Online Training

FMK Online Martial Arts Training 

Private lesson videos can be accessed for a monthly subscription of $10/month.  Each month you will recieve one lesson video to practice.

Personalized private videos can be purchased for $30 per video.  Contact Sifu Freddie Lee at if interested.


  1. Tiger Form
  2. Monkey Form
  3. Panther Form
  4. Sandbag Training
  5. Heavy bag Training
  6. Focus Mitt Training
  7. Speed bag training
  8. Phoenix Form Part 1
  9. Phoenix Form Part 2
  10. Phoenix Form Part 3
  11. Partner Drills
  12. Single Sword Safe Sparring
  13. Single Stick Safe Sparring
  14. Double Sword Safe Sparring
  15. Double Stick Safe Sparring
  16. Fencing Safe Sparring
  17. Wooden Sword Safe Sparring
  18. Ground Survival Tactics
  19. Dragon Form Part 1 No Contact
  20. Dragon Form Part 2 Touch Contact
  21. Dragon From Part 3 Light Contact
  22. Dragon From Part 4 Medium Contact
  23. Firearms Training
  24. Single Knife Training
  25. Double Knife Training
  26. Single Stick Training
  27. Double Stick Training
  28. Serpent Form
  29. Double Nunchaku Training
  30. Bo/Staff Training


  1. You are not allowed to download or share the private videos with anyone without permission.


    1. You will receive 1 lesson per month, you must share a progress video to Sifu of your progress every month in order to receive the next lesson.  You are encouraged to master each lesson before progressing onto the next lesson.  The curriculum will start from a beginners level up to the advanced level of training.

Payment Options