Rules & Policies


  1. You must not use the combat techniques learned to enter formal or informal competitions to hurt others for personal gain. You must only use combat techniques to defend yourself or others from violence while adhering to the laws of your state. You are only allowed to practice combat techniques through Safe Sparring with non-violent individuals who are respectful of your well-being. You must never abuse your powers over those who are weaker.
  2. The Safe Sparring Regulations must be followed
  3. You must not teach FMK combat techniques to others until you have become authorized by Shi zu to teach according to your rank. If you decide to teach FMK combat techniques outside of FMK, you must notify Shi zu.
  4. Public displays of FMK combat techniques including any videos posted on the internet must be authorized by Shi zu. Private technique videos created and shared to you by Shi zu are not to be viewed by anyone other than yourself without the permission of Shi zu.

If any of the above rules are violated, you may be expelled from Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu at any time based on the severity of the offense.


  1. You are expected to make re-occurring monthly payments upon enrollment. If you are late with your payment, you may be charged a fee of $20. You are expected to provide a 24 hour advanced notice in order to reschedule. If you fail to provide any notice of your absence you may be charged a fee of $20. You are expected to contact Shi zu if you are to be more than 5 min. late. You will only be trained for the remaining part of your session if you are late.
  2. You are expected to meet with Shi zu at least once a week and to be updated with all information contained on this website & informational emails you receive from Shi zu.
  3. You are only allowed to bring a water bottle and a towel within the kwoon. All excess items including cell phones, jackets, excess clothing, shoes, bags, etc. must be stored in the waiting area and are not allowed in the kwoon.
  4. Any injuries & illnesses must be reported to Shi zu. You are expected to be very aware of your own safety and health. You are not to push yourself beyond your limits.
  5. You are expected to maintain good hygiene and to bring a towel to wipe excess sweat if you perspire greatly.
  6. Only clean indoor shoes are allowed within the kwoon.  You are expected to help keep the kwoon clean & organized. All equipment that you use must be returned to its original position after use. All mirrors & equipment that become dirty from your use must be properly cleaned. 
  7. You are expected to maintain a positive state of mind and not to spread negative energy to anyone around you in anyway. You are expected to focus on your own development and not to compete with others or yourself in unhealthy ways. You are expected to treat everyone with respect and courtesy and to be respectful of their personal space.
  8. There are no communications allowed that support & promote any sort of combative sports or sport fighters. You are expected to remain focused on your development to be more creative & expressive as a Martial Artist.
  9. All FMK badges are property of FMK & are expected to be returned if you decide to discontinue your training with the kwoon.

Last Updated 10/10/12