Writings 2

Being in Love

“What do I mean when I say “really love”? I mean that just being in the presence of the other you feel suddenly happy, just being together you feel ecstatic, just the very presence of the other fulfills something deep in your heart … something starts singing in your heart, you fall into harmony.  Just the very presence of the other helps you to be together.  You become more individual, more centered, more grounded.  Then it is love.”

“Love is not a passion, love is not an emotion.  Love is a very deep understanding that somebody somehow completes you.  Somebody makes you a full circle.  The presence of the other enhances your presence.  Love gives freedom to be yourself; it is not possessiveness.”

So, watch.  Never think of sex as love, otherwise you will be deceived.  Be alert, and when you start feeling with someone that just the presence, the pure presence – nothing else, nothing else is needed; you don’t ask anything – just the presence, just that the other is, is enough to make you happy … something starts flowering within you, a thousand and one lotuses bloom … then you are in love, and then you can pass through all the difficulties that reality creates.  Many anguishes, many anxieties – you will be able to pass all of them, and your love will be flowering more and more, because all those situations will become challenges.  And your love, by overcoming them, will become more and more strong.

“Love is eternity.  If it is there, then it goes on growing and growing.  Love knows the beginning but does not know the end.” – Osho “the book of women” pg. 63-64

Love is the feeling you receive when you see your baby or dog you have grown to love.  The very presence of the baby and the dog puts you in great happiness.  Just their presence makes you smile, makes you filled with joy.  The baby, the dog, does not make you feel jealous or possessive.  And the baby and dog do not feel jealous or possessive towards you.  Any feelings of jealousy and possessiveness, becomes attachment, it is the mind, it is the ego.  This ego should be identified and put under control as a slave, the heart becomes the Master, the heart is love.  Attachment, possessiveness, and jealousy is the ego.  The spiritual man never allows the ego to gain control, but the spiritual man remains a master over the ego. 

Now when you have learned how to love a baby or a dog without attachment, possessiveness, and jealousy, you will apply this love towards others.  You will apply this love towards individuals of whom you become intimate with.  When you come home, the baby and the dog do not ask “where have you been?” They simply enjoy their time with you at that moment; jealousy and possessiveness do not disrupt the present moment.  Now when you love another, you apply this same presence.  You are in the moment, you appreciate that this person has decided to spend time with you, you do not destroy the experience by allowing the mind to enter to destroy the moment.  You simply drop the past and allow yourself to be happy with the love that you feel at that moment.  

You meet one another because you both truly enjoy the positive energy that is being shared.  The other person completes you, makes you feel whole.  The other person fills you up with so much positive energy and happiness that you are naturally drawn to want to meet again.  Only the mind, only the ego is capable of destroying love, with no mind, with no ego, love will last till eternity.  Only those who have mastered the Art of meditation will be able to love till eternity.  All others will only experience love momentarily.  – SFL May 7 2015

The Armed Bullies, The Unarmed Civilians, The Armed Martial Artists


As a Martial Artist, if you never face up to the reality of real death, if you never face the reality of how fragile life is and how you can die at any moment, at any time, you are not training in real Martial Arts, you are training in nothing but a game.  All the games of which you play in the name of the Martial Arts, is not real Martial Arts, you can call your game, Boxing, Chess, Thai Boxing, Checkers, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Monopoly, Tae Kwon Do, Solitary, Aikido, Halo, Basketball, Badminton, Football, Soccer, Judo, Golf, Tennis, Wing Chun, etc.

You can fight amongst one another and argue with each other to determine which game is more real than the next.  You can fight amongst one another and argue to determine which game is more effective than the next.  But the reality is that all of it are just games, none of it deals with the reality of modern day combat.  All of it is just a sport or way of entertainment, none of it deals directly with real life survival training, none of it is real Martial Arts.

Real Martial Arts teaches you not to fear death.  Real Martial Arts teaches you that when you enter into combat, you are prepared to die or you are prepared to take the life of your opponent if necessary.  Absolutely none of it deals with entertaining others, making money, winning, or losing.  In the time of real combat, you simply respond to the danger to preserve your life.  There is nothing fancy about it, you do not respond to show off, you simply respond to save your life, and that moment will last just a few seconds in your life.

You can be a peaceful person, but no matter how peaceful you are, sometimes violence will come your way, and when that time comes, as a Martial Artist, you simply respond accordingly.  You may be a peaceful person, but sometimes violent bullies will put your friends or family in risk of immediate death, as a Martial Artist, you must respond accordingly.

Everybody that possesses and carries a gun is not automatically a violent, evil, and irresponsible person.  A Martial Artist that possesses and carries a gun for self-defense and the defense of his loved ones and the defense of fellow citizens, is considered like a modern day super hero.  He should not be despised, but he should be highly respected and praised.

You can claim peace and not believe in guns, but that does not mean the criminals will feel the same.  Guns will exist whether or not you believe in them or not.  We have violent bullies who will use guns to oppress those peaceful civilians who do not believe in guns, and then you will have the Martial Artists who will possess and carry guns to protect themselves and these peaceful unarmed civilians from the violent bullies.

You are either an armed bully, an unarmed civilian, or you are an armed Martial Artist.  Once you are armed, and you are not a bully, you become a Martial Artist, regardless if you realize it or not, you become a Martial Artist, you are lethal but yet you are responsible.  You are powerful but yet you do not abuse this power.  An armed Martial Artist represents someone who is completely responsible with his powers.  The armed bully represents someone who is completely irresponsible with his powers.  The unarmed civilian is powerless.

The unarmed civilian then is either being protected by the Martial Artists or they are being oppressed by the armed bullies.  You can practice all sorts of unarmed combat techniques, but that still makes you an unarmed civilian, it still does not give you the power of an armed Martial Artist.  The armed Martial Artist is the true modern day Black Belt.  Boxers, Wrestlers, and all sport Fighters are nothing but unarmed civilians, when it comes to real Martial Arts, they are powerless against armed bullies and armed Martial Artists.

Sport fighters are simply delusional, they think they are armed Martial Artists but they really are not armed at all, they think they have power but they really have no power, they are simply unarmed civilians, they are as powerless as teachers, clerks, managers, or whomever, they are not training in real combat, they are just playing games, like playing chess or checkers.  Compared to real life combat, all sport fighters are simply playing a game, no different than playing chess, and do not think for a second that just because you are proficient in playing the game of chess that suddenly you have the power to survive a real deadly encounter with an armed bully over an armed Martial Artist.

Initial Response to Video

This is real combat, this is as real as it gets, there is nothing more real than this. Everything else of which you think is real combat compared to this is nothing but a game, this is not a game, this is real life survival. This is what I train to survive everyday of my life in Zen Martial Arts. I train to understand that death can come at any moment and because of that, I must always be totally aware at every single moment of my life.

Sexual Repression and Madness

The society is sexually repressed, something has gone deeply wrong.  So wrong that we are forced to hide our attraction towards others.  We have become schizophrenic.  On the outside we have to act like we are celibate but on the inside we are highly sexualized.  On the outside we have to appear to be unaffectionate and hard but on the inside we are deeply longing for affection and love.  We are simply split into two.  We see beautiful women on the street and we do not have the courage to approach the women to let them know that we are attracted.  We hide these feelings and we go home in depression.  We have not yet learned to express ourselves truthfully from within.  Our lives are unfulfilled because we have yet to express our true feelings within towards those we are attracted towards.

We can go many years or our whole lives hiding our feelings towards others.  We then become lonely, depressed, and sad.  In private we long for affection and love, in private we turn towards pornography, as an attempt to fulfill this longing for affection and love, but pornography will never be sufficient.  It is like trying to fulfill your hunger and thirst by looking at pictures and videos of food and beverages.  Pictures and videos will never be sufficient enough to fulfill our hunger and thirst.

People who sexually repress themselves for too long can go mad. When you hide your attraction towards women too long, it could then lead towards having attraction towards those of the same sex or even towards having attraction towards little children.  When you deny affection towards women, then your body and mind may start to seek for this affection in people of the same sex, in children, or possibly from animals.  Then this affection can turn sexual, and once it turns sexual, the courts and the law can turn against you and label you as a sexual predator, as a pedophile, as a homosexual.

The society promotes and teaches you to be sexually repressed and then the law punishes you if you do not express this sexuality according to their cultural values. Sexual repression leads people towards doing things that are unnatural.  Rather than expressing your love and affection towards a living, breathing woman, you go home in the privacy of your own home and masturbate to pornographic images.  Rather than feeling comfortable hugging a human being, you feel more comfortable hugging a dog, cat, or teddy bear.  Rather than being attracted towards someone of the opposite of sex, you end up being attracted to someone of the same sex.  Rather than being attracted to someone that is an adult, you end up being attracted towards a child.  Sexual repression leads towards madness. – SFL May 23 2015

“If you look at a flower, people will say, “How aesthetic!”  And if you look at a woman’s beautiful face or a man’s beautiful face, people will say, “This is lust.”  If you go to the tree, and stand there, and look in a dazed state at the flower – your eyes wide open, your senses wide open to allow the beauty of the flower to enter you- people will think you are a poet, or a painter, or a mystic.  But if you go to a woman or a man and just stand there with great reverence and respect, and look at the woman with your eyes wide open and your senses drinking the beauty of the woman, the police will catch hold of you.  Nobody will say that you are a mystic, a poet; nobody will appreciate what you are doing.  Something has gone wrong.” – Osho “The Book of Women” pg. 158

“If you go to a stranger on the street and you say, “What beautiful eyes you have!” you will feel embarrassed, she will feel embarrassed.  She will not be able to say, “Thank you” to you.  In fact, she will feel offended.  She will feel offended, because who are you to interfere in her private life?  Who are you to dare?  If you go and touch the tree, the tree feels happy.  But if you go and touch a woman, she will feel offended.  What has gone wrong?  Something has been damaged tremendously and very deeply.” – Osho “The Book of Women” pg. 158

Spiritual Love

Everything in this life happens for a reason.  You do not know why, but it is a preparation for something greater.  Everything that begins must come to an end, sooner or later.  We don’t know when that end will come, but it will come.  We must be grateful for the experience, that is the way of Zen.  A flower may only live for 7 days, for those 7 days, you can appreciate the life of the flower, not to wish for it to live for 7 years but to rather appreciate those 7 days with the flower.

Love will come and love will go, love is spontaneous, when it is there, appreciate it, be grateful of it, when it is gone, don’t be angry, don’t be upset, but rather accept that now the love is gone, it is time to move on.  Love goes beyond the physical, beyond the physical, it becomes emotional, beyond the emotional, it becomes spiritual.  Spiritual love is the strongest most powerful love there is.  Spiritual love lasts for eternity, spiritual love is beyond death, spiritual love is beyond the ego, spiritual love is connected to the Tao, spiritual love is connected to the source.

Physical love is very limiting; you can only love a few individuals.  Emotional love expands out more, but still it is very limiting because it is only of the mind.  Spiritual love is when you are in love with the whole of existence.  The sage has attained to spiritual love.  The average man is stuck in the physical and emotional expressions of love.

Physical love is like food for the body, it nourishes the body but yet an overconsumption is a disease.  An overconsumption of food leads towards health complications.  An overconsumption of physical love can lead towards physical and mental illnesses.  Like a baby that needs to be held 24 hours a day, there is something wrong, there is no independence, the dependence is too strong.  An adult who needs affection and intimacy 24 hours a day, there is something wrong, there is an addiction, there is an obsession, psychologically this person is corrupted. An irresponsible expression of physical love can lead towards STD’s.  There must be balance and control.

Holding a persons hand is a transfer of energy.  Hugging a person is a transfer of energy.  Massage is a transfer of energy.  When you touch a person with affection, it is a transfer of energy.  This transfer of energy can have a healing effect.   Intercourse is simply a sharing of energies.  Positive energy shared with positive energy, creates a greater positive energy force.  Positive energy shared with negative energy can have the power to heal the negative energy in which to become positive but an overwhelming negative energy can diminish the positive energy in which to make it become negative.

The more positive energy that is shared in this world the more loving this world will be. If you share positive energy with someone and then they share this positive energy to the next person, the love will increase in this world.  If you share positive energy with someone and you do not share it with others, you are hoarding positive energy and it will not increase love in this world, but only be maintained within your household.

When you feel love within, you will be able to share this love to those around you.  The more love you feel within, the more love you will be able to share to this world.  When your life is filled with love, when you are overflowing with love.  It is like a cloud that is ready to burst.  The rain must fall on the entire world and nourish everything contained in it.  The rain nourishes the plants, the animals, the humans.  It is the rain that provides life to everything that is living.  When you are filled with love, you become this life energy source, everything that is living will be drawn towards you, because you have become the source of life.  Your love will be shared with all.

Overfilled With Love

I feel myself to be so overfilled with love that I need to share.  I am like a cloud that is ready to burst.  I have so much inside of me that I need to share it with all.  My energy is so overfilling that just by sharing alone, it is my fulfillment.  All this energy contained within, I try to direct towards something creative and positive.  Sometimes I train almost 7 hours a day because of this energy, I love creating exercise and training videos because I wish to share this energy.  I love writing and sharing my writings because of this energy.  I love teaching and spending time with loved ones because of this energy.  This energy cannot be repressed, repressing this energy would kill me, expressing it puts me in bliss, puts me in joy.  When it comes to love, there is no discrimination to whom I should share it to and whom I should not, it is meant to be shared with all.  Like the sun that does not discriminate, the sun shines on all.  Like the rain that does not discriminate, the rain comes down on all. – SFL May 26 2015

Letting Go

An important lesson in life is learning to let go.

Imagine 30 times you try to shake someone’s hand and he doesn’t want to shake your hand.

Imagine 30 times you say hello to someone and he does not say hello.

Imagine 30 times you apply for a job position and you get denied every time.

Imagine 30 times you call someone and he does not answer the phone.

Imagine 30 times you try to hug someone and he does not want to hug.

Imagine 30 times you say “I love you” and there is no response.

With all that effort, there comes a time when you must stop.  There comes a time when you must learn to let go.

When the love is gone, it is gone.

When the flower is dead, it is dead.

When the body is gone, it is gone.

When the rain has passed, it has passed.

We never know the outcome of life, life is always spontaneous, it is always unpredictable.  You think you can make something last but then it ends without notice.

When you get hit by a car and you die, it is not planned.  Death can come at any moment.  Love is spontaneous like death.  One day it is living and thriving, the next day it is gone and it is gone forever, never to return again.

When the love is gone, you must learn to let go, you must learn to move on.  In all aspects of life, this is an important lesson, we cannot hold onto the past, the past is gone, it is not living, it is not in the moment.  We must be present in this moment right now.  Open your eyes and see the beauty of this moment.

Thinking about the negativity of the past, brings depression to this moment.  Thinking about the positivity of the past, also brings depression to this moment because you see that this moment is not the past.  The mind is projecting.  No matter if it is positive or negative, the past must be dropped completely.  When the past is dropped completely, you can be presently aware in this moment.  When you are presently aware in this moment, there is contentment, there is peace.

Do not be stuck in between yes and no, pick yes, or pick no and be total in your decision.  If you say yes, do not wish you would have said no.  If you said no do not wish you would have said yes.  Live a life with no regrets.  Be total in everything that you do.  If you live in China, do not wish you were in America, if you live in America, do not wish you were in China; wherever you are, enjoy it to the fullest.  If you are married, do not wish you were single, if you are single, do not wish you were married, whatever position in your life, appreciate it fully, be full of gratitude.

Everything in life happens for a reason, never be upset about any outcome to any situation.  Take every experience in life as a learning lesson; use every experience in life to perfect the art of Zen.  – SFL May 27 2015

Why I Do Not Wish 

A wish is a projection of the future; it is not the Way of Zen.  When you are a man of Zen you do not wish, you are aware in the present moment with no thought, without thought, without thinking, there cannot be wishing.  When you wish, that means you are not content with the present moment, your mind wants things to be different than what they are.  A man of Zen is content with life as it is.  He is content moment to moment, there is no wishing, there is nothing to wish for, things are the way that they are.  A man of Zen is in total acceptance.  To a man of Zen there is no such thing as good or bad, there is no such thing as better or worse, the whole is accepted.  The rain is accepted as much as the sun.  Winter is accepted as much as the summer.  There is no judgment of good or bad, everything is the way that it was meant to be.  You do not wish for anything to be different than the way it already is, you are simply in the moment in awareness. – SFL May 27 2015


“To talk to disciples is a different thing.  To talk to disciples means that the other side is receptive – not only receptive but immensely welcoming.  You are welcome, the other side wants you to come in, the other side wants to become a host to whatsoever you are saying.  The doors are open, the windows are open for you to become a breeze, or sunlight, and enter into their beings.  They are not afraid, they are not defending, they are not arguing; they are ready to go with you wholeheartedly to any unknown dimension.  To talk to disciples is not a kind of discussion or debate; it is a dialogue.  It is as much a dialogue as it is when two lovers talk to each other.  The disciple is in love with the master, the master is in love with the disciple.  There is a deep love flowing.  That love becomes the bridge, and then great truths can be explained, conveyed, almost materialized.”

“He has escaped from the multitude, but not from the disciples.  He is available to the disciples.  He can fly with existence and the disciples can fly with him.  Maybe they are not so expert at flying, but their readiness is there, and that is the only thing that is needed, the most essential.  Maybe they cannot go to the very heights alone; but trusting the master they can follow, they can follow to any length, they can go to any extreme.  The master flies with God, the disciple flies with the master.  The disciple cannot see God yet but he can see the master, and through the master he can feel God.  That’s why the master becomes almost a God to the disciple.  He is.  By and by, the closer the disciple comes to the master, the more and more he will see that the master is an emptiness, or a mirror in which God is reflected.  Sooner or later, he himself will become an emptiness, a mirror, and will be able, in his turn, to help others.” – Osho “I say unto you” pg. 16

You Are Not My Father!

You hear this statement repeated a lot by young children and young adults.  What I see is that if the child will not listen to the father, and he will not listen to an authority figure because this person is not his father either, then whom will this child listen to?

This child does not wish to listen to the teacher.

This child does not wish to listen to the judge.

This child does not wish to listen to the Police Officer.

This child does not wish to listen to the psychologist.

This child does not wish to listen to the friend.

This child has no respect for his father, so he has no respect for any authority; he has no respect for anyone.  He is childishly rebellious to everyone.  He is not rebelling out of wisdom, he is not a Jesus, he is not a Socrates, he is not a Lao-tzu, he is not an Osho.  He is an immature child that is rebelling all authority with no inner light of his own.  I see this problem in a lot of Americans.  I see this problem in a lot of people in this culture because many homes are broken.  Many fathers are simply not around, and those who are around are not properly disciplining their children.  This creates a world with many complications; there is no respect for authority.

A Baby’s Survival

A baby cannot survive with just friendship.  A baby needs so much more to survive.

A baby needs milk.

A baby needs food.

A baby needs shelter.

A baby needs clothing.

A baby needs affection.

A baby needs love.

A baby needs hugs.

A baby needs kisses.

A baby needs touch.

A baby needs verbal and nonverbal communication.

Friendship alone will not make a baby survive.

An adult has the same needs as a baby in order to feel true contentment and peace.

The only things that can be purchased from the market are:

Milk, food, shelter, and clothing.

The things that cannot be purchased from the market are:

Affection, love, hugs, kisses, touch, and verbal and nonverbal communication.

If you try to purchase affection, hugs, and kisses, it is prostitution, it is considered a crime.  And even if not considered a crime, it is unfulfilling without love.  It is like drinking spoiled milk or eating spoiled food, it will make you vomit and it will destroy your health.

If you try to purchase touch, it is considered something like visiting a massage parlor.  Now this is not considered a crime, but there is a big difference when someone with much love is touching your body compared to some stranger that is touching your body for compensation.  There is a spiritual disconnect and that as well is very unfulfilling.  I is like drinking watered down 5% juice compared to drinking 100% fresh squeezed juice.  Once you have tasted the 100% fresh squeezed juice, there is no turning back to the 5% juice.  It simply is unfulfilling.

If you try to purchase verbal and nonverbal communication, it is considered something like paying to see a psychologist.  There is a spiritual disconnect.  It is financially impractical.  It is like paying $100 for a small bottle of water.  It will only quench your thirst for the time being.  Soon enough you will be out of money and your will be back in suffering.

When you are looking for a partner.  You are seeking a partner that is able to fulfill all the above necessities for survival.  As someone that is financially independent, you may not be dependent on your partner for milk, food, shelter, and clothing.  But you will be looking towards your partner to fulfill all the other aspects I had mentioned.

Notice that there is no mention of sex.  The word sex has been severely corrupted.  We have turned sex into something ugly.  We have used sex as a way to exploit people.  But sex is simply an extension of human affection.  It is not absolutely needed for survival, but human affection is absolutely needed.  Sex that is shared properly is an expression of love.  Sex that is shared properly is something very beautiful.  Do not turn against sex, embrace sex as something beautiful, because it truly is a beautiful expression when expressed with great love.

Work, Family, and Meditation

I’m all about work, family, and meditation.  If I am not making money, then I am spending time with family.  If I am not spending time with family, I am in meditation.  I do not like to go out to places with many people.  I don’t like to go out to many places at all.  When I work, when I train, it is my getaway, it is my vacation.  Things change when you have many children of your own.  All your free time goes to them and the little time you have left, you have for yourself.

When I am alone, I like to go for a bike ride.

When I am alone, I like to read Osho books.

When I am alone, I like to write.

When I am alone, I like to train.

My life is very simple and basic, some or many may even call it boring.  But to me it is not, everything that I do, I love doing, I don’t really need anyone in my life to feel happy and content.  Actually for 12 years rarely do I ever get a chance to be alone in silence.  Being alone in silence does not come by too often.  When I do find time to be alone in silence, sometimes I use that time as an opportunity express in video format what I have learned about meditation and what I have learned about life.

I know there are not that many people in this world that are like me, that’s why its so hard for people to understand me, but it’s ok.  I feel that I bring an inner experience of being in the mountains out for the general public to get a small glimpse of.

I can sit and do absolutely nothing.

I can read Osho books and do nothing more.

I can stretch and do nothing more.

I can bike and do nothing more.

I can write and do nothing more.

I can exercise and do nothing more.

Those activities are a great joy to me.  I don’t need to go on any vacations or trips. I don’t need to go to the Bahamas.  I don’t need to watch TV.  I don’t need to read newspapers.  I don’t need to watch movies.  I don’t need to spend time with people I barely know.  I find contentment in just being alone.


Relationships are difficult to maintain, they are a challenge.  You must hold things in common in order for a relationship to last.  You must ask yourself what do you have in common with the person of whom you wish to build a relationship with?

You can build a strong friendship with a running partner until the person decides to stop running.

You can build a strong friendship with someone who you like to play basketball with until that person decides to stop playing basketball.

You can build a strong friendship with someone who likes to go dancing until that person decides to stop dancing.

You can build a strong friendship with someone who likes playing chess until that person decides to stop playing chess.

You can build a strong friendship with someone who likes to go drinking alcohol at bars until that person decides to stop drinking alcohol at bars.

You can build a strong friendship with someone of whom you work very closely with until that person decides to quit to move onto another job.

You can build a strong friendship with someone who likes to join you to go seeking for women a the club until that person ends up finding a girlfriend and loses all motivation to seek.

You can build a strong friendship without someone who likes to exercise with you until that person decides to stop exercising.

When you lose things you have in common, the relationship breaks down.  If you no longer enjoy doing activities together, then there’s no reason to be together.

People mature at different rates.  What happens in a lot of cases is that if you mature a lot quicker than the people around you, you will find yourself being alone more often.  You might have had drinking buddies at the age of 21, but by the age of 25 you might have decided to give up that lifestyle, while your friends are still engaged in drinking, you decide to put your energies into other activities.  Because you have lost this common interest, the friendship ends up breaking down.

People change, situations change. Life circumstances change.  Through all this change, it is very difficult to make relationships endure.  It requires a lot of effort from both parties to try to make things last.

Mindless Chatter

If there is no substance to a conversation, I would rather read a book.  There are millions of movies available to watch, I am not the one to watch a movie or video because I am bored, if the movie is not worth watching, I would rather not watch it at all, I would rather read, I would rather write, I would rather meditate.  When you are speaking with someone that you do not connect well with, it is better to not speak at all.  It feels like a waste of life, a waste of time engaging in conversations that are senseless, I’d rather be in silence.

There are people out there that always need the music playing.

There are people out there who always need the TV on.

There are people out there that always need to be around somebody, just anybody, as long as they are not alone.

There are people out there that always need to be on the phone.

There are people out there that are very frightened to be alone.

These people are running away from themselves, they are very afraid of what they might find, which is nothing.  They are very afraid of silence.  Silence to them is likened to death.  Because they are so afraid of silence, they put much effort in engaging in mindless activities and mindless chatter.  Not until they finally face this silence, will they ever learn to mature and grow. The ego cannot exist in silence. Silence is the death of the ego.  People are very afraid of realizing that this ego is a false phenomenon; that is why they run away from silence.

Children Let Go Easily

You can yell at a child and he can forget all about it minutes later.  One moment he is crying, the next moment he is full of happiness and smiles.  He is completely total in all his emotions.  If he is angry, he is truly 100% angry, if he is sad, he is truly 100% sad, if he is happy he is completely 100% happy.  His mind is not in the way, he is just natural with his expression.

He is not so easily attached.  You can spend time with him and it will be full of joy but he can forget all about the experience.  His mind is not yet fully developed; he naturally lets go of the past very easily.  He can let go of the good experiences and he can let go of the bad experiences.  He is more naturally true to the moment.

The state of no-mind comes very natural to the child, like flexibility.  But it is very unnatural for the adult, like flexibility.  Somebody that is very tense can be likened to somebody who is full of mind and full of ego.  Somebody that is very flexible can be likened to somebody who is more natural in having no-mind.  Some people are born to have a natural gift of having no-mind.  Others are born to be very intellectual with a full mind.

Much can be learned by observing the lives of children.  They have many natural gifts that adults can learn very much from.  Naturally they are very simple, they can find an immense amount of joy in the most simple and ordinary activities of life. Naturally they are fully engaged in the moment.  That is why it is said that a sage becomes once again like a child.

Too Many Relationships

The more relationships you have, the more difficult it will be to maintain happiness within all these relationships.  If there are 50 people you love, it will be very difficult to maintain that love for all 50 individuals.  The more people you love, the more it increases the chances of pain and suffering.  If there are only 5 individuals of whom you love, it will be easier to manage.  If you try too hard to maintain too many relationships, a majority of them are bound to fail, and this will cause much pain and suffering.

Think about all the different loving relationships that we have.  Our mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, sons, daughters, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, friends, students, disciples,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          etc.

The problem is that you don’t even get along with your own brother and then you try to seek out a new friendship with a stranger.  The problem is that you don’t even get along with your own father and then you go seeking out for a father figure.  Without a strong foundation of love, all relationships are bound to fail.

If we don’t work on strengthening the relationships that really matter then what we are doing is just trying to build a house with a deck of cards, there is no foundation, we think we have built one house to move onto the next and then all of a sudden the wind blows over the cards and we have to start all over.

If we use bricks to build the house, the house will last, then when the house is finished we can work on building the next house.  But what is important is the quality, not the quantity.  It is better to have one real friend than 50 friends all disguised as enemies. A real friend does not come by often, you may be lucky to find one every 10 years.  Through the test of time you will be able to determine the real from the false.  When enough time has passed, the real friend becomes family.  Family is the foundation of love.  Without love in the family, you will be wandering aimlessly destroying every relationship you encounter.  The lesson is to fix the foundation before seeking to build.

Do not have a child with a woman where the love is not strong.  Do not decide to have a 2nd child, when there is no love for the first.  You have not learned to develop a solid foundation with anyone, so any relationship you seek to build is bound to destruct until you learn to break the cycle be refocusing on the relationships that are truly important rather than running away from them in which to seek out new ones to build which will also eventually destruct. – SFL May 30 2015

Virgin Relationship

“You meet a woman, you don’t think about sex at all.  Only pathological people thing about sex, healthy people don’t think about sex.  There is no need.  You enjoy the beauty of the woman – her face, her eyes, her proportion – you are simply thrilled by her being.  There is no idea to do anything to her, there is no idea to exploit, there is no idea to possess.  You are immensely interested, but very innocently.  There is no planning in your mind, there is no future, then it is a virgin relationship.  One day love can happen.  One day listening to music, dancing together, love can possess you both: you can make love to each other.  But even while making love, there is no idea – there is no mind in it.  It is innocent of mind, then it is a virgin relationship.” – Osho “I say unto you” pg. 40

A virgin relationship is very natural before you hit puberty, but once you hit puberty, it is a very rare phenomenon.  When you are a young adult, is very rare, as you age and gain wisdom, it becomes more of a possibility but still very rare.  As you gain greater skill in meditation, establishing a virgin relationship is more possible but not without great difficulty.  Because the masses of men cannot typically establish a virgin relationship, nearly all women feel used and sexually exploited.  It is a very difficult situation because it takes a man with great powers in meditation to establish a virgin relationship. – SFL May 30 2015

In Love With a Dead Spouse

Imagine being in love with a dead spouse.  In order to be in love with anyone, it requires a lot of time and communication.  It requires special shared experiences.  It requires much affection and love.  Imagine being in love with this person, imagine being in bliss because of this love, and then suddenly, this special someone passes away.  The person did not leave you by choice; the person could have died in a car accident or a heart attack.  You cannot be upset at this person, because this person did not willfully leave you; this person was still in love with you before he/she passed.

How to deal with this pain?  How to move on?  This is a difficult situation, but you can move on without having anger towards this dead lover.  There is no anger because you do not feel the pain of the spouse rejecting you, but there will be an immense amount of sadness.  Now how long shall this sadness last?

10 seconds?

10 minutes?

10 hours?

10 days?

10 weeks?

10 months?

10 years?

10 decades?

Ultimately you decide how long you wish for this sadness to last.  If you are powerful in mediation you can end this sadness as quickly as you would like.  If you know nothing about meditation, the sadness and suffering can last a lifetime.  No matter how long you decide to be sad, it will not bring your spouse back from the dead.  If the sadness ends too quickly, relatives from the outside will start to question whether or not you really even loved your spouse.  If the sadness lasts a lifetime, your existence seems to be pointless.

People think that the longer you are in sadness, the more in love that you were.  That is not true, love is living, love is in the moment.  You can be completely in love when that person is here breathing and living, but when this person passes, if you are powerful in meditation:

You can accept this passing with gratitude.

You can accept this passing with a smile on your face.

You can accept this passing with a celebration.

There is no funeral for this passing, there is a celebration.  You are celebrating the time you had with this person.  You are celebrating the end of the relationship as if you are celebrating a graduation.  You are celebrating a beautiful experience in the past and the beginning of a new experience.  It is an entirely different phenomenon than what we are commonly used to.  There is no anger, there is no sadness, there is just a deep inner feeling of gratitude and acceptance.

Now if you are a Zen Master, you will be able to apply these principles to any separation in any relationship.

No matter it be a separation by death.

No matter it be a separation by divorce.

No matter it be a separation by infidelity.

No matter it be a separation by lack of physical attraction.

No matter it be a separation by an emotional disconnect.

No matter it be a separation by lack of shared common interests.

No matter it be a separation by boredom.

No matter it be a separation by lack of connectivity.

What ever is the reason for the separation, a Zen Master can accept the separation with a deep feeling of gratitude.  When you are in the present moment, there is no such thing as suffering.  All suffering is caused by the mind, if you have no-mind, there is no suffering, there is only awareness. – SFL May 30 2015

What Grabs Your Attention

Imagine going to work as a trainer and you have client who is paying you $10/hr and you have another who is paying you $10,000/hr.  Whom will you give more attention to?  It is quite obvious that the high paying client has paid for your undivided attention.  Money is used as a way to divert our attention towards certain people over others.

Imagine walking down the street and seeing a car that costs $5000 drive by and then moments later you see another car driving by worth $500,000.  Which car will you give more of your attention to?  It is quite obvious that you will give more of your undivided attention towards the vehicle that is $500,000.

Imagine walking down the street and you see an old lady in her 80’s walking by and then moments later you see a young lady in her 20’s walking by that you are very much physically attracted to.  Which lady will you give more of your attention to?  It is quite obvious that you will give more of your undivided attention towards the younger lady.

It is quite obvious that money and beauty grab our attention.  But these are examples of automated responses.  These are examples of very much predictable responses.  These are the common responses from the average man.

Grabbing your attention, is essentially being aware.  Being present, being in the moment.  Not daydreaming, no dwelling in the past, not thinking about the future, but in the moment and aware of the entire experience and your surroundings.  This is Zen.  Zen teaches you to be aware.  Zen teaches you to be aware in every situation.

Zen teaches you to be aware for both paying clients regardless of compensation.  Zen teaches you to be aware to both cars regardless of its monetary value.

Zen teaches you to be aware of both ladies regardless of their physical attractiveness or age.

A master of Zen can bring awareness into any situation without discrimination.  Imagine a baby or an animal and how they are naturally very aware.  The baby knows nothing of money.  Give him $1 or $100 and it makes no difference.  Let the baby sit inside a $10,000 car or a $100,000 car and it will make no difference.  Have an old lady hug the baby or a young lady and it will make no difference.  The baby is naturally in the moment, naturally in Zen.

The baby naturally holds no judgment of better or worse, of good or bad.  Even put a dead body in front of a baby and it will make no difference.  The baby has no fear of death; he naturally knows that death does not exist.  Not too long ago he was still connected to his mother in the womb, not too long ago he was connected to the source.  Not too long ago he didn’t have to worry about going to the washroom, he didn’t have to worry about eating or drinking, he didn’t have to worry about clothing or shelter.  He was just at one with the source, there were no worries, everything was being taken care of without effort on his part.  The baby is naturally like a Master of Zen.

Can we be in Zen in nearly every situation, not just situations of which we are commonly expected to be attentive to?  The more we learn to bring awareness into every situation, the more beautiful life will be, the whole world we will see from a different perspective, we will be more filled with joy and ecstasy everywhere we go.  Every experience will be fulfilling and a joy unto itself.  The ordinary experiences will suddenly become extraordinary.  This is the power of Zen.

Dependence and Slavery

Once you become dependent on anybody, you become enslaved.  If you depend on somebody for happiness, then this same person will have the power to make you unhappy.  They go together, this person has power and control over you.

You see this dynamic in relationships many times.  Many relationships are a co-dependent.  Both individuals imprison one another; both individual’s enslave one another.  It is a mutual agreement to severe one another’s freedom and way of life.

The wife tells the husband to have no friends but her, the husband tells the wife to have no friends but him.  The wife tells the husband what clothing to wear, the husband tells the wife what clothing she should wear.  The wife tells the husband where he should work, the husband tells the wife where she should work.  The wife tells the husband what he should spend his money on, the husband tells the wife what she should spend her money on.  The wife tells the husband not to go out late at night.  The husband tells the wife not to go out late at night.

The restrictions keep compounding and compounding up to the point where husband and wife have locked each other in a small prison cell.  No longer free and open to the public.  A real relationship based on freedom and love has no prison cell.  Both man and woman, not “husband” and “wife”, but both man and woman are free individuals, there is no prison cell present.  There are just two human beings that have total freedom to be together or not be together.

They can leave, they can stay.

They can spend, they can save.

They can dress how they like.

They can spend time with whom they like.

They can go out late at night.

They can be together as if they are not together.

They respect each other’s freedom.

Neither is dependent on each other for happiness.  They have their happiness that comes from within and they share this happiness with one another in freedom.

The Highest Love

“A relationship is a lower state.  The highest state of love is not a relationship at all, it is simply a state of your being.  Just as trees are green, a lover is loving.  They are not green for particular persons; it is not that when you come they become green.  The flower goes on spreading its fragrance whether anybody comes or not, whether anybody appreciates it or not.  The flower does not start releasing its fragrance when it sees that a great poet is passing by: “Now this man will appreciate, now this man will be able to understand who I am.”  And it does not close its doors when it sees that a stupid, idiotic person is passing there – insensitive, dull – a politician or something like that.  It does not close itself: “What is the point? Why cast pearls before the swine?”  No, the flower goes on spreading its fragrance.  It is a state, not a relationship.” – Osho “I say unto you” pg. 57

In the highest state of love, you become love.  You treat any and all with great love, it transcends physical intimacy.  Physical intimacy is very limited, you cannot express physical love to all, but as far as your state of being, the way you treat others, the way you treat yourself, the way you treat the environment and your surroundings, love can be your state of being.  Through your body movements, through something like dance, you can express your love, and this is unlimited.  The expression of your love through your smile, is unlimited.  Your expression of love is not for other people, it is just naturally who you are. – SFL June 1 2015

Real Kung Fu

Real Kung Fu is not about using steroids or performance enhancing drugs. It’s about training hard and natural. It’s about a natural muscle development, it is about life long health and wellness. Real Kung Fu is not a shock of before and after, Real Kung Fu is seeing someone who is 21 and then 50 years later at the age of 71, he almost looks the same! His body has stayed young because he has taken care of his health in a natural way. The pictures below are not Real Kung Fu, it is fake, it is science, it is unnatural, it is unhealthy, it is like a Lance Armstrong, fraudulent.


Rants on social media can get you in trouble. This person was a teacher for 16 years and lost her job over it. Because of social media, our professional and personal lives have merged together and it seems that everything we do and say is being monitored at all times, and we are willfully doing it to ourselves. If there was no social media, no internet, this person would have probably just ranted to a few of her friends or family and would still have a job, but in today’s time, one rant can destroy your future.



I wasn’t going to speak on this topic, it’s not good for business but I decided to say something to provide insight.  This topic is taboo, people don’t want to speak about it and especially at this time, the racial tensions are very high, it looks like it is on the verge of explosion, with all these killings, protests, and news about so many people’s frustrations.

But the way I see it is that racism will always exist unless there is a spiritual transformation that occurs within the individual, without that, racism will always exist, racism is the mind, racism is the ego, racism is competition.  America thrives on competition, capitalism is competition.  You can’t have capitalism without competition, you cannot be free from racism while retaining the competitive mindset.  Having America be free from racism as a whole is like having America drop capitalism, it’s like having America drop competition, that simply will not happen, America is too powerful to allow that to happen.

But as an individual, you can free yourself from racism, you can free yourself from competition, you can free yourself from the mentality of stepping over somebody else in order to be on top.  Just recently there was a hugely successful boxing match set up between Mayweather and Pacquiao.  You see how many millions of Americans and people all over the world who were so excited to come together to watch a fight, no these people did not come together to watch too men hug and kiss for an hour, no they came to watch too people fight, two people from different cultures, from different countries, and each person had the one they wanted to win the fight.  This is a direct example of what racism is all about, it is about conflict between two different cultures, conflict between two different countries.

As soon as a person has pride from his “own” country over another, this is what racism is all about, they call it “nationalism” but nationalism is just another term to hide racism.  When you feel that pride in believing that America is better than Africa, because America is just so much more powerful and full of success, this is the breeding grounds of racism.  Just like the American boxer is seen by some to be so much more powerful and successful than the Filipino boxer, this is the breeding grounds of racism, this is the breeding grounds of “White” power.

People think they are so much better than the KKK, actually a majority of the people in the America have the KKK mentality.  If you are a competitive person, you have a part of the KKK mentality.  The only way to liberate yourself from the KKK mentality completely is to drop competition, is to drop your identification with the Ego.

When you watch sports, and you cheer for one team over another, this is the breeding grounds of the racist mentality.  Chicago vs. New York is not too different than the USA vs. Africa or White vs. Black.  As soon as you choose this vs. that, it becomes the breeding grounds towards racism.  If you drop competition, if you no longer see the difference between Chicago and New York, if you no longer see the difference between the US and Africa, if you no longer see the difference between White and Black, if all differences disappear if you see all states as one state, if you see all nations as one nation, if you see all races as one race, then you are free from racism, but if you still see the division, and you still are for or against, if you are still divided.  Then racism will not disappear.  This understanding can only happen on an individual level, as a nation, racism will never disappear, it is too strongly rooted in our culture and upbringing, but as an individual you can make a change, if you change, you have the power to change the world.

One Moment of Bliss

I will trade in all experiences for one moment of bliss.  All the money cannot make up for it.  All the fame cannot make up for it.  There is no other purpose in life but to be in bliss.  Can it be possible to be in bliss all day everyday?  Experiencing this bliss alone is beautiful; sharing this bliss with another is even greater.

The cloud is filled with so much water that it needs to rain.  Some will appreciate the rain, some will not.  The key is finding the individuals who will appreciate this rain, as they accept this water, they become nourished, they can grow into something beautiful like a seed that eventually blossoms to become a flower.

When the rain comes, some will run indoors because they are afraid of the water, they have yet to learn to appreciate the water.  The water is what gives life.  Everyone will eventually go back to the source, regardless of whether they appreciate it or not, they will inevitably go back to the source.  The cloud rains down because it is overfilled.  There is too much, when there is too much, it needs to be shared.  The sharing is what is the fulfillment.

The love needs to be shared, this sharing is what provides contentment.  This is the purpose of life for a man of love, to share love.  Not just with one person, not just with a few people, but to share love to the entire world.  Every man, every women, every plant, every tree, every animal, to every living thing in this world.

Some will reject the love, but that’s ok.  The sun does not get upset when people put on sunblock.  The cloud is not depressed because some people are running indoors.  The sun needs to shine, the cloud needs to rain.  When you are overfilled with love, you must share this love, this is the only contentment.

Police Murdered Sandra Bland


I hold the Police responsible for murdering Sandra Bland.  Regardless of whether or not they actually choked and killed her themselves or because she supposedly hanged herself by suicide.  Fact of the matter is, it is clear that they had abused their authority and were bulling her, causing her an immense amount of emotional distress that had led her to suicide.  It’s like a bully picking on someone weak at school so much to the point that the person ends up committing suicide, the bully is at fault for this abusive treatment.

The Police have to know where to draw the line, I mean come on, the person failed to signal while making a lane change and now the person is dead because of that!  I can understand if the person just finished robbing a bank and you want to treat the person aggressively and then the person ends up committing suicide because of your aggressive treatment.  But this person simply did not signal during a lane change!

Even if the person is being disrespectful towards the Officer, the Officer has to know when to let it go.  The Officer should have just let her off with a warning and be on his way, but no, it hurt his ego too much to allow a black woman to disrespect him and refuse to listen to his orders.  All over failing to signal during a lane change.  I can understand, if this person is a known felon, if this person has a violent history, then yes, the Officer must make sure that his orders and directions are followed, otherwise he will impose force to make sure his orders are followed.  But this is a female that is not a felon, that did not commit any serious crime, but as an Officer, he was just bullying her, physically and mentally, to the point where emotionally she could not handle it any longer and ended up committing suicide.

Imagine sitting in jail for 3 days after being physically abused by the Police because you failed to signal during a lane change!  She probably was so angry that she did not know who to hurt other than herself.  Killing herself was her way of saying “Fuck the Police!”  She took her life to make a strong statement.  Would the Police treat her the same way if she was a White lady driving a Mercedes?

The Police forcing her out of her car, throwing her on the ground, putting their knees against her back and arresting her, and then abusing her verbally and physically to the point of her committing suicide over a failure to signal during a lane change, is like a Police Officer pulling a gun out at me ready to shoot and kill me because I killed a mosquito!  I refuse to put my hands up upon demand and then they go ahead and shoot me, because I killed a mosquito!

They wanted to tase her because she refused to get out of the car, I mean, really, over a failure to signal during a lane change! These Officers egos are just way too big, they don’t know what the hell they are doing.  Just like that other Officer that pulled his gun out during the teenager pool party.  I mean really, you feel so threatened for your life from a bunch of young teenagers that you feel the need to pull your gun out and then drag a little teenage girl to the ground.  I guess when it comes to black people, the Police are just always on high alert, ready to shoot, ready to kill.  And then we have those Officers that shot and killed a Hispanic man standing in front of his bicycle with his friends.  He dropped his hands on a few occasions and that cost him his life.  I mean really, you can’t find another way to gain control of someone other than to kill him?  The Officers could have easily tased him or even pepper sprayed him or even used a baton on him but no, they just shot and killed him, like his life was nothing, like killing a dog that won’t stop barking. It’s very disappointing to see this sort of Police corruption, it’s really sad.

Hulk Hogan Racist Rant

Racism is in your blood, that cannot be changed.  What you said is completely unacceptable.  What you said is the KKK blood within you, is the Hitler blood in you.  You cannot be cured; you’re like an old dog that cannot learn anything new.  The only reason you or your daughter is sorry is because you are sorry that you lost your fame and that your reputation has been severely damaged.  There’s no turning back, what is done is done, like Lance Armstrong, you have been exposed.  You are a fake.  You should have never been famous from the beginning, you should have never been idolized, you should have never become rich.  You should be thankful that you’ve been rich and famous for so long before being exposed.  You are just like a Lance Armstrong.

Things about certain people cannot be changed.  A black person cannot not be black. He can try to be white all he wants, but it is in his nature to be black.  I stand against corruption in this world, that cannot be changed, it is in my blood, I can pretend to be a follower, but it is not in my nature.  A person that is gay cannot be forced to be heterosexual.  People are who they are.  A person with a racist heart, will forever be racist within, he cannot be changed.  He is genetically engineered to be racist.  He is genetically engineered to feel superior over all other races.

Some people may say that it started from birth, the education, the media, etc.  I say that it has started way before birth.  Some people are born to feel superior; it is in their nature to be this way.  They cannot be re-educated to be nonracist, all re-education will be false, it will be a false mask.  Some people are born to be humble, others are born to be arrogant.  The nature from within cannot be changed, it can only be masked, covered up.

There are people out there that are truly racist in the heart, nothing can be done.  With these individuals, separation is better than integration.  It’s like mixing in bad blood with good blood, mixing the bad with the good will ruin the good.  We have jails for a reason, we do not just allow mass murderers to integrate into civilization like they are regular people, no, they are locked away in prison cells because they are not meant to be integrated into society.  Any attempts in integrating them with society will jeopardize the health, safety, and wellness of the people.

The hidden KKK members of society are severely damaging the people.  They are turning the people against one another, they are encouraging violence, death, and negativity.  Once these KKK members are identified, they need to be separated from the masses.  They cannot be put into positions of power.  They cannot be allowed to become Police Officers, Teachers, Entertainers, Lawyers, Doctors, Judges, etc.  Putting a KKK member into a position of power will further corrupt the people, will further spread the hatred and violence of society.  They must be separated from the masses.

Like a person that has a deadly virus, the person must be separated and isolated.  He should not be allowed to be in contact with the masses to spread the disease.  Those with the naturally born racist heart cannot be cured, it is in their nature to be racist, it cannot be changed.