Sifu Freddie Lee speaks about the ready stance and phases of the front kick.  Introduces the concept of FMK Safe Sparring.  Displays different training tools for the Martial Arts.  Expresses the importance of physical fitness training and flexibility in the Martial Arts.  Demonstrates the FMK bow signifying the balance of the Body, Mind, & Spirit.


Sifu Freddie Lee teaches about the importance of a strong foundation on developing powerful legs geared specifically towards the Martial Arts.  Teaches about the importance of breath coordination with the hands and body.  Introducing practical blocking techniques for sparring and street combat.  Introduces proper hook kicking techniques.  Introduces proper ready stance position for efficient combat.  The importance of kick variations.  Introduction to meditation and the difference between moving meditation and sitting meditation.


Sifu Freddie Lee explains the difference between real fighting and sport fighting.  He mentions the importance of awareness.  Emphasizes the importance of being offensive as the best method of defense.  Sihing Shunyuan expresses his training experience in FMK.   Expressing the relationship between a Sifu and Disciple.  Expressing the importance of being open to new ideas in order to progress rapidly in the Martial Arts.   Introducing Shi lao Jenny Lee, the mother of FMK.  Expressing the importance of proper nutrition to develop into the ultimate Martial Artist.  Expressing the balance of love and Martial Arts.  Showing the difference between beginner kicking techniques and advanced techniques.  Introducing Keo Zen Lee and Baby Ken Zen Lee.  Sharing the family relationship in the Martial Arts.  The importance of love in the Martial Arts.


Sifu Freddie Lee teaches the components of a proper sidekick.  He mentions how the Martial Arts training has brought him and his 64 year old father “Sigung” closer together.  Brandon Zen Lee, Jet Zen Lee, Angelina Tao Lee, Keo Zen Lee, and Ken Zen Lee are introduced.  The importance of nutrition in FMK.  The importance of love and family.  Baby Ken starts his training at 1 year old.


FMK celebrates Chinese New Year in Chinatown Chicago.  Sihing Shunyan buys nunchaku’s at the Marital Arts store.  Sifu teaches basic nunchaku lessons.  Sifu Freddie Lee’s grandma who is over 90 years old is shown in video. Highlighting amazing traditional Chinese elegant dishes at Phoenix Restaurant.  The children of FMK express the love and compassion that is necessary to complete the real Martial Arts.  Expressing the beauty of the culture behind ancient China, the beauty of its unique creative way of food preparation and traditional way of dress.  Sifu Freddie Lee’s children playing in happiness expresses the love between siblings and not competition, jealousy, and hate.  This is a very important model to follow for all students of Martial Arts within any Martial Art school.  The power of a little child can be even more powerful than the most powerful adult; this exemplifies the power of love.   The beauty of modern technology allows people from all over the world to train live with FMK via Skype.  Peace is promoted within FMK, it is extremely important to remember this during the training of intense combat.  Sifu Freddie Lee teaches survival blocking methods.

Proper jump rope training is essential in teaching proper technique and footwork in efficient combat.  The practice of fixed forms can be very artistic, creative, spiritual, and meditative, it is a very important aspect that is underappreciated, especially amongst combat sport fighters.  Bruce Lee had contributed to its under appreciation by expressing the impracticality behind fixed forms in efficient combat but Sifu Freddie Lee sees that integrating fixed forms into your Martial Arts training enhances the spiritual growth of each practitioner while emphasizing the importance and beauty of working together in unison to achieve a common goal.  The emphasis of fitness training is highly valued within FMK and provides the foundational groundwork of what it means to truly be a Martial Artist.  Every training session becomes a way of meditation within FMK.  The ultimate way is to train everyday to be in meditation.