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Welcome to Freddie's Modern Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy, where tradition meets innovation, and True Martial Artists are developed!  Explore the rich world of Jeet Kune Do inspired Martial Arts training that blends together techniques found in Wing Chun, Choy Lay Fut, Tai Chi, Boxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, and Ground Fighting disciplines. 

Why Choose Freddie's Modern Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy?
Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned instructors. Our team is dedicated to imparting centuries-old wisdom with a modern twist.
Versatility: Whether you seek to defend yourself with punches, kicks, joint locking techniques, ground fighting techniques, or various weapons, we offer a comprehensive curriculum for all levels and interests.
Inclusive Community: Join a diverse and supportive community of martial artists. Train with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and foster friendships that go beyond the kwoon.

Which Style is Right for You?

Advanced Martial Arts Training inspired by Jeet Kune Do (JKD): Embrace the philosophy of the intercepting fist, where simplicity and adaptability reign supreme.  It is the ultimate pinnacle of Martial Arts expression blending in multiple styles for ultimate efficiency for street self-defense and artistry. It is an advanced training program for serious practitioners. The curriculum includes Contact sparring, 1038 Movement FMK Wooden Dummy Phoenix Fist, Ground Survival, Focus Mitts, Boxer Fist, Dragon Fist, Total Body Strengthening, Conditioning, Flexibility, Heavy Bag, Speed Bag, Sandbag, JKD Flow.  It is the Totality of Martial Arts Training.
Basic Self Defense Training inspired by Wing Chun and Boxing: Master the art of close-quarters combat, centerline theory, and efficient, direct techniques. Learn the Traditional Wing Chun 108 Movement Wooden Dummy Form, chain punching, trapping, forearm and fist conditioning, kicking techniques below the waistline, Chi Sao (Energy Hands), Slow Sparring, No Contact Sparring, Boxer Fist, Heavy Bag, Focus Mitts, Sandbag, Partner Drills
Traditional Kung Fu Training inspired by Choy Lay Fut: Experience the dynamic fusion of traditional Southern Kung Fu with powerful striking and fluid movements.  Learn to build a solid foundation of traditional Kung Fu stances.  Work on balance, coordination, and strengthening of leg muscles for kicking techniques.  Condition the forearms, hands, and fists for self-defense.  Develop breathing techniques that synchronize with powerful striking techniques. Heavy Bag, Tiger Fist, Focus Mitts, Partner Drills.
Meditative Kung Tu Training inspired by Tai Chi: Achieve balance and serenity with the gentle, flowing movements of this ancient martial art and moving meditation.  Learn mindful breathing techniques that synchronize with each body movement. Yin Tiger Form
Weapons Training: Firearms, Knives, Nunchaku, Double Sticks, Chinese Broadsword, Bo/Staff, Sai

What We Offer:
Individualized Private Training: Work directly with Sifu Freddie Lee and recieve personalized attention in a customized training approach to ensure your progress aligns with your goals and abilities.
Small Group Training: Work with a small group of students to build community.  Work on a curriculum that is developed holistically for all students in attendance. Classes are 1 hour and usually incorporate 30 min. of fitness and conditioning and 30 minutes of Martial Arts Skills development.  Classes are normally lead by a FMK Assistant Instructor.
Sash System: For those interested in developing leadership and working towards obtaining a sash for this kwoon, the expectations are listed below.

Yellow Curiosity 1 year Group 3x/week or 1 year Private 1x/week
Orange Determination 2 years Group 3x/week or 2 years Private 1x/week
Green Growth 3 years Group 3x/week or 3 years Private 1x/week
Purple Strength 4 yrs Group 3x/week or 4 yrs Private 1x/week & be Strong
Blue Control 5 yrs Group 3x/week or 5 yrs Private 1x/week & have Control
Brown Stability 6 yrs Group 3x/week or 6 yrs Private 1x/week & have Stability
Red Power 8 yrs Group 3x/week or 8 yrs Private 1x/week & have Power
Black Mastery 12 yrs Group 3x/week or 12 yrs Private 1x/week & promise to train for life
White Humility 15 yrs Group 3x/week or 15 years Private 1x/week with Meditation 1x/week & humbleness
Blk/Wht Wisdom 20 yrs Group 3x/week or 20 years Private 1x/week with Meditation 1x/week & have Wisdom

Ox Fitness & Stretching
Tiger Choy Lay Fut / Sandbag / Muk Yun Jong Conditioning / Tai Chi Yin
Boxer Jeet Kune Do / Boxing / Heavy Bag / Focus Mitts / Speed Bag
Dragon Jeet Kune Do / Chi Sao / JKD Flow / Contact Sparring
Phoenix Jeet Kune Do / 1038 FMK Wooden Dummy / Wing Chun 108 Wooden Dummy
Lion Chinese Lion Dance / Drum / Cymbals, Gong
Cobra Double Sticks
Shark Chinese Broad Sword
Serpent Nunchaku
Panther Jeet Kune Do Kicking
Monkey Bo/Staff
Eagle Sai
Fox Knives
Falcon Firearms Safety / Tactics / Range
Peacock Chinese Fan Dancing / Modern Fan Dancing

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