Online Martial Arts Training

FMK Online Martial Arts Training 

Access private online Martial Arts training videos with Sifu Freddie Lee for $10/month.  Contact Sifu Freddie Lee at if interested.


  1. You are not allowed to download or share the private videos with anyone without permission.
  2. You are not allowed to compete in any Combat Sports with the techniques you have learned.


    1. You will receive 1 to 3 lessons per month.  You must notify Sifu every month of your progress in order to receive the next set of lessons.
    2. You are encouraged to master each lesson before progressing onto the next lesson
    3. You are highly discouraged in collecting videos without practice.  If it is determined that you are not practicing each lesson before progressing to the next, new videos will not be shared with you until you have proven that you are ready for the next lesson.
    4. You are expected to subscribe to a minimum of $10/month payment.  If you cancel your subscription, you will no longer receive any new lesson videos.
    5. The established curriculum will be determined by Sifu
    6. You are allowed to share private videos with Sifu to help determine your progress for each lesson
    7. The curriculum will start from a beginners level up to the advanced level of training, no one is allowed to skip any phases of the training.
    8. Upon the date of joining, your monthly tuition will not increase for the lifetime of your training.

Payment Options