healthy way for your body.  If meat is poison to your body, refrain from eating it.  If meat gives you energy, strength, and power, then eat it to give you vitality.

My Own Light

“Whenever society is in tune with existence you will be in tune with society; whenever society is not in tune with existence you will not be in tune with society.  But the real moral person never cares, he is even ready to risk his life.  Socrates did that, Jesus did that.  Buddha was constantly living in danger.  This has always been the case, for the simple reason that they were living according to their own light.”

“If it fits with society, good; if it does not fit with society it is bad for society but it has nothing to do with you.  Society has to change itself.  Socrates is not going to change himself, Jesus is not going to change himself according to society, Buddha is not going to live according to the crowd.  The crowd consists of blind people, of utterly unconscious people who are fast asleep, who know nothing of themselves.  To follow them is the most stupid thing in the world that man can do.  One should be intelligent enough to wake up one’s own consciousness.” – Osho “Tarot in the Spirit of Zen” pg. 134

I do not follow society, I follow my own light within.  I stay away from the crowd and I do my own thing.  I am outside of the crowd.  I live my life in privacy with a few loved ones and I follow my inner light towards the way.  The crowd will never be in tune with the Tao, it is impossible.  To live according to the Tao, it is rare.  The Tao is hidden, the Way is hidden.  I trust my inner light, I have trust in the way of my heart, it is beyond any organization, beyond any tradition, beyond any authority.  I do not need to follow anybody, I simply follow my heart, my heart knows the Way.  Socrates, Jesus, Buddha, Osho, Lao-tzu are all inspirations to me.  They all lived and died following their inner light.  – SFL May 1 2015

Freedom for Women

“The woman needs total freedom so that she can give freedom to man too.  If you make somebody a slave you will be reduced to slavery ultimately, finally, you can’t remain free.  If you want to remain free, give freedom to others; that’s the only way to be free.” – Osho “the book of women” pg. 25

No man should control a woman, he should allow this woman to be free, by this way he will retain his freedom.  As strangers, they are free, this man has no control over this woman and this woman has no control over this man, they respect each others freedom.  As a friendship develops, this freedom must be maintained, as the friendship develops into intimacy, this freedom must be maintained. 

Every passing day, this woman and this man should wake up to freedom.  Freedom to spend his or her time according to their individual desires.  If the woman wishes to spend time with this man, she can do so, if not, she is free to do as she pleases, and the same goes with the man.  There should be no forced meetings.  The man and woman should only spend time with one another when their hearts desire.  There should be no obligations, no expectations.  Meetings should be spontaneous and authentic. 

If the woman loves the man, it is real love, if the man loves the woman it is real love, it is not forced.  The woman and man only meet to share positive energy with one another.  If the woman is sad, the man is there to uplift her.  If the man is sad, the woman is there to uplift him.  If they are both sad, they should be alone to let this sadness pass before they meet with one another again.  If they are both in happiness, they can meet to share this happiness.  

If the woman wishes to share her time with another man, she has the freedom to do so.  If the man wishes to share his time with another woman, he has the freedom to do so.  A father has no control over his daughter whom has grown to become a mature responsible lady.  A mother has no control over her son whom has grown to become a mature responsible man.  The father and mother give up control over their children once they become adults.  The same freedom shall be practiced amongst lovers.  There cannot be true love without this shared freedom.  If this freedom is taken away, real love disappears, it becomes slavery, it becomes imprisonment. – SFL May 3 2015

No Contracts in Love

“In a better, more intelligent world, people will love, but will not make any contracts.  It is not a business!  They will understand each other, and they will understand the changing flux of life.  They will be true to each other.  The moment the man feels that now his beloved holds no joy for him, he will say that the time has come to part.  There is no need for marriage; there is no need for divorce.  Then friendship will be possible.” – Osho “the book of women” pg. 51

There should be no contracts in love, contracts are a disgrace to love.  Love is in the moment, it is living, it is alive.  Love cannot be guaranteed; it can only be enjoyed in the moment.  People change, times change, promises cannot be made.  Promises are of the future, you cannot predict the future, any predictions are false.  It is up to each individual to fill themselves up with so much positive energy and loving spirit that the love of others will be drawn towards them.  Nobody is ever forced to spend time with you but rather every individual that is a part of your life cherishes every moment with you, they are truly attracted to you, they are drawn towards you, this is real love that is beyond all contracts, it comes from the heart. 

Wives and Prostitutes 

“To tell the truth, there is no difference between wives and prostitutes.  The difference is just like the difference between having your own car or going in a taxi.  A prostitute is purchased only for a few hours; wives are a long-term affair, it is economical.” – Osho “the book of women” pg. 52

A woman should not be a wife, she should not be a prostitute.  She should not be property, she should not be used as an object.  She should be a free human being that expresses love and follows her heart.  She should develop real friendships with other humans and follow her heart.  She should never allow a man to control and possess her.  She should be independent, not dependent on a man.  Through this independence she should be enabled to make her own life decisions.  She should only become intimate with men of whom she has grown to love, intimacy should never be forced.  Love should not be economical, she should share her love based on her freedom of choice.  Every day that passes, she should have the freedom of choice to spend time with those who bring bliss into her life.  Money needs to be earned to make a living, but money should always be separated from love and intimacy.  Love and intimacy must be free from economics.  A woman should be intimate with a man out of love, not money.  A woman who becomes intimate with men for money becomes a prostitute; a wife that becomes intimate with her husband for money and security becomes a long-term prostitute.  A woman, who becomes intimate with a man or men out of real love, is a real woman with self-respect. – SFL May 5 2015

True Friendship is Beyond Marriage

“Remember that friendship is so valuable that whatsoever the consequence, remain friends even with your wife, even with your husband, and allow absolute and total freedom to each other.  If you give full freedom to each other, perhaps you can remain together for your whole life, or for the whole eternity, because there is no need to get rid of each other.  Marriage creates the need to get rid of each other, because it means freedom is taken away – and freedom is the highest value in human life.  Make all the couples free, and you will be surprised, this very world becomes paradise.” – Osho “the book of women” pg. 53

True friendship is beyond marriage.  In order to develop a true friendship, there is no need to get the approval of the courts, the government, or the church.  True friendship comes from the heart.  In true friendship, you accept your friend for his/her true self.  You do not seek to change your friend in anyway, you simply accept your friend for who he/she is.  You do not seek to control, dominate, or possess your friend, your friend has absolute freedom.  True friendship is from the heart, not from the mind.

When you allow absolute freedom to one another, there is no need to divorce, there is no need to become enemies, there is no need to develop hatred towards one another.  When there is absolute freedom, then there is a greater possibility for the friendship to last for eternity.  When you restrict the freedom of one another, that is how hatred develops.  There is hatred for the police and government because of this very restriction.  There is genuine love towards animals and children because animals and children do not attempt to restrict our freedom. 

If you can treat your lover as a true friend, if you can give freedom to your lover, the love that is shared between the both of you will be increased.  When your lover accepts you for who you are and allows you absolute freedom, your love will grow stronger.  If given a choice between A and B, and you gravitate towards A out of your own free will, that is real love, it is not forced.  When the love is real, out of your own free will, you will want to spend time with your lover, nothing is forced, no contract is required.  Like a person who loves eating grapes, the grape does not force the person to go under contract to purchase the grape in which to eat it, the human is just naturally drawn towards the grapes out of his own free will, nothing is forced, his body craves for the taste and nutrition. 

If a man is truly attracted towards a woman, no contract is required, out of his own free will, he will gravitate towards this woman, love is not forced, love comes on its own.  Marriage contracts attempt to make feelings of love permanent, but nothing is permanent.  The only thing that is real is the present moment, within this present moment, if there is love, it is real, but this love cannot be guaranteed to exist for tomorrow, tomorrow we will never know.  – SFL May 6 2015