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Personal Fitness Training Online: Body

Train with me live online via Skype.  I will help you achieve your fitness goals regardless of whether or not you have any equipment.  I will specialize the training session to meet your individual needs and provide you with a training experience as if I am training you directly.

I specialize in weight & body fat loss, muscle building, strength development, muscle definition, strong core, flexibility, strong & healthy bones, balance & coordination, cardio endurance, reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, increased energy, nutrition, yoga, meditation, tai chi, & qigong.


My training program is based off of 22 years of research and experience.  I teach you to progress naturally with consistent exercise, proper nutrition, & good sleep. I do not promote any muscle enhancing drugs or supplements.  I guarantee positive results as long as you train 3-6 times a week while following the nutritional plan that is advised.


Available 7 days a week by appointment

Personal Training