Chinese Lion Dance

Bring the vibrant energy of a traditional Chinese Lion Dance to your special occasion and make it an unforgettable celebration! We are thrilled to offer captivating Lion Dance performances that fuse cultural richness with exhilarating entertainment. We offer performances for Chinese New Years, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Business Grand Openings, Festivals, Corporate Events, Live Cultural Performances, and any other special ocassions.

The Chinese Lion Dance is believed to bring good luck and drive away evil spirits.  The lion is a symbol of power, wisdom, and good fortune in Chinese culture. The lion dance is performed to bring good luck and prosperity to the community or business where it takes place. 
The loud drumming, cymbals, and movements of the lion are believed to scare away evil spirits and negative energy. This aspect of the dance is particularly emphasized during the Chinese New Year to ensure a fresh start and a prosperous year.
The lion dance is often performed by a team of two dancers—one handling the lion's head and the other the tail. This requires coordination and cooperation, symbolizing unity and harmony within the community.
Overall, the Chinese lion dance serves both cultural and symbolic purposes, bringing communities together in celebration and expressing hopes for a prosperous and auspicious future.

Each performance is up to 10 minutes in length and includes 3 musicians playing the traditional Chinese Lion Dance music which includes the Lion Drum, Cymbals, and Gong. Each Lion requires 2 Lion Dancers. 

1 Lion 5 Performers
2 Lions 7 Performers
3 Lions 9 Performers
4 Lions 11 Performers
5 Lions 13 Performers


1 Lion $800 + Travel Fees ($15/mile) + Parking Fee if Applicable
2 Lions $1300 + Travel Fees ($15/mile) + Parking Fee if Applicable
3 Lions $2300 + Travel Fees ($15/mile) + Parking Fee if Applicable
4 Lions $3600 + Travel Fees ($15/mile) + Parking Fee if Applicable
5 Lions $5000 + Travel Fees ($15/mile) + Parking Fee if Applicable
Travel Fees Calculated by distance from 1642 W. Howard St. Chicago, IL
Parking Fees $60+ 

5 Lions Available
1. Red Lion - White Fur Oldest Lion Courage & Good Luck
2. Gold Lion - Gold Fur Middle Child Liveliness & Good Fortune
3. Red Lion - Red Fur & Gold Middle Child Courage & Good Luck
4. Silver Lion - White Fur & Red Middle Child Wealth & Purity
5. Red Lion - Red Fur         Youngest   Courage & Good Luck

Certificate of Insurance (COI)
Some venues require a certificate of insurance in order for the performance to take place.  In these instances an additional $300 will be added to the total cost of the performance to cover the cost of the insurance.

Additional Add on Performances
We also over additional performances that can be added to the Lion Dance Performance.  We offer traditional Chinese Fan Dancing, Modern Fan Dancing, and Martial Arts Demonstrations.
1) Traditional Chinese Fan Dancing is $100 for 5 minutes and $200 for 10 minutes
2) Modern Fan Dancing is $100 for 2 minutes
3) Martial Art Demonstrations are $100 for 5 minutes and $200 for 10 minutes

1)  We require a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the performance no less than 14 days prior to the event.
2). You have to cancel at least 14 days prior to the event to receive your deposit back minus a $200 cancellation fee.  If you cancel in less than 14 days, you will lose your entire deposit. 
3). We require payment of the remaining balance before the event or at the latest upon arrival to the event before the performance is to begin.

Forms of Payment Accepted
Venmo @SifuFreddieLee
Zelle (773)465-8888
Cash App $FreddiesModernKungFu
Credit Card Square App