Assistant Instructor Sihing Min


Assistant Instructor Sihing Min

“Ashanté X Shomari (Mín)

Mín (they/them) is a non-binary person who wants more security for Deaf and neurodiverse communities. Creating a safe, warm, and friendly space as an autistic adult takes more than just studying self-defense and survival tactics. It is about finding a family to make the world a better place, one day at a time. As a teacher assistant, this is exactly what Mín aims to do. 


Mín majored in film at the Ohio State University; informing a long-standing affinity for East Asian culture, found in animation, film, television, religion, and philosophy. Training at Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu has complimented Mín’s life long practice of Buddhism and daily self-expression. 

Mín  wants to create a covalent bond of community by building physical and emotional strength. Martial arts and meditation are ways we can build this strength, through confronting and challenging societal narratives and ourselves. Reinforce in self-love, body awareness, confidence, and autonomy, while increasing our sensitivity to old wounds, our environment, and our intersectional identities. “