Zen Martial Arts Online Training

Zen Martial Arts Online Training

In order to train in Zen Martial Arts online, you must be at least 18 years old and agree to abide by the Rules and Policies listed below. First time participants in FMK must also submit an application and pay a one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $50.00. Your application will be reviewed and a phone or Skype interview will be scheduled. Acceptance to FMK is not guaranteed, but will be based on an assessment of whether or not you would be a good fit for this art and training.

If you are accepted as an online Todai of FMK, your monthly tuition rate will be $100. However, if there is more than one member of your household engaged in the training, or if you are able to recruit friends to join and train with you, the tuition expectation will be reduced to $75 per person. You will also be expected to contribute toward maintaining internet services at the Chicago location, at a low but shifting rate that is divided equally among the active online Todai. All payments for tuition and internet maintenance should be understood as contributions to the Kwoon that you are making as a member of the FMK family. Our relationships in the Kwoon are modeled on kinship. Those who treat our relationships as purely economic, like customers paying for a service, may not be deemed as a good fit to continue Zen Martial Arts training.

Online Todai have access to real-time training with Shi zu Freddie Lee as often as six days a week via Skype. In addition, Shi zu will assign a senior disciple to work closely with you as an assistant to himself. This disciple will be very experienced in training online with FMK, and may also be involved in your initial application and interviewing process. For all intents and purposes, anyone who is assigned by Shi zu to work with you in this capacity should be treated with the same respect as a Sifu, because he or she will be committed to assisting in all aspects of your training. Through this mentor, you will have access to private ZMA lessons, either through Skype and/or via video tutorials shared on our YouTube channel. You will also be coached in fitness and spiritual development, and are expected to take your first baseline fitness test within 60 days of initial acceptance to the Kwoon. Annual fitness tests are required for all online Todai, whether or not you are pursuing rank certification.

You will proceed through the curriculum as guided, submitting weekly reports about your training progress (body, mind, and spirit) on the FMK blog, including video demonstrations of the same. The senior disciple who is assigned to train you will monitor your weekly reports and provide feedback. Other FMK Todai, as well as Shi zu, may also comment on your reports on the blog, and offer advice. When your mentor feels that you have perfected a given form or study unit, you will be asked to submit a video demonstration of your technique proficiency that Shi zu will assess, to determine whether you are indeed prepared to move further into the curriculum.

If financially practical, it’s strongly encouraged that all online Todai travel periodically to engage in live training at the Chicago location. These visits can be made monthly for Todai living within a few hours’ drive, or annually for those at greater distances, or even once every few years for international members. These visits will help to fine-tune your techniques, bring you closer to other members of the family, and provide you with opportunities to gain sparring experience. For the most part though, your training will involve participating in real-time sessions via Skype, developing a well-rounded daily training regime, and reviewing all philosia videos on the FMK YouTube channel. As an online Todai, you will be expected to be especially self-motivated and disciplined. It is possible to become certified as a Sifu for Zen Martial Arts via online training, but it requires much dedication.

Recommended products to enhance your online training experience:

  1. Bob XL training bag
  2. Large mirror
  3. Dumbbell weights (15 lbs-40 lbs)
  4. Pull up bar
  5. Bench Press with barbell and weights
  6. Squat Rack with barbell and weights
  7. Power Twister
  8. Curl bar with weights
  9. “The Rack” Dip Station
  10. Adidas Adilux Martial Art shoes & black performance socks
  11. FMK rank tank tops
  12. FMK rank badge
  13. Adidas pants or Kung Fu pants
  14. Sony Digital HD camcorder & tripod stand
  15. JKD wooden dummy
  16. “Reflections Volume 1 by Sifu Freddie Lee
  17. Woodlock Medicated Oil
  18. Iron Palm Bean Bag
  19. 5 lb ankle weights
  20. 20-40 lb weighted vest
  21. Wrist weights
  22. Jump Rope
  23. Balance Disc


  1. You must not use the combat techniques learned to enter formal or informal competitions to hurt others for personal gain. You must only use combat techniques to defend yourself or others from violence while adhering to the laws of your state, province, or territory. You are only allowed to practice combat techniques through Safe Sparring with non-violent individuals who are respectful of your well-being. You must never abuse your powers over those who are weaker.
  2. The Safe Sparring Regulations must be followed.
  3. You must not teach FMK combat techniques to others until you have become authorized by Shi zu to teach according to your rank. If you decide to teach FMK combat techniques outside of FMK, you must notify Shi zu.
  4. Public displays of FMK combat techniques including any videos posted on the internet must be authorized by Shi zu. Private technique videos created and shared to you by Shi zu and senior disciples are not to be viewed by anyone other than yourself without the permission of Shi zu.

If any of the above rules are violated, you may be expelled from Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu at any time based on the severity of the offense.


  1. You are expected to make recurring monthly tuition payments of between $75 and $100, depending on your circumstances. Tuition rates are always negotiable, but you are strongly encouraged to make the standard contributions for the benefit of our Kwoon. If you cease to make monthly tuition payments, your access to private ZMA training videos will be revoked. Rank within FMK will not be available to anyone who is unwilling or incapable of making the standard tuition contributions.
  2. You are expected to maintain a positive state of mind and not spread negative energy to anyone around you in any way. You are expected to focus on your own development, and not to compete with others or yourself in unhealthy ways. You are expected to treat everyone involved in the Kwoon with respect and courtesy, especially any senior disciples who are assigned to guide you in your ZMA training.
  3. Any injuries or illnesses must be reported to Shi zu or the senior disciple assisting in your ZMA training. You are expected to be very aware of your own safety and health. You are not to push yourself beyond your limits.
  4. You are expected to post weekly updates about your training progress in the FMK blog and submit video demonstrations of the same. There will be annual fitness tests whether or not you choose the path of rank certification. You are also expected to keep current with all information contained on this website, in the FMK blog, on our YouTube channel, and in email correspondence with Shi zu or any senior disciples assisting in your training.


In order to be considered for acceptance as an online Todai of FMK, and to access private ZMA training videos, please submit your $50 processing fee and a complete application.  Respond to the following questions using the medium of your choice – text, audio, or video – and submit it to: FreddiesModernKungFu@live.com. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted to schedule a phone or Skype interview.

Personal Information

  1. Name:
  2. Age:
  3. Phone:
  4. Address:
  5. Email:


  1. Do you have any Martial Arts experience?
  2. Why do you want to learn Martial Arts?
  3. What is your educational background?
  4. Are you self-motivated?
  5. Do you get bored easily?
  6. Are you a competitive person?
  7. Have you ever been in a fight?
  8. Which Martial Artists do you admire?
  9. What are some of your favorite Martial Art movies?
  10. What do you think about Cage Fighting?
  11. Do you have respect for authority?
  12. Do you have any problem with following rules?
  13. Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
  14. Do you value the spiritual aspects of the Martial Arts?
  15. What appeals to you about FMK?
  16. Why are you interested in learning online as opposed to directly?
  17. Do you consider yourself responsible?
  18. Do you consider yourself mature?
  19. How long do you plan on training within FMK if you are accepted?
  20. Todai are expected to give weekly updates of their progress on the FMK Blog, would you have a problem meeting this expectation?
  21. Are you interested in achieving rank within FMK?

Zen Martial Arts Online Training