No Rank Information

I do not encourage Todai’s towards rank & I do not encourage Todai’s towards no rank.  It is your decision, not mine.  I am here to have both paths available.  What I value is a good heart within & loyalty & commitment to this kwoon.  How talented & skilled you are athletically & combatively will be of no benefit to the kwoon without those components.

All practitioners of ZMA within FMK are Todai’s of this school.  The labels of Sidai & Sihing are simply used as tools to show a progression towards the label of Sifu.  But either way, all Sidai’s, Sihing’s, & Sifu’s are Todai’s of FMK. 

Those who choose the path of no rank will just be addressed as Todai “Chinese name.”  Through the advancement of the FMK website, it has allowed for better promotion & enhanced motivational factors, just as the Blog has done. 

All Todai’s that train in FMK are seen to have a good heart or are working towards developing greater peace, love, & compassion.  What is left for evaluation is loyalty & commitment towards the kwoon regardless of athletic or combative abilities. 

I have decided that public profiles on the FMK website under the tab of “Todai’s” will be used as a tool to decipher those who have shown greater loyalty & commitment towards the kwoon.  Regardless of whether or not you choose to go on the path of rank or no rank, you have the choice of participating on having your own personal FMK public profile page set up on the FMK website.  This profile page can contain anything you deem relevant to your development.  This profile page can consist of the expression of your way in the Martial Arts, it can contain pictures, videos, writings, links, etc.  It is your creative self-expression to all those within FMK & to the world at large, to learn about your way.  You can create your own YouTube channel with all your creative works & have the website link up to your own YouTube channel that you manage yourself. 

The profile page will cost $100 to establish.  This money will help separate those who really are interested in this public expression from those who are not, & it will signify greater commitment towards the promotion of the kwoon, similar to the FMK apparel & badge.  The $100 will cover the basic management of the profile page.  The profile page will stay active as long as you remain active within the kwoon communicating via email, blog, or phone.  The communication is essential to signify your close connections to the kwoon. 

These profile pages will allow Todai’s that choose the path of rank or the path of no rank to have the same benefits of online promotion through public profiles as an extra motivational factor. 

Todai’s who choose the path of no rank will be allowed to wear FMK apparel of any color other than Red, Blue, & Black.  Todai’s can purchase apparel in white, green, purple, pink, grey, orange, etc.  The colors of Red, Blue, & Black for FMK apparel will be specifically saved for Todai’s that choose the path of rank.  Those who wish to receive an FMK badge will be required to fulfill the basic fitness standards of the red rank.  Once the red rank has been obtained, the Todai is not expected or obligated to progress towards the Blue but can simply stay on the path of no rank & continue to express their own creativities & has the option of being addressed as Sidai or to remain being addressed as Todai, they also will have the option of wearing Red colored FMK apparel if they so choose.