Chaaze's journey in Kung Fu spans nine years under the expert guidance of Sifu Freddie Lee, a period marked by unwavering commitment and transformative growth. From the outset, Chaaze displayed an innate passion for the martial arts. Sifu Freddie Lee's mentorship became the cornerstone of Chaaze's martial arts odyssey, shaping him into a disciplined and skilled practitioner. Over the years, his proficiency in Kung Fu has flourished, earning him respect among his peers and instructors alike. Chaaze's nine-year immersion in the art is a testament to his resilience, discipline, and the invaluable lessons imparted by Sifu Freddie Lee, culminating in a martial artist whose journey reflects both tradition and personal evolution.

Simo Triniti Lee's remarkable journey in Kung Fu, spanning seven years under the expert tutelage of Sifu Freddie Lee, is uniquely enriched by her background as a professional dancer and licensed Dance Movement therapist. Combining the fluidity of dance with the precision of martial arts, Simo Triniti Lee has seamlessly integrated her diverse skill set into the realms of Kung Fu. Beyond the physical prowess, her training with Sifu Freddie Lee has fostered a deep understanding of the mental and spiritual dimensions of Kung Fu. As a licensed Dance Movement therapist, Simo Triniti Lee brings a holistic approach to her practice, seamlessly weaving together the physical and emotional aspects of martial arts. Her seven-year journey is a testament to the harmonious fusion of diverse disciplines under the guidance of a masterful mentor, reflecting not only a skilled martial artist but also a compassionate and insightful instructor.

Rui's seven-year immersion in the world of Kung Fu under the guidance of Sifu Freddie Lee has been profoundly influenced by his unique background in West African Drumming. Combining the rhythmic beats of traditional drumming with the precision and discipline of Kung Fu, Rui has cultivated a distinctive approach to martial arts that reflects both his diverse influences. Sifu Freddie Lee's teachings have seamlessly merged with Rui's innate sense of rhythm and musicality, creating a martial artist whose movements are not only precise but carry a distinct cadence. Beyond the training hall, Rui's West African Drumming background infuses his Kung Fu practice with a sense of cultural richness and individual expression. His seven-year journey is a testament to the harmonious blend of traditions and the creative spirit that flourishes under the guidance of a dedicated mentor.

Brandon Lee, the eldest son of Sifu Freddie Lee, embarked on a remarkable Kung Fu journey at the tender age of 5, accumulating 13 years of dedicated training under his father's expert guidance. Beyond the realm of martial arts, Brandon brings a unique artistic flair to his practice, drawing from his background as an artist. His innate talent extends beyond the canvas, as he exhibits exceptional physical fitness, speed, and flexibility, seamlessly integrating these attributes into the intricate techniques of Kung Fu. Under the nurturing influence of his father, Brandon has not only mastered the discipline of martial arts but has crafted a dynamic and expressive approach that resonates with his artistic sensibilities. His 13-year evolution reflects not just the disciplined martial artist but a versatile individual whose journey is marked by a harmonious blend of physical prowess and artistic creativity.

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