Open Gym

Open Gym

To encourage Todai’s to progress more rapidly, open gym is available for all Todai’s who are current with their monthly dues. 

Open gym hours

  • Monday-Friday from 12pm-7pm
  • Saturday & Sunday from 12pm-4pm

Open gym policies

  1. You are expected to maintain good hygiene and to bring a towel to wipe excess sweat if you perspire greatly.
  2. Only clean indoor shoes are allowed within the kwoon. You are expected to help keep the kwoon clean & organized. All equipment that you use must be returned to its original position after use. All mirrors & equipment that become dirty from your use must be properly cleaned.
  3. No sparring is allowed during open gym.
  4. Only Todai’s who are current with their monthly payments are allowed.  Friends whom you invite to train with you must make at least a $5 donation or a $10 purchase at Jenny’s Gourmet Restaurant.
  5. When Sifu Lee is training a fitness client, there may be restrictions on which area of the kwoon you are allowed to train in.